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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Limited Edition Montblanc Valentine’s Bead Bracelet

Montblanc Valentine’s Bead Bracelet 
An Elegant Expression of Love

A precious silver amulet has long symbolised the love between two beings. A carefully crafted talisman that tells the story of the emotional bond shared by two souls, but also inspired by the lady who wears it as a personal treasure. This Valentine’s Day, Montblanc continues to tell this story in its very own words, with the creation of a unique piece: the Valentine’s Bead Bracelet.

Feminine and sophisticated, the bracelet is designed to embody both a powerful declaration of love from one being to another with all its intensity and emotion, and to be worn as a daily companion by the stylish woman with a sense of contemporary fashion. The talisman, made of shining silver beads on a black thread features a single red gold-coloured heart.

With its classic design, the bracelet is an enchanting and playful accessory, a loyal companion to everyday life. The use of two contrasting materials means that it can be matched to many different outfits and appeals to women who favour gold or silver shades.

For those wanting to express love with true meaning and elegance this Valentine’s Day or for those simply wanting to reward themselves with an iconic piece of jewellery, the bracelet will bring enchantment and pure joy.

The Montblanc Valentine’s Bead Bracelets are limited to 500 pieces and each piece is numbered.

The Montblanc Valentine’s Bead Bracelet are available NOW in Montblanc boutiques worldwide
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