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Friday, November 5, 2010

Winners of the 2010 International Pearl Design Contest

Earlier this week the Cultured Pearl Association announced the winners of their FIRST International Pearl Design Contest...

From the website:

Providence, RI –October 21, 2010
Francis Mastoloni, President of the Cultured Pearl Association of America, Inc. proudly announces the winners of the CPAA’S first International Design competition. “We are very happy with the success of our first competition, entries from 9 countries we received” Mr. Mastoloni reported.

For you - just a few of the winning entries - I will be putting a photo gallery up at Posterous as I receive photos (if you are one of the jewelers on the "Commendations" list and want to be included email to robynahawk at yahoo:

“South Sea Glow”

The highest honor awarded to a design that unanimously captivated judges as the best of the best.

“Sea of Love”

Philip Dismuke for Jewelsmith of Durham, NC

Award is given to the entry that is judged “most marketable” of all the entries in the competition. This design will have the most overall appeal for the retail marketplace.

“Aurora Eclipse”

The award given to the entry that would inspire a new found affinity in someone for cultured pearls.

“Carved Lace”

Elizabeth Blair of Harbor Springs, MI / Massimo Sanalitro of Milan, Italy

Brides and pearls are synonymous. Create a “fantasy wedding” theme with pearls.


The Cultured Pearl Association of America, Inc is a non profit group founded in 1957, comprised of the finest manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, dealers and suppliers of Cultured Pearls in the United States.

Our intention is to "cultivate" awareness, interest, demand and successful marketability of Cultured Pearls for the retail community and the consumer level. Through promotion, education, public relations and unwavering commitment we aim to inspire an authentic passion for all Cultured Pearl varieties.

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