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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Virtual Basel: BaselWorld – On Social Media For Sure!

Ok - we're back with another installment from our favorite Watch Geek - Ed Estlow!

Hi again from VirtualBasel. Sorry I missed yesterday – nasty ol’ root canal ruined my day! But I’m back now, with no trouble but a sore jaw, so here goes!

One thing I did learn while leaning into the pain yesterday is that VirtualBasel is alive & well. Turns out the problem with covering BaselWorld via the web and social media isn’t whether a person can find stuff to write about. The problem is weeding through ALL there is out there!

At the risk of giving away my web-sifting secret, use #baselworld if you’re on Twitter. Updates flow regularly, and while some are just offering opinions, there are plenty of links too.

Here’s a sampling of Twi-pinion:

#BASELWORLD is way too big but we are done with the Hall 1 and Hall 5 :)

We'll have to wait till @couture_jeweler to see #beautiful #jewelry. #baselworld is more focused on #watches.

London #baselworld and now need a me my bed...

Without further ado, my #baselworld #top5

I want so many of the new #Omega watches being shown at #Baselworld it isn't even funny.

Now for a sampling of noted watches.

Several places across the web – private parties, bloggers, and trade magazines – are heralding the Patek Philippe white dial Nautilus. While I usually prefer a dark or black dial, this is a great, light casual/dress look.

Photo credit: The Prodigal Guide and Patek Philippe

Another showstopper is the OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra GMT. I’m a big fan of most things Omega (my personal daily wear watch is a 3570.50 Speedmaster), and ALL things Seamaster! The Aqua Terra GMT doesn’t disappoint. And hey! There’s that black dial!

Photo credit: Omega Watches

OK… what else can we find?

Why yes! @Suitopia pointed out to earlier in a retweet of “@mikegold90: Most daring piece at #baselworld 2012? This machine from @mb&f #amuk:”

Now that’s one whacky watch! It’s the MB&F Horological Machine No. 4 (HM4).

Photo via Luxuryes 

When I first saw the HM4, I was reminded of the pod-racer the young Anakin Skywalker drove in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Indeed, MB&F created a one-off custom version containing a similar scenario – with a Panda bear of all things! If I remember right, the internals from the two sides, or pods, of this watch are interconnected. Much of the custom movement is housed – and visible through – a custom machined piece of sapphire shaped like a figure 8. For more on the watch, check the MB&F website

Gee… we’ve barely scratched the surface as I write this, and as @TorneauTimes said a few minutes ago on Twitter, “#BASELWORLD is close to wrapping up. What has everyone learned, enjoyed or is looking forward to the most?”

Tomorrow I’ll jot some of my conclusions about our little experiment. 

A Little About Ed Estlow:

Guest watch geek – er… blogger Ed Estlow resides in the Northern Time Zone. A self-professed chrono-junkie, he writes compelling story-filled copy for his clients from wherever he happens to be. Contact him at, on Facebook (look for NorthernTimeZone), or check him out
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