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Monday, March 2, 2009

Thinking Green - Do You Think Of Ebay?

Everyone is talking "green" these days here is an interesting site I was directed to from the original recycler - Ebay's "Green Team"!

Ebay was founded on the principles of re-purposing or re-using...I am always finding things I can use for jewelry from the various dealers - from old watches - to vintage items - to scrap - to broken jewelry!

Can small actions add up to a big difference?

We believe they can—and do. In 2007, forty eBay employees stepped up to help the company make greener decisions. Now, more than 1,000 are working together as eBay Green Team members.

At the same time, 86 million buyers and sellers on eBay have reused over $100 billion worth of products since 1998. By giving used toasters and toys a longer life and keeping sweaters and cellphones out of landfills, they're making a big difference for the planet.

Today, the eBay Green Team is committed to doing even more to help the world buy, sell and think green every day.

Please join us.

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