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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Guyot Brothers

A leading manufacturer of brass jewelry findings and decorative stampings for the costume jewelry and related decorative arts trades, Guyot Brothers manufactures thousands of different quality jewelry stampings ranging from the most delicate filigree to very bold charms and ornaments, always keeping the designer in mind. The Guyot line of brass findings has kept its focus on classic style and high quality products, now in its fourth generation.

While selling jewelry findings, filigree and stampings is the major duty of the Guyot Brothers website...this one is fun to browse also:

Irregular E-Letter
Jewelry Findings
Glossary of terms
Frequently Asked Questions
100+ Uses for Guyot Findings
Jewelry Industry News
Jewelry and A brief history of jewelry
The Jewelry Book Shelf

For the current issue of the Irregular Newsletter - Andrea asked their readership for info on the meanings of the various fingers of the hand - why is your wedding ring worn on the finger it is?

One answer..."In Europe in the Middle Ages it was believe that the ring finger of the left hand had a direct connection to the heart and thus, when a woman was married a ring was placed in that finger to symbolize that her heart belong to her husband."

Check out the other answers at:

...and enjoy perusing the site!


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