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Saturday, March 19, 2011

MAKERS ALERT! Riveting Made Easy...

Do you have problems riveting?  I do!  Are you running out of space on your work bench?  I am!

While I was at the Tucson Gem Show, I had the opportunity of a live demo on this tool...the talented Heather at Beadin Path showed all the various rivets, piercing and eyelets that are possible with this handy dandy tool!

Crafted Findings Piercing & Riveting System 1/16"

This new riveting system is designed to pierce and set semi-tubular rivets. Semi-tubular rivets have a solid head that creates a finished look, and a tubular end that is set by a flaring method to create a secure, clean, and consistent connection. The tool features a piercing tool on one end that creates the hole to accommodate the rivet. The other end is a flaring tool which precisely and cleanly sets the rivet. This versatile tool base is also engineered to be interchangeable. As new sizes of piercing and flaring sets become available, they can be purchased separately and be quickly installed into the tool base, allowing you flexibility in one compact tool. The interchangeable tool sets are all machined from heat treated tool steel, unlike many hand tools on the market which are made from softer metals and then case hardened. This is what gives our tool the strength and precision to perform as well as it does, allowing you to easily pierce through material thicker than 12 gauge (.080"/2.03mm). *Includes rivet sample pack* Made in the USA. Note: Do not use this tool to pierce steel thicker than 22 gauge (.025"). As steel is such a hard material, attempting to pierce a greater thickness may result in damage to the tool.

Available to purchase at:

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