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Monday, March 2, 2015

Celebrities Visited StyleLab's Suite During Academy Awards Week - Borrow Millions In Jewelry!

Press Release via Stylelab

Celebrities Visited StyleLab's Suite During Academy Awards Week To Borrow Millions In Jewelry For The Red Carpet

Style Expert Michael O'Connor Curated a Collection of the Most Exclusive Baubles
Last month, Academy Award nominees from the films "Birdman", "Begin Again", "Guardians of the Galaxy", "The Salt of the Earth", "Inherent Vice", and "The Imitation Game" and others, got a coveted appointment at StyleLab's Jewelry Suite taking place during Academy Awards Week. Additional celebrities including Kelsey Scott ("12 Years a Slave"), Marie Moute ("Welcome to New York"), Jennifer Aspen ("Nowhere Girl"), Kari Michelle ("America's Next Top Model"), Marisol Nichols ("NCIS"), Kate Linder ("The Young & the Restless"), Miss J. ("America's Next Top Model"), Kate Flannery ("The Office"), Adina Porter ("True Blood"), Breeda Wool ("Unreal"), Maitland Ward ("Boy Meets World"), Antonio Cupo ("Bomb Girls"), as well as top wardrobe stylists/costume designers, had the opportunity to borrow from a collection of over $30 million worth of jewelry for the Academy Awards and related parties.

Michael O'Connor, leading style expert and television personality, curated a selection of baubles from world-renowned brands such as Chris Aire, Dena KempJohn Ford, KALLATI, LVE Diamonds from Schachter & Co., Mastoloni, Richard Berberian for Elyse Fine Jewelers, Shaftel Diamonds, Susan Eisen, Takat, and The Leo Diamond by Leo Schachter, among others.
Here's the scoop on what celebrities and their stylists were eyeing for the Academy Awards, and surrounding red carpet parties.
Kari Michelle wearing a necklace from Chris Aire, Kari Michelle wearing earrings from
The Leo Diamond  by Leo Schachter, Kari Michelle wearing earrings from Takat
Kari Michelle sparkled in a necklace from Chris Aire. It features over 13 carats of diamonds and 11.61 carats of citrine. This design, priced at $65,000, is set in white gold. She also admired a pair of earrings from The Leo Diamond by Leo Schachter, priced at$101,000. These Art Deco style earrings consist of a 3 stone diamond drop with over 10 carats of diamonds set in 18K white gold.The Leo Diamond by Leo Schachter diamonds are special because they are the first ones to be certified as visibly brighter by an independent source. The fire, brilliance and scintillation of these diamonds are second to none. You can see the difference! Kari also looked ultra glamorous in a pair of 31.38 carat emerald earrings by Takat, set in 18K white gold. They also incorporate over 10 carats of pear, marquise, and round diamonds, priced at $166,090.

Elizabeth Georgiou (nominated for Best Achievement in Makeup and Hairstyling for "Guardians of the Galaxy") looked radiant in a pair of edgy snake ear cuffs from Dena Kemp with 2.58 carats of diamonds, set in 18K pink gold.
Adina Porter couldn't resist the 10.39 carat black opal dangle earrings from John Ford, set in 18K white gold, and priced at $2,900. The multi-colored black opals in these earrings display the spectacular variety of black opal colors from Lightning Ridge Australia.

Marisol Nichols looked radiant in a pair of earrings from KALLATI's "True Naturals Collection", priced at $24,000. They feature 4.10 carats of natural fancy colored diamond, a unique combination of yellows, pinks, cocoas, and greens, set in 14K yellow gold. She also loved the hand fabricated, one-of-a-kind climber earrings from Susan Eisen. They are crafted with 3 carats of diamonds, and priced at $17,800

Maitland Ward was enamored by a pair of 7.27 carat teardrop diamond earrings by LVE Diamonds from Schachter & Co., a division of Leo Schachter, priced at $60,000. These beautiful hand crafted triple zero hearts and arrows round brilliant diamonds are set in a patented iconic design, featuring a thread that weaves through the diamonds, representing life's journey - live love.
LVE pieces in the StyleLab Suite
 3Breeda Wool looked fashionable in Mastoloni's "Signature Black &; White Ice Necklace" with a tassel set in 18K white gold. It features cultured pearls, and 30 carats of black diamonds and over 1 carat of white diamonds, priced at $10,500.
Kelsey Scott gravitated towards a necklace from Richard Berberian for Elyse Fine Jewelers, priced at $65,000, and set in 18K white gold. It features a whopping 379.56 carats of London blue topaz and 51.43 carats of white sapphires. The 235.72 carat center pear shape drop is detachable.

Kate Flannery was drawn to a pair of earrings from Shaftel Diamonds, priced at $100,000. They include 10.01 carats of round blue sapphires, and 8.50 carats of surrounding white diamonds, set in 18K white gold.
Hollywood's biggest television and movie stars selected many other designs featured in StyleLab's Jewelry Suite for the Academy Awards and parties. Final jewelry confirmations will be disclosed following the red carpet on Sunday.

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