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Thursday, August 31, 2017

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Video tops more than 2.2 million views within days of release

Genevive, the New York-based designers of attainable luxury jewelry, had a starring role in a new music video that has garnered more than two million views on YouTube during its launch week. Shot
on site at EAST Miami over the course three days, the video for Indian pop sensation Dasu’s Turn Back Time, featuring reggae artist Charly Black, showcased a bevy of models wardrobed in Genevive. From a multicolored gemstone choker to all-white chandelier earrings, the jewelry fits seamlessly into the visuals, adding a heightened element of glamour to the video’s steamy South Beach vibe.

“We are always looking for unique ways to reach our target audience and attract new eyes to our brand,” explained Victor, Chief Marketing officer, for Genevive. “Collaborating with Dasu on this video for Universal Music allowed for the opportunity to showcase the collection in a unique manner, beyond traditional public relations initiatives, introducing it to an entirely new group of potential
brand loyalists.” He continued, “The lifestyle element of this video was the perfect setting for Genevive to shine.”

All of the pieces featured in the video are available on Genevive’s website,

To see Genevive’s cameos in the video, visit

About Genevieve:
Genevive was a vision that began to take shape more than 60 years ago. It was founded in 1950’s by European jewelers who eventually settled in New York City. With years of experience designing and creating exquisite jewelry, they realized there is a need for classic, cosmopolitan and carefully made jewelry that could be acquired by most women without sacrificing workmanship and quality. Genevive is inspired by the sophisticated cosmopolitan woman - strong and unique yet feminine and elegant. Multi-faceted, she is versatile in whatever she chooses to do and wear, while always coming back to the theme of being perfectly stylish at all times. Attainable luxury designed in New York City.
To learn more about Genevive, visit

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