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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Learn about making gold chains (Jewelry Television)

Have you done any chainmail or even just a simple two-in-one or two-in-two chain for a charm bracelet? Then you know how much work it is - and if you want soldered links - that could take a whole days work to complete a chain!!!!

So - how are those finished chains made that they can be sold at such reasonable prices?

I found this video on YouTube - it is a fairly quick overview from Jewelry Television.


Anne said...

Very interesting to watch! As it happens I am just making a necklace out of 22g goldfilled wire in a 2-2 chain in the smallest rings I can work with which is just over 2mm ID. So far I have worked on it for about 10 hours and have done barely half! In that size of ring I need to take a break every so often because after a while I find it hard to maintain focus, and then the closures would not be neat. Forget about soldering, the final cost would be exorbitant!
I liked the info about how chains are made commercially, but honestly I prefer handmade anytime.


Improvedliving said...

wow 10 hours and only half. It is lot of hard work.

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Anonymous said...

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