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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

#WordlessWednesday featuring Gem Cutter Dalan Hargrave

Today's Featured Artist -  
Gem Cutter Extraordinaire, Dalan Hargrave of GemStarz

I know - it's supposed to be Wordless - but these aren't my words.... 

"American Brilliant Series. It a lot of fun since there are so many possibilities for more artistic gemstone art. I’ve been doing similar style pieces for 19 years now since there wasn’t anyone going that direction at the time I began focusing on gemstone cutting. It is my artist creed to never copy or even emulate the work of those who have paved the pathway of this modern fantasy cut gemstone movement.

Even if I don’t place in a competition, the process of competing pushes me to try new things and develop new tooling to accomplish them. The American Brilliant Series is just reapplication of known techniques borrowed from the crystal glass industry and used in gemstone art. The name is simply a way of showing respect to that movement that flourished from the late 1800s to the early 1900s in the glass industry here in America. Multiplying patterns by using internal reflections like a kaleidoscope is something I’ve added to the art form.

The yellow orange stone is actually a nice tourmaline (14.6 cts.) from a relatively recent find in Tanzania and large fro it kind. The tricolor Ametrine is a very rare slice of an Ametrine crystal that had a clear area and was handpicked for me by Ramiro who owns the mine in Bolivia. The sunstone is from one of the Dust Devil claims called the Snakebite Claim and the rough was very recently found by a close friend."

....and more from the Master!

...and my personal favorite

Now you've seen his American Brilliant Series... check out the range this cutter has.

Praisiolite & Citrine

Canyon Survey- 265 cts natural blue topaz on petrified wood. 
Celestial City Series- Phantom quartz on angelite inset with black opal,
turquoise, lace agate and kyanite planets. The fountain is lit with led
lights that pass through filters made of cherry opal, yellow opal,
tourmaline and topaz.
Mounted on a black walnut root ball base. 17.5cm in height.

Rose quartz from the Hogg Mine. via Doug Malby, Starlight Cut, Zig Zag Cut and Snowflake Cut.

Tools of the Trade...

or his Facebook Page

While you're in Denver this Fall, 
you can check out some of his pieces at:
The Crown Collection 4433 W. 29th Ave Denver, CO 80211

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