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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

VOSTENAKstudios Wins National Jewelry Award & Business Grant

VOSTENAKstudios is the 2009 winner of a national competition sponsored by Halstead Bead, Inc. The Jewelry Design Business Development Grant is awarded to a new jewelry design entrepreneur each year in recognition of design talent and business acumen.

Valerie Ostenak will receive a $6,000 grant of start up capital and supplies in recognition of her entrepreneurial skills and design talents. VOSTENAKstudios collections are available online at

In response to winning the award Ostenak said, "I am absolutely thrilled and deliriously happy to be the 2009 winner. I am still laughing with joy!"

Ostenak’s artistic experience includes traditional jewelry training, blacksmithing, graphic design and painting. The influences of each of these media converge in her jewelry creations. Designs are crafted from Argentium sterling silver and embellished with high karat gold accents, freshwater pearls and semi-precious gemstones.

The VOSTENAKstudios line is contemporary with fluid lines and great attention to detail. Ostenak’s unique style is easily recognizable in every piece. She creates one of-a-kind statement necklaces, hairpieces and earrings with delicately intertwined metalwork in her Woven Collection. Her Ribbon Collection consists of more simple hammered styles with a highly reflective finish.

“These designs are stunning,” said Hilary Halstead Scott, a competition judge, “I literally gasped when I opened her submission packet to a portfolio montage page. It is rare to find work that is so unlike anything else in the industry.”

VOSTENAKstudios joins a distinguished group of jewelry designers who have received the Jewelry Design Business Development Grant in past years: Ananda Khalsa Jewelry, Belle Brooke Designs and Bridgland Studios. Halstead Bead Inc sponsors the annual competition for new companies in the mid-level segment of the jewelry industry known as bridge jewelry or art jewelry. Details on the award and all of this year’s top finalists can be found at

Halstead Bead, Inc. is one of North America’s leading jewelry supply wholesalers. The firm was established in 1973 and supplies professional jewelry designers and manufacturers around the globe.
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