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Friday, August 24, 2012

PC Jeweller Presents The Best Of The Best Show!

PC Jeweller Presents The Best Of The Best Show Featuring Outstanding Ornaments During The Dual Grand Finales 

It was one of the most spectacular shows that Mumbai had seen. PC Jeweller presented the “Best of the Best” shows featuring outstanding ornaments during the dual Grand Finales to end the third edition of India International Jewellery Week 2012.

Welcoming the audience, Mr Rajiv Jain, Chairman, GJEPC, announced that IIJW 2012 with 50 designers, 33 shows had 20 new names and was a great platform for budding talent in the jewellery business.

The Ballroom of the Hotel Grand Hyatt was a vision in black, white and silver. The massive backdrop with graduating angular stairs that rose from the stage to nearly touch the ceiling; had snow flake motifs shimmering on the sides. Through a glittering black crystal curtain, in the centre down a flight of stairs, the models emerged to show the 24 dazzling pieces of the PC Jeweller collection.

Creators of the most outstanding jewellery, PC Jeweller showed stunning rings, earrings, necklaces, bangles, pendants and sets in 22 K gold, diamonds, Kundan and Polki designs which created magic on the ramp. The contemporary collection was for the modern woman in light weight gold, while the specially crafted bridal line had exquisite pieces of gold and diamond jewellery.

Opening the show called “Glittering Panorama” with clothes created by Kolkata designer, Anamika Khanna; the first model appeared wearing a magnificent ruby and gold necklace bracelet and earrings. From there the presentation moved to more exciting and beautiful creations. The emerald edged Polkis piece with long shoulder dusters, the V shaped thick diamond necklace with pear shaped ruby pendant with matching earrings and the rows of Polkis with ruby florets took the audience’s breath away.

Chokers glittered under the arc lights, diamonds dazzled for lacy spread collar pieces, while elegant shimmering cuffs clasped the slender wrists of the models. As the last model displaying four strands of diamonds with a pear shaped emerald pendant took her graceful walk down the ramp, the lights dimmed and the strains of the theme song from the Bollywood musical “Aaja Nachle” filled the ballroom.

Framed in the archway at the top of the stairs in the centre, was the lady with the dazzling smile that has hypnotized her fans – the one and only gorgeous Madhuri Dixit Nene, who sashayed down the ramp wearing a Anamika Khanna gorgeous black gown with embroidery displaying the magnificent PC Jeweller’s Polki Raani Haar collar and choker edged with pearls to thunderous applause.

Escorting Madhuri down the ramp, Mr Balram Garg, Managing Director, PC Jeweller - the brand that has sponsored the “Best of the Best” show for three editions was applauded by the audience for a glittering presentation.


This was the show of all shows when all the designers who participated in the IIJW 2012 displayed one fabulous piece from their collection. To the melodious rendering of songs by India’s favourite singer, the very high voltage recording artist, Kailash Kher and his power packed band Kailasa; the models sashayed down the ramp wearing the fabulous creations of Anamika Khanna.

GEHNA – collar of Polkis with a gorgeous centre emerald set
LAKSH PAHUJA – a silver and gold fire spewing dragon head piece which curved on the model’s head to celebrate the Year of the Dragon.
ANAND SHAH –the sensational 84 peacocks multicoloured necklace and bracelet.

– two strands of gleaming diamonds with a flashing sapphire in the centre
IGI – Shabham Motiwala’s rice pearls necklace with matching jhumka earrings.
NOBUKO ISHIKAWA – the solid gold circle with flowing leaf trellis down the front
MANISH KHATTAR – the one shoulder curved star burst necklace with pendant
DHORA – a very experimental head gear featuring the kite wheel in glittering stones and the barrel ring
JEWELS TRENDZ – curved snake necklace in gold diamonds and enamel
RAKSHA ENTERPRISES – the fabulous lacy thick oval bangle with a solitary pearl in the centre.
KAYS JEWELS – a superb diamond chocker and emeralds
TANVI GARG – an innovative wide collar with enamel origami patterns in multi colours
DIPTI-AMISHA – beautiful Raani Haar with an imposing pendant high choker and giant earrings

VIJAY GOLECHA – diamond and emerald multi pear shaped motif necklace and another neck piece with ruby clusters teamed with earrings and bracelet.
DYNAMIC INTERNATIONAL – a sensational giant brooch and fabulous bracelet intricately designed
JAIPUR JEWELLERY SHOW – an eye-catching gleaming Raani Haar with earrings.
YS 18 FROM INTERGEM EXPORTS – an angular floral bouquet for a necklace of coloured stones.
ZEENAT DESAI – the very stylish Dagger pendant necklace in a Polki and pearl combo
JEWELS EMPORIUM – inspired by the peacock, pendants blended beautifully with a floral one
AGNI – a very edgy design for a lacy collar with floral detailing
EEKANI JEWELS – adding drama to a shimmering diamond choker was a large emerald pendant with matching earrings
GITANJALI 1 – trellis of gold sparkled with emeralds and rubies for a necklace
GITANJALI 2 – an interesting creeper design for an emerald and diamond necklace and pendant
KASHI JEWELLERS – the bridal choker-cum-collar spread over shoulders glittered with diamonds, and three flowers set with rubies
JEWELS BY PREETI – a rectangular diamond twisted pendant hung on a long chain teamed with shoulder dusters

GEMOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF AMERICA – A stylish peacock pendant at the end of four pearl strands
BIRDICHAND GHANSHYAMDAS – Polki chains with sprightly ruby flowers on one side with matching earrings rings and bracelet.
SABOO FINE JEWELS – a fabulous wide collar with emeralds and diamonds teamed with chandeliers and a stunning wide cuff
CAPPUCCINO – a lacy collar with a rectangular pendant embellished with diamonds worn with a matching kada
AMRAPALI – nine rows of emeralds and Polkis for a brilliant Raani Haar and matching cuff
LAXMI JEWELLERY – large Polkis with ruby centre for a fabulous necklace and swinging jhumkas
DWARKADAS CHANDUMAL – the magnificently spread diamond and ruby bib collar necklace
ANMOL – an intricately crafted diamond cuff
KGK ENTICE – sparkling prongs with diamonds tipped with emeralds for a stylish neck piece.

In a gorgeous Anamika Khanna outfit, Sonam Kapoor, elegant brand ambassador of IIJW 2012 entered when a gleaming silver chandelier rose from the stage to reveal her standing under the ramp lights. Wearing a brilliant Polki necklace with a superb tasseled pendant, along with rows of intricate kadas on hands, a Maang Tikka and small ear studs, Sonam Kapoor looked like a beautiful princess as she sashayed down the ramp.

Thanking everybody concerned with IIJW 2012, Sanjay Kothari, Vice Chairman of GJEPC and Convener of IIJW 2012, said that he was looking forward to a bigger, grander, glittering IIJW 2013.

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