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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Stunning Platinum Designs at Baselworld

Baselworld 2012 was the scene for the 3rd Platinum Design Awards competition held by Platinum Guild International. Naturally white and highly durable, the most intricate of jewelry designs captured in unchanging platinum will retain their beauty for generations. The world’s greatest jewelry designers have always preferred working with platinum – as was evident in the wonderful platinum pieces entered into the Awards. 52 stunning platinum jewelry designs were displayed at the 26 participating manufacturer’s booths, and were judged by 50 international journalists visiting the show.

There were four platinum categories to enter: Men's jewelry, Bridal jewelry (most commercially appealing), Bridal jewelry (most innovative design) and Trends. Each journalist voted for the piece that, in their opinion, was the best in each category. The votes were counted and the winners were announced at a cocktail party held on Saturday evening and presented with their awards by James Courage, CEO of Platinum Guild International.

The winning pieces were: 

Bridal Jewelry (innovative design):
1st place to “French Kiss” by Philippe Tournaire
2nd place to “Ensemble” collection  by Matthia’s & Claire
3rd place to “Flow” by Domino

Bridal Jewelry (commercially appealing design):
1st place to “Ensemble” collection by Matthia’s & Claire
2nd place to “Corona” by Gerstner
3rd place to “Platinum tri-set” by Meister

1st place: to “Punti di Vista” by Bonato Milano 1960
2nd place: to “Platinum bangle” by Heinz Mayer
3rd place to “Vendetta Divina” by Gebrüder Schaffrath

Men's Jewelry:
1st place to “Kerouac” by Roberto Demeglio
2nd place to “Control” by TTF
3rd place to “Crocodile” by Paolo Piovan

Platinum Guild International
Platinum Guild International is funded by leading platinum producers and refiners. Founded in 1975, we have been providing sales support and training to all levels of the jewelry trade for almost 30 years. In addition to our headquarters in London, we have offices in each of the world's major jewelry markets - China, Germany, Italy, India, Japan and the USA. 
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