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Saturday, March 14, 2015

#Fidelia - Erika Winters Debuts Wedding Band Collection Revives Love, Loyalty and Romance

Engagement Ring Designer 
Erika Winters Revives Love, Loyalty and Romance

Debuts ‘Fidelia’ Collection to Celebrate the Past in the Present Day*

If you think romance and chivalry are dead in the 
21st century, prepare to have your hopes restored. Engagement ring designer Erika Winters has drawn inspiration from centuries past to reignite the romance in the modern woman’s world.

Debuting today, the Fidelia Collection consists of eight handcrafted, hand-etched and hand-carved bands, which are available in yellow, rose and white gold, as well as platinum. Several styles feature French-cut diamonds, a revival of an old cutting style, in which the stones are individually cut for each specific ring. 

Ms. Winters took inspiration from the shapes and forms prominently featured in the medieval and Victorian eras, transforming them to feel modern in present day. Fidelia, derived from the Latin word meaning faithful, loyal and true, “defines the essence of marriage,” according to Ms. Winters. 

The name of each band in the Fidelia Collection, such as Imogen, Viola and Cordelia, is inspired by historical literary characters, a personal passion of the designer’s. 

To create a band as unique as your relationship, Ms. Winters offers customization, such as engraving of your secret messages. Worn as a single band paired with your engagement ring, or stacked to mark milestones in your life, the rings are destined to become heirlooms for generations to come.

The collection will be available through a network of independent retailers nationwide, as well as on the designer’s website, The Fidelia Collection ranges in price from $980 to $4,800 MSRP.

About Erika Winters: Erika’s jewelry career began by serendipity in 2006, when her future husband proposed to her with a diamond engagement ring. The ring—and everything it symbolized—inspired her full immersion in the artistry, meaning, and science of jewelry. This new passion built on Erika’s lifelong curiosity about the art of adornment and her extensive background and career in dance, movement, and theatre. These art forms continue to inform her jewelry designs, as she draws an appreciation of delicate lines and movement from dance and an appreciation for the nuances of lighting—and the impact of a grand entrance—from theatre. After earning her Graduate Gemologist degree from the Gemological Institute of America,  Erika worked in the antique and vintage jewelry industry in Los Angeles. In 2014, Erika launched her first engagement ring collection, built on her passion for fresh and exquisitely crafted bridal jewelry. Her designs feature thoughtful revivals of Old World forms that have been re-imagined for 21st-century women.

* Press Release From Designer's Representative


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