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Monday, May 13, 2013

PGI To Launch Interactive Platinum Reference Tool in Partnership With GIA

Platinum Guild International and GIA to Launch
Interactive Platinum Reference Tool;
Pilot Debuted at AGS Conclave

Platinum Guild International (PGI-USA) and GIA (Gemological Institute of America) are pleased to debut an interactive platinum reference tool, which consists of a series of focused demonstrations that include video, illustration and detailed benchmarks for quality assurance in platinum jewelry.  The demonstrations provide reference for all facets of the platinum jewelry business: bench jewelers working in platinum; buyers who need to understand and educate staff on platinum properties; and sales associates who are directly communicating quality and the benefits of buying platinum to the consumer.  The platform, which will be available on and can be accessed via iPad, mobile and pc, serves to develop a standard of quality for the platinum bench, or quality assurance benchmarks.  Examples of reference modules include Platinum Ring Sizing, Identification and Characteristics of Alloys and Stone Setting in Platinum.

PGI-USA and GIA conducted a test pilot series at AGS Conclave for a registered class who offered feedback after having walked through the program.

“As a platinum manufacturer, this tool will be an amazing resource for our bench jewelers as it is user-friendly and a wonderful resource for them to consult for any platinum queries they may have," said Ann Arnold, CEO of Lieberfarb. "It will also help our retail partners understand the need for quality control of platinum products and it will help us communicate those benchmarks to them."

“This is an incredibly valuable tool that can be used in so many ways,” said Laura Stanley, CGA, Vice President, of Stanley Jewelers.  “In sales, it is important to know your product and I believe that this will provide our staff with a superior knowledge of platinum jewelry and how to truly identify and relay quality craftsmanship to the consumer.”

Speaking to the collaboration with PGI-USA, Bev Hori, GIA Vice President and Chief Learning Officer said, “GIA creates comprehensive learning experiences for all of our courses in gems and jewelry. We recognize the importance of developing and teaching consistent and reliable methods for quality assurance benchmarking and are very pleased to have worked with PGI to create this interactive tool for evaluating and making platinum jewelry.”

The platinum reference tool will officially go live in the fall.  PGI-USA and GIA are looking to host an additional series of test-piloting for the program.  If you are interested in participating or would like more information, please contact Jenny Luker at PGI-USA at 212-404-1611 or

About Platinum Guild International:
Platinum Guild International is a worldwide marketing organization dedicated to creating, expanding and strengthening consumer and trade markets for platinum jewelry. Through various programs offered, we nurture and promote the consumer desire for platinum jewelry and provide information, sales support and training to the trade to turn that desire into a sale.

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