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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bangalore's First Exhibition of Art Inspired by Jewellery

Sublime Galleria has set several precedents since its inception and now India's only Sky Gallery is all set to present for the first time ever in Bangalore, an art exhibition which is a fusion of jewellery and fine arts. On the occasion of 'Art Bengaluru 2012', Sublime Galleria brings together two great artists, with different mediums and art-forms - Pallavi Foley and Vijit Pillai to present 'By the Lomok Moonlight' - Art Inspired by Jewellery.
Hailed as one of India's best designers currently, Sublime Galleria is proud to present award-winning jewellery designer, Pallavi Foley's newest collection of wearable art, called 'By the Lomok Moonlight'.  And to complement her unique award-winning designs is acclaimed artist, Vijit Pillai , who has worked in conjunction with Pallavi and taken inspiration from her designs and the ideas behind them to come up with artworks that are avant-garde in form and colour.
"Travel has been my greatest source of inspiration, and this collection is inspired by the historical jewellery and traditions of the South-East Asian archipelago, where each motif and texture is rooted in reason. When I visualized this collection, it evoked a feeling of romance which I have expressed through the jewels, using pearls as the expression of moonlight, with motifs and textures which find their origins in history. I call it 'By the Lomok Moonlight'," added Ms.Pallavi Foley - renowned jewellery designer.
Acclaimed artist, Vijit Pillai commented on the collection, "My artworks have been inspired by Pallavi's exquisite jewellery and I have used textures, patterns and colours to create abstract forms that complement her designs. I have also used Buddha and Ganesha figures as backdrops in a few of the artworks to add a slight twist to the creations. To bring all these elements together and yet retain the original concept has been challenging, but enjoyable. My art is unpredictable, with inconclusive endings leaving a lot to the viewer's imagination - which is what makes it interactive and hopefully exciting!"

About the exhibition 
The stylization of both the artists - Pallavi Foley & Vijit Pillai is modern and contemporary. The jewellery art pieces do take inspiration from historical jewellery pieces, yet are a modern and avant-garde version of the same. The digital art is a unique abstraction, where jewellery becomes the protagonist and each form, a new artistic expression.
Pallavi's focus areas are the textures of the palm leaf and its abstractions, the simplistic hornbills, the leafy forms and sculptural tones with three-dimensional folds and curves, modern and layered.

The exhibition will be on at the Sublime Galleria in UB City during Art Bengaluru 2012 from 10-24 August from 11am to 8pm.
Ms. Uzma Irfan - Founder of Sublime Galleria said, "We, at Sublime, aim to introduce varied and unexplored mediums of art with each new exhibition. With this show, it gives me great pleasure to present two such talented and diverse artists who have worked in unison to seamlessly blend the art-forms of jewellery and fine arts and present both from a brand new perspective. This exhibition is a part of Art Bengaluru 2012 and we would like to invite participation from everyone to make this unique art festival a true success."

About Sublime Galleria
The Sublime Galleria, India's first Sky Gallery, founded by Ms.  Uzma Irfan  - Director, Corporate Communications, Prestige Group in 2009 is dedicated to the support and promotion of fine arts and performing arts. To this end, it regularly organizes exclusive art pageants featuring the work of upcoming artists. These shows and exhibitions are well attended by art connoisseurs and buyers from across the globe and offer budding artists a much needed platform to showcase their talent.

Located in UB City, which is today the city's hotspot for Fashion, Luxury and Fine Art, Sublime Galleria provides the perfect setting for the city's art aficionados to indulge their passion.

Strongly believing in the need to support young and upcoming artists, Uzma Irfan founded Sublime Galleria to help provide a platform for them to exhibit their work. Uzma believes that fine art is an integral part of our rich culture and we should strive to keep these art forms vibrant and accessible to society.

Sublime Galleria has promoted the works of several artists across categories. Some examples of the mélange of work exhibited at Sublime in the past include 'Genesis' by Simran KS Lamba - a unique presentation of mixed media artwork in coal tar, and more recently, 'Crossroads' - a unique celebration of Fine Art by four leading artists - G Subramanian, Gurudas ShenoyJasu Rawal and Milind Nayak.

Sublime Galleria has earlier showcased the works of Aamina Shazi, Amit Sharma, Anoop H, Ashish Parmar, CPB Prasad, Devanshi (Tina), Farah Ahmed, Kalabhakesari, Manoj MasandPallon DaruwalaPragya JainPriyanka Gupta AgarwalRupesh PatrickShukla Chowdhury, Simran KS Lamba, Soraya Taher Merchant, Srividya and Tala Afsin.

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