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Monday, March 7, 2011

Amber Dominates at John S Brana

In a nod to one of only five gemstones considered to be Organic...the latest collection at John S. Brana salutes Amber!

"Though it is no more than the fossilized resin of ancient and long extinct trees, amber has been treasured as a gemstone since the sunsets of prehistoric time.  In our modern, scientific world it serves as a miniature time machine, taking us 25 to 50 million years into the past to share the stories of its captured creatures.  Amber is warm, calm and helps to establish balance in the temperament of its wearer. It represents longevity, and as it has been found near burial grounds dating back to 8000 B.C., it may also be the oldest organic material humans have used for adornment."

Nature's beauty inspires these shimmering rich honey hue Amber earrings. 14K Gold-filled spirals are hand-wrapped with faceted Amber beads, creating elegant earrings that burst with honey-color glow.
  • Measures approximately 3" L x 2" W

  • 14K Gold-filled French Wires, for pierced ears only.

  • About John S Brana Jewelry

    John S. Brana's collections of distinctive handcrafted designer jewelry include beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces designed to set the wearer apart from the crowd. Whether classic or contemporary, each piece is unique, meticulously handcrafted, and made from top-quality materials. John creates all of his jewelry in his San Francisco studio and works in sterling silver, fine silver, 14K gold-filled wire, 14K - 24K gold, copper, and silver and gold precious metal clay. His original designs incorporate hand-picked sterling silver and vermeil beads, faceted gemstones, fresh-water pearls, Venetian glass, hand-carved semi-precious and precious gemstones -- all carefully selected during John's frequent trips to Europe, Asia, and throughout the United States.
    "Nature is my primary source of inspiration. Whether I'm driving down the coast, strolling through a park, or tending my garden, the natural world shows that the creative combinations of colors, textures, patterns, shapes, and symbols are endless."
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