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Saturday, March 17, 2012

PLUKKA Loves - What Do You Love?

Enter to Win!!!

Sharp, modern black rhodium spike juxtaposed against curvaceous lines makes for the sexiest accessory. It matches everything from Chanel to camouflage. Consider it a bulletproof wardrobe staple from our "Razor Mittens" collection.

Whether your tastes run to the Architectural... Colorful Fantasies...or Casual Day Wear


PLUKKA has you covered!!!
What is PLUKKA?  How does it work?

What we make is what you want – literally

We don’t make a piece of jewelry unless enough people actually want to buy it. We keep this minimum as low as possible so that each design is virtually certain to be made. Just as important, not making products that no one wants means we never get stuck with inventory, drastically reducing our costs – and the prices paid by our customers.
When you check out, your credit card is blocked for the amount specified in your cart but not charged. We only charge your card once manufacture is confirmed and the final price calculated based on the total number of purchases made at the close of the event.

What is Plukka? from Plukka on Vimeo.

The more we sell, the less it costs
Everyone knows that manufacturing costs per unit go down as the number of units made increases. Plukka directly passes on those savings to our customers. If you look at our unique sliding scale calculator (patent pending), you will see that, as the number of committed purchasers increases, the price falls.
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