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Friday, October 29, 2010

SilverMark - Designers of Distinction

SilverMark has just announced the roll out of a new category on their SavorSilver website. Previously they announced their Designers of Distinction Gallery that promotes the silver line of twenty fine jewelry designers.

The website now supports Designers of Distinction from Mexico featuring 10 designers...if you are thinking traditional silver and turquoise, you will be disappointed.

Innovative and stunningly unique use of silver like the pieces from the SavorSilver site will keep the silver jewelry market trending!

The following Advertisement ran in National Jeweler:

Silver Promotion Service News
The Silver Promotion Service (SPS) recently announced a significant expansion of its Savor Silver Web site,

The enhanced site, which went live on October 15th, now includes a new section, “Designers of Distinction” from Mexico. Working with the Silver Information Center of Penoles Industries, 10 highly regarded Mexican silver jewelry designers have been identified for inclusion. Representative selections of their innovative designs and their design philosophy may now be seen on the site.

The second initiative reflects the introduction of “SilverMark Manufacturers.” The four inaugural participants are bastian from Germany, Gabriel from the United States, Metalsmith Sterling from Canada and Sun Jewels from India.

Visitors to the expanded site will also now have the option to view both the above additions, as well as all prior content, in Spanish.

We could not be happier about the way in which the online portion of the overall SPS program has developed. These enhancements represent both the first steps towards further expansion and refinement of the categories of jewelry featured and the increasingly international focus of the overall program.

As we approach the holiday season, it is time for all to Savor Silver.

Best regards,
Michael C. Barlerin

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