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Friday, October 21, 2011

Designer Jordan Askill Collaborates with Gemfields for Spring/Summer 2012

Jordan Askill presents his third chapter in the evolving tale of Jewellery and Sculpture in collaboration with ethical coloured gemstone producer, GEMFIELDS.

For Spring Summer 2012, Askill has created a collection which reflects the strength and purity of the Amethyst stone. Exploring the process of raw crystal carving, each piece is a marriage of hand carved craftsmanship and digital technological advances. Askill explains “I designed these pieces to reflect the strength and purity of the stone, working with GEMFIELDS allows my process and final product to protect the environment and stay true to nature”

Drawing inspiration from the serene idealism of the Emerald Buddha, Askill has designed a collection to be worn as natural armour, a physical interpretation of calm and well being. The collection begins with a swallow taxidermy interpreted as a sculpture and worn as jewellery of silver and crystal. Each piece of the collection contrasts the organic nature of the swallow with the strength of the elements of Amethyst.

For this collection Askill has humanised the characters of his very first sculpture: the ‘Horse Wave Home’ which has, up until now, featured inhabitants from the animal kingdom only. Upon arrival into the ‘Horse Wave Home’ world, we meet the physical presence of a female. She is represented as part of ‘The Swallow Bird Bust’, a sculpture created to house the jewellery. This sculpture combines the bust of a female figure with the taxidermy swallow; an exploration of a once live swallow and its relationship with the human form. It has also been interpreted as a corsage box, worn on the wrist to mimic a swarm of swallows a place to house smaller pieces of the collection. Askill has also re-interpreted the ‘Horse Wave’ jewellery box in amethyst coloured resin.

Joining the spiritual presence of the woman inside, the ‘Horse Wave World’ are characters from past chapters. This paradise allows nature and fantasy to collide, with the introduction of a flying Unicorn which hangs from double threaded amethyst beads. Amethyst stones adorn the Unicorn’s horn inspired by the element of fire to imitate the rising Phoenix, a swarm of swallows translate into a cuff, Panthers and horses are worn as rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. All pieces are created with intricate detailing.

The ‘Jordy’ range, a separate element of Askill’s collection allows the wearer an opportunity to bear an ‘imprint or tattoo’ of this world. These are instantly recognizable symbols of your imagination, poetic motifs from the ‘Horse Wave World’ world which can be taken with you.

Adding to the original motifs of hearts and stars, are flames, intertwined hearts and broken hearts, the silhouette of the moon and letter rings spelling ‘FLAME’ All representations of passion and evolution: the need to exist and survive, translated into jewellery and worn as a ring in variations of gold.

For a full gallery see Vogue UK: 


Gemfields is the world’s foremost coloured gemstone producer, positioned at the intersection of exploration, mining and marketing.

Natural gems are at the heart of the operation. Gemfields provides the market with ethically produced and fair trade coloured gemstones with a strong focus on Amethysts. The company’s unprecedented mine to market strategy through transparent partnerships with the world’s leading coloured gemstone dealers and manufacturers allows Gemfields to ensure the provenance of every gem.

Supported by a world-class management team of seasoned industry experts, Gemfields prides itself on excellence and transparency. Dedicated to preserving the environment, nurturing relationships with local communities and upholding human rights is paramount to their success.
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