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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Russian Designer Captures "Champion of the Champions" IJDE Award

International Jewellery Design Excellence Awards Announced

Russian designer Ilgiz Fazulzyanov was named winner of the biennial International Jewellery Design Excellence (IJDE) Award's "Champion of the Champions" at a gala reception held 4 March. Mr Fazulzyanov won for his "Bullfinches" design.

This year's IJDE received more than 100 entries from 21 countries and regions. All designers who have won an officially announced jewellery design competition over the past two years were eligible for the award. The judging panel, made up of internationally respected industry experts, weighed innovativeness, craftsmanship, aesthetics, wearability and function in making their decision. The competition pieces are on display throughout the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show, at the Hall 1C entrance.

I. Champion of the Champions

Designer: Ilgiz Fazulzyanov (Russia)
Title: Bullfinches
Description: The design brings the beauty of nature to jewellery. Bullfinches can be found year-round in Russia, and the design pictures them in snow

II. Innovation and Uniqueness in Design Award

Designer: Kristen Malan (South Africa)
Title: Molecular Truth
Description: Representing life at a molecular level, the bangle symbolises the point at which the world must begin to renew and sustain the planet for future generations.

III. Aesthetic Award

Designer: Shuk Mei Chu (Hong Kong)
Title: Up and Down
Description: Motifs of sunrise and sunset bring this design to brilliant life. 

IV. Craftsmanship

Designer: Eva Shiu (Hong Kong)
Title: Sensational Orientalism
Description: Paper is one of the four great inventions of ancient China. Traditional Chinese folk-paper cutting expresses simple elegance. The design mixes modern design techniques and the classic folding style.

V. Distinction Award

Designer: Wen Chan (Hong Kong)
Title: Hanging Moon
Description: The designer uses baroque pearls to create a sense of clouds floating at varying angles.

VI. Distinction Award

Designer: Wen Chan (Hong Kong)
Title: Melting Snowball 
Description: A melting snowball is the design's inspiration. The Tahiti black pearl mounted in black gold symbolises the fading of a dark age and the promise of a bright future. 

VII. Distinction Award

Designer: Regina Da Mei Cheng (Chinese mainland)
Title: Fortune of Eternity 
Description: The design, featuring a bat with a golden coin in its mouth, represents wealth and luck in Chinese. 

VIII. Distinction Award

Designer: Anne Hu (Chinese mainland)
Title: Listen to the Voice of Liang Zhu
Description: The design responds to the classic Chinese love story "Liang Shan Bo and Zhu Ying Tai," with an imaginatively fashioned earring dressed with 18k gold and diamonds.

IX. Merit Award

Designer: Queeta Rawat (India)
Title: Rain Dance
Description: The timeless beauty of a white peacock dancing in the rain inspired the designer. The golden South Sea pearl in the centre of the diamond feather enhances the design's fragility.

X. Merit Award

Designer: Seyed Mohammad Mortazavi (Iran)
Title: Twin Paisley
Description: The design creatively adapts the Persian Paisley, an ancient icon. 

XI. Merit Award

Designer: Lok Chung Angela, Ng (Hong Kong)
Title: Dancer
Description: Desire and passion find glittering life in this exquisite creation.

XII. Merit Award

Designer: Emily Snadden (Australia)
Title: Precious Limb Bangle
Description: The design depicts the natural folds, creases and wrinkles typically found in the Australian salmon gum.

Hong Kong Jewellry Show and Design Awards: 

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