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Monday, March 2, 2015

#MJSA 2015 EXPO New York #EXPO2015

WHY MJSA EXPO?SEMINARS - in its second year - MJSA Journal Live -If you have ever read MJSA’s monthly magazine and wished you could sit down with the author of an article and pick their brain, this two-day series of demonstrations, comparisons, and consults will make that wish come true.
MJSA Journal Live: Technology Today - the pages of MJSA’s flagship monthly magazine will again come to life through discussions and hands-on demonstrations of the latest jewelry-making tools and technologies. This year’s event will focus on two areas: joining metals and alloys, and creating models with the new low-cost 3-D printers and CNC mills.             Click here for the complete schedule

Jewelry Making 101 (and Beyond): Special Series
 -  led by custom jeweler Joel McFadden, who will present a series of projects, from beginner level to advanced, demonstrating various and often innovative approaches that jewelers can apply at the bench. Jewelry Making 101 is being made possible through the support of the MJSA Education Foundation. Bench & Tool Sponsor: Stuller Inc.   Click here for a complete Jewelry Making 101 schedule.
Ask the Experts for Small Business  -  come in take a seat and gain valuable insight from some of the top business and marketing minds in the industry today.Click here for a complete schedule. 
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