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Thursday, May 30, 2013

#JWLV - DANHOV Breaks The Color Barrier... #LUXURY2013

A brilliant designer of all things Wedding and King of micro pave, Danhov has incorporated color into some of it's well known lines!   Visit LUXURY Booth 1321

They have introduced a Birthstone line and added Colored Gems to favorites like their Abbraccio and Classico lines.  When that Danhov Engagement Ring customer comes in looking for a gift for his new wife, she can have her birthstone in an Abbraccio setting that will compliment her Engagement Ring.
Onyx in Classico

Ruby in Abbracio 

The lovely Catherine was nice enough to show me around the line...

One of my favorites was also the JCK Jewelers Choice Award winning Abbraccio in Rose Gold with matching contoured band (bottom left)...and isn't it impressive with a Pink center stone?   Something as simple as the Classico takes on a whole new look with a pink diamond!

...and the piece de resistance - this amazing yellow sapphire took my breath away and as I exclaimed "Gorgeous!"  who should appear but 
the man behind the Brand, Jack Hovsepian saying "Thank You!"

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