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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2011 Gemmy Awards - Sneak Peek!

So excited to announce a couple "Sneak Peeks" at the recently announced 2011 Gemmy Awards!

First this stunning gem from the hand of John Dyer won 1st place in the Specially Cut gems category and tied for Best of Competition in the Jewelry Artist-Lapidary Journal Gemmys!

This 93.53-carat Blue Topaz gemstone features the Dreamscape(TM) cut.

...and from Gary Kratochvil, the Second Place winner in the "Artists on the Horizon" category...can't wait to see more from Gary!

Item: Sold
Material: Natural Oregon Sunstone (Red Labradorite)
Type: Top red with schiller (Medium Tone)
Locality: Oregon, USA
Hardness: 6.5 good for almost any jewelry application
Design: Modified Sun Drop (designed by Jeff R. Graham)
Cut By: Gary Kratochvil
Dimensions: 19.3mm long x 13mm wide x 8.7mm deep
Clarity: Red Schiller
Weight: 12.10 carats
Treatments: None
Note: Top red with a spray of schiller.

The Gemmy's are an annual award from Interweave - publishers of Lapidary Journal - Jewelry Artist Magazine and Colored Stone Magazine.

Awards are given in the following Divisions :

  • Faceted Gems
    Stones must be flat faceted; concave or convex faceted stones should be entered in the Specially Cut division.

  • Cabochon Gems
    Stones must be any natural gem material cut in a cabochon shape, and must be suitable for jewelry use.

  • Specially Cut Gems
    Stones include those that have been carved; cut with regular, curved “facets”; engraved; fitted together into a composite; or cut using any other lapidary technique other than flat faceting or cabbing; or any combination of lapidary techniques.

  • Gem Objects
    Items that are either nonfunctional or whose function is other than use in jewelry including, but not limited to, faceted stones not suitable for jewelry use.

  • Artists on the Horizon
    Any type of cut or gemstone, cut by an artist who has never won a national/international gem competition

A complete list of winners and photos of the winning entries will be published in (from the website):

"Winners will also be published in the January 2010 Tucson Show Guide, the January 2010 issue of Jewelry Artist, and the January/February 2010 issue of Colored Stone."

Daily Jewel Editors note: Are you as surprised as I am to see this? Could there be a 2011 Colored Stone? I am checking with Interweave to see if this was a typo/forgotten update on the website. It would be so exciting to see Dave Federman's brilliant information in Colored Stone available again!

For more info about the Gemmy Awards and a link to the entry form:
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