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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Future Of Design - Semi Finalists - The Bio's

From the recently announced Semi-Finalists of the Future of Design Business Incubator Contest...we wanted more about the Semi-Finalists!

About G&G Creations:

Design Partner Vahé Ghazarian

Vahé Ghazarian has been immersed in the world of jewelry since the age of 10 when, like his father before him, he began realizing his artistic gifts and calling as a jeweler. Having spent much of his childhood working at his family's jewelry store, Vahé learned the business of fine
jewelry. After school Vahé would travel to his father's store and over time he began to realize the hard work his father was impressing upon him fueled his artistic drive, leading him to identify his life's calling as a skilled artisan. Today, having spent decades as a jeweler, he combines his knowledge, artistic talent and appetite for luxury to produce fine jewelry. As a sculptor and painter, Vahé transforms precious metals into elaborate, one-of-a-kind and limited edition designs. He constantly challenges himself to create innovative jewelry masterpieces that have received national design awards. He designs with a keen eye not only for artistry, but also for style and comfort. Vahé's firm belief that jewelry is meant to be an extension of the body is a core theme in all G & G Creations designs.

Design Partner Esin Guler

Esin Guler grew up surrounded by art and creativity, and, not surprisingly, developed a sincere passion for jewelry at a young age. As her creativity progressed, she decided to pursue jewelry design as a career. After completing her training at Academie Istanbul, world-renowned jeweler Sevan Bicakci accepted her as his apprentice because he saw hunger, ambition and most importantly, talent in his new student. Following her apprenticeship with Sevan, Esin brought her creative mind, skillful hands, and dream to open her own business to America. Working diligently under the tutelage of Vahé Ghazarian, Esin honed her talents as she listened to unrefined design explanations by customers and designed her works which left her customers speechless. With the encouragement of her customers, Esin soon realized that there was a greater demand for her talent. She approached Vahé, who regards her as his top protégé, about working together more closely
and the pair decided to partner in March 2010 and form G & G Creations, Inc.

Visit their website to learn more about G&G Creations!

About Lisa Robin Jewelry

Lisa Adkinson, owner of Lisa Robin Jewelry, had a career as an interior designer and then business consultant before launching her jewelry brand. In her various pre-jewelry business roles she won many awards and accolades for her leadership and strategic thinking. So when she decided to launch Lisa Robin Jewelry, she brought a tremendous amount of business experience to the table. This experience, combined with her lifelong interest in design, has helped her launch her jewelry brand with early success. 

Learn more about Lisa Robin Jewelry at her website.

About Suneera Swarup

Suneera aspires to emanate her love and passion for art, architecture and history through her unique designs. Her background includes education in textile design, teaching textile and surface design to college-level art students in India, and a Masters Degree in Business. Her
experience working with private labels, both before and after opening her own retail store in Los Angeles in 2001 catalyzed her to launch her own label Meus Designs, which she recently changed to SUNEERA Fine Jewelry Designs. 

Visit Suneera's website here.

About Lisa Crowder

Lisa Crowder always knew she would be a designer. She received her BFA in Studio Art from the University of Texas at Austin and has been a full-time studio jeweler ever since. Lisa’s self-described ‘delicately industrial’ design ethos is very unique, and she has cultivated a strong base of customers and galleries who carry her work. 

Learn more about Lisa and her work at her website.

About Naomi Blumenthal Studio

Many designers refer to their work as organic, but Naomi’s design career actually began in horticulture – as a garden designer and florist. During her years of owning her own garden design company and working with noted interior designer Bunny Williams, Naomi also created porcelain sculpture that was sold through galleries and to collectors, and she was designing and making jewelry for herself. Her garden design clients – largely owners of estates – began to buy her jewelry for themselves, and Naomi quickly found her work on the red carpet. In 2008 she and her husband Ron – who has a background in high-end interiors and manufacturing – decided to concentrate full time on jewelry design and manufacturing. 

To learn more about Naomi Blumenthal's work visit her website here.

About Ila & I

Vikas Sodhani took an unusual route to jewelry design; after he finished his undergraduate work at MIT, he spent several years building and selling high-tech companies. After his experiences in the world of venture business, he moved to India and took an apprenticeship at Rosy Blue, where he trained in diamond sorting and buying. He was so inspired by his work there that he enrolled in a jewelry design program in Mumbai, then returned to the U.S. and started Ila & I with his sister, Ila Draksharam. 

Visit their website to learn more about them!
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