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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

CIBJO President Awarded Order of Carl Faberge

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 CIBJO President receives Award of Order of Carl Faberge
for contribution to development of jewellery industry

ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA: February 1, 2012 - CIBJO President Gaetano Cavalieri has received the Award of the Order of Carl Faberge at a ceremony held today in St. Petersburg, during the opening of the International Jewellery Forum, JUNWEX Petersburg 2012.

In making the presentation, the awards committee of the Carl Faberge Memorial Foundation said it was honouring Dr. Cavalieri in recognition of his contribution to the preservation and  maintenance of the jewellery art,  as well as for the substantial part he has played in the development of the  jewellery industry

The Order of Carl Faberge is an initiative of Tatyana Fedorovna Faberge, the great granddaughter of the famous jeweller, and was envisioned by its founders to become a Russian equivalent of the Nobel Prize. The award was established to honour outstanding artists and entrepreneurs, and has been awarded to scholars, artists, politicians and members of the business community. Dr. Cavalieri is the 38th person to have named an Order of Carl Faberge laureate since the award was established.

Recipients of the award need to be proposed by past Order of Carl Faberge laureates or national organisations in Russia. Dr. Cavalieri's name was put forward by Restec JUNWEX, and his nomination was approved by Tatiana Faberge and the other members of the awards committee.

At the ceremony today in St. Petersburg, Dr. Cavalieri received the award from Valentin Skurlov, the King-of -Arms of the Carl Faberge Memorial Foundation. He was joined by Alexander Gorynia and Alexei Pomelnikov, both of whom are Order of Carl Faberge laureates. Also present at the ceremony were leaders of the Russian jewellery sector and a delegation of members of the Russian parliament in Moscow.

"It is a great honour to receive this award, which I accept also on behalf of CIBJO, which is dedicated to promoting the confidence of consumers in jewellery, as well to ensuring that the jewellery business makes a positive contribution to the economic and cultural life of the countries in which it is active," said Dr. Cavalieri. "It is a privilege to be included in the company of previous award laureates, and to be to the recipient of an award that carries the name of one the greatest and most influential jewellers ever to have lived." 
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