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Monday, March 23, 2009

GIA "Mini" Jewelry Career Fair at JCK Las Vegas

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has introduced a condensed version of the popular GIA Jewelry Career Fair with this event focusing more on how to thrive in a challenging economy.. This GIA "Mini" Jewelry Career Fair will debut May 31 during JCK Las Vegas.

Sponsored by JCK Events, it will include a “Working to Win” panel with some of the industry’s top executives and career coaching sessions with business leaders providing advice in various subject areas, including resume review, career information, design, networking, entrepreneurship and starting your own business. Although there will be no on-site recruiting, GIA will provide information on the career opportunities being offered by show exhibitors and buyers.

“This is an especially critical time for GIA to provide its services and network of industry leaders in support of those pursuing a career in gems and jewelry,” said Kathryn Kimmel, vice president, chief marketing officer, and founder of the GIA Jewelry Career Fair. “Whether attending this event as a first-time job seeker or as a seasoned professional looking to re-invent themselves, this event will provide invaluable information.”

This according to an article on JCK Online [www_jckonline_com]
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