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Friday, July 1, 2011

Matt Lauzon Honored in INC's "30 Under 30 List"

I had the honor of getting to know Matt (thru Twitter & email) at the beginning of his journey with what was at that time Paragon Lake.  

Since then he has partnered with some really important people in the Jewelry Industry and what was a vision is now a reality - and a reality that is doing well!

Inc Magazine has listed Matt Lauzon in it's "30 Under 30 List" amazing grouping of individuals with such a strong vision at such an early age.  If were this driven in my twenties I would own a Dept. Store by now (I was the Queen of Retail - I could sell anything!), I am so happy that I didn't take that road.

So take a minute to read the article in INC. and get to know Matt Lauzon and his passion Gemvara...

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