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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

#CoutureJewelry - What makes Jewelry, Couture? It's In The Details....

Disclaimer- I work with Atelier Leseine but that in no way changes my use of the brand in the following article. It is, in fact , what inspired this article...and I have access to photos  ;)

#Couture - What makes Couture Jewelry Couture?  
It's In The Details....

What makes jewelry "couture"?   While there are rules in place in Europe as to who can be designated a Couturier or what can be called "haute couture" - in the US these restrictions, for better or worse, do not apply.

Personally I question the use of Couture whose  roots come from the term "to sew" - but I do understand the concept. I have put the question to several people in the Industry and you will see their responses throughout this piece.

Following dozens of jewelry trade shows from Tucson to Las Vegas, LUXURY to COUTURE, as I see it couture when referring to jewelry means..."unique design, classically constructed with designer appointments."    BUT - can at the same time mean "classic design elements with old world craftsmanship" or "old word design with a modern twist" but above all it means quality.

However, since this is MY blog - you get to hear my opinion....for me - Couture Jewelry is about the details.

It is more than just a pretty design - it is the custom designed clasp....from a simple design for a daily look as in this custom take on a centuries old design.  Atelier Leseine uses this elegantly simple design for their Men's Collections. a completely inclusive design for a limited edition design.  With "Le Charmeur" Atelier Leseine had their Custom customer in mind and went one step further to include a clasp that became one with the Charm Bracelet links and speaking of those links - the knife edge and sandblasting of every other link stand out. a custom under carriage as in this piece by ZORA B

It is the amazingly unique gems - like these remarkable Fossil Corals from Pamela Huizenga Jewelry Design...

...and rare gems like the Zultanite used by Gurhan ...and the quality of those gems - these cats-eye zultanite are truly inspirational.

or these gemmy beauties from Zorab Creations.

Then there are the special features like this specially designed bail for the Moana Mana Collection by Atelier Leseine....

...the craftsmanship, the overall quality of the fabrication, I think this thought from JCK's Jennifer Heebner sums it up.

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