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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

35th World Diamond Congress October 14-17, 2012

35th World Diamond Congress to be held October 14-17, 2012

Congress hosts launch of dedicated website for registration
The 35th World Diamond Congress (WDC), the joint biennial meeting of the International Diamond Manufacturers Association (IDMA) and the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB), will be held in Mumbai, India, from October 14 to 17. The event is being organised and hosted by the Gems & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) and the Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB).

Earlier this week, the organising committee launched a dedicated congress website that will be "a complete one-point access to all relevant information about the event." The website can be accessed at, and providesdetailed information on the event's schedule and programme, participating organisations, the hosts, information about registration, the venue hotel and room booking, social tours and post-congress optional programmes.

IDMA President Moti Ganz said India was the right place for this year's WDC due to the major role it plays in the global diamond and jewellery industries. "India is one of the leading manufacturing powers in the diamond and diamond jewellery industry and trade. At the same time, as our industry is going through some very challenging times, both in the rough and polished diamond market, it is also among the first to be affected by those challenges. Mumbai is therefore the correct place to discuss the state of our industry and to reach a consensus on how to propel our industry forward and increase its market share in the luxury consumer product market," he said.

One of the highlights of the congress will be a mini-conference.  The event "will focus on external and internal issues that confront the diamond industry, as a result of which it finds itself at a turning point today," the organisers said.

Ganz added that congress delegates had good reason to look forward to the event. "As this is the first time a World Diamond Congress will be held in India, I am sure our hosts will make it a most memorable event. It also gives delegates the opportunity to renew old acquaintances, and make new contacts with Indian diamond polishing and jewellery making companies."

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About IDMA
IDMA was founded and convened for the first time in 1946, in Antwerp. It is committed to fostering and promoting the highest ideals of honesty and best practice principles throughout the global diamond industry, as well as full compliance with all relevant national and international laws. The organization has developed and adopted a Code of Conduct, which is binding on all 15 member associations. IDMA also works to encourage fair and honorable practices and decent working conditions for industry employees; and to preserve, protect and promote consumer trust and confidence in diamonds. It encourages and supports social responsibility by the industry in respect to all citizens of the world. 

The Association has played an active role in establishing the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme and is a co-founder of the World Diamond Council.

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