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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

MJSA Announces Custom Jeweler Level Membership

MJSA's Custom Jeweler Membership Debuts 

Custom jewelers spend their days creating unique jewelry for their clients--and now there's an MJSA membership tailored just for them. The new MJSA Custom Jeweler membership category is affordably priced at $95, and includes free subscriptions to the monthly MJSA Journal and quarterlyMJSA Custom Jeweler; free archived articles from both publications; and discounts on the books of MJSA Press and other leading industry publications. Custom Jeweler members can also use the MJSA logo on their websites, in their studios, and at their stores, to signal their commitment to professional excellence in jewelry making and design.

In addition, Custom Jeweler members can upgrade at any time to MJSA's Retail membership category. This higher level of membership allows retailers to gain access to additional services the association offers, including deep discounts on FedEx shipping, store-branded consumer financing programs through GE Money, and affordable press release preparation through the PR & Pix program. There are also discounts on subcontracting services (such as CAD/CAM), and various other discounted supplies and services for custom jewelers, provided by MJSA suppliers that participate in the MJSA Member-to-Member program.

To learn more, contact MJSA at 1-800-444-MJSA (6572),, or visit MJSA Online at
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