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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Part 2: 2010 AGTA Spectrum Awards™ Collection - Business Day Wear

The Business Day Wear category continues with everything from brooches, pendants and rings to bracelets...however I did notice a trend to the Ocean Theme with lots of blues and some really incredible pearl pieces....

Entry 264 Mark Schneider
Long Beach, CA
18K green gold pendant featuring an 11.38 ct. Opal, 77 seed Pearls, Diamonds (0.36 ctw.), green Diamonds (0.11 ctw.) and yellow Diamonds (0.06 ctw.).

Entry 43 Graham Edney
Santa Barbara, CA
18K yellow gold necklace featuring 98 freshwater Pearls with a platinum and Diamond (.35 ctw.) pendant.

Entry 86 Danielle Meshorer
San Francisco, CA
14K yellow gold kelp cuff set with round champagne Diamonds (.44 ctw.)

Entry 271 Susan Sadler
Susan Sadler, Fine Jewelry Design
Tulsa, OK
Vintage tortoise-color bakelite cuff featuring a 26x20 Chinese freshwater Pearl and pave Diamonds (0.84 ctw.) set in 18K and 18.5K yellow gold

Entry 582 James W. Currens
J.W. Currens, Inc.
New York, NY
"Bee Line" earrings featuring two 15.6mm golden Pearls and two 12.2mm white Pearls accented with yellow and white Diamonds (3.96 ctw.), Emerald (.06 ctw.), Ruby (.09 ctw.) and Sapphire (.03 ctw.).

Entry 81 Debbe Woodburg
Park City Jewelers
Park City, UT
14K rose and white gold "Flying Pig" pendant featuring a Baroque Pearl accented with Diamonds (.50 ctw.).

Entry 79 Debbe Woodburg
Park City Jewelers
Park City, UT
14K yellow gold "Angelfish" brooch featuring a Baroque Pearl accented with Diamonds (.45 ctw.)

Entry 49 Jorge Adeler
Great Falls, VA
14K yellow gold ring featuring a 30.5mm baroque freshwater Pearl accented with white Diamonds (.34 ctw.)

Can you believe that I didn't even show you everything in this category? Make sure to check the AGTA site.

I am going to leave you with the following wish of the season....

Entry 217 Gregore Morin
Santa Barbara, CA
18K white gold "Dressed to Chill" brooch featuring red Garnets (.97 ctw.), black and white Diamonds (.73 ctw.) and spessartite Garnets (.04 ctw.).

2010 AGTA Spectrum Awards™ Collection - Business Day Wear

Back to the AGTA Spectrum entries and winners...the "Business Day Wear" category is extensive and includes a little bit of are some of the pieces that I loved...

2010 AGTA Spectrum Awards™ Collection - Business Day Wear

There were pins, rings, pendants, neckpieces, brooches, earrings...and bracelets - this category covered it all...

big bold gems...from the rough, etched and hammered face of the Lemon Quartz in Jorge Adelers rings...

Entry 47 Jorge Adeler
Great Falls, VA
14K yellow gold ring featuring a 47.35 ct. lemon Quartz. the traditional simplicity of...

Entry 159 Robert Pelliccia
Lighthouse Point, FL
Platinum ring featuring an 18.64 ct. Kunzite accented with Peridots (.45 ctw.) and Diamonds (.83 ctw.).

Carved Emeralds were the choice of...

Entry 3 Matthias Haag
Lother Haag America, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA
White gold leaf pendant featuring a carved Emerald frog (3.0 ctw.).

Entry 4 Matthias Haag
Lother Haag America, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA
Yellow gold pin/brooch featuring a carved Emerald Nefertiti (20.60 ctw.) accented with square Emeralds (.60 ctw.).

Entry 90 Katy Briscoe
Katy Briscoe, Inc.
Houston, TX
18K yellow gold ring featuring a 20.18 ct. carved Emerald accented with Ebony and Diamonds (.18 ctw.).

Just a few of the amazing bracelets...we can start with the First Place winner in this category...

Entry 532 Ariane Zurcher
Long Island City, NY
18K brushed yellow gold bracelet featuring cabochons of pink Topaz (25.08 ctw.), mandarin Garnets (17.21 ctw.), Paraiba Tourmalines (4.03 ctw.), Tourmalines (12.0 ctw.), Aquamarines (2.96 ctw.) and pink Sapphires (2.69 ctw.).

Entry 286 Belle Brooke Barer
Los Angeles, CA
18K yellow gold bracelet featuring blue Tourmalines
(6.16 ctw.), blue Zircons (1.98 ctw.) and Aquamarines (1.98 ctw.).

...and I really love the brown patina on these two bracelets (does anyone know this secret?)...

Entry 230 Armenta
Houston, TX
18K yellow gold and oxidized sterling silver cuff featuring a 4.75 ct. green Quartz accented with white and black Diamonds (.50 ctw.).

Entry 148 Victor Velyan
Victor Velyan
Los Angeles, CA
24K yellow gold and silver with brown patina bangle featuring a 20.54 ct. oval star Ruby cabochon and natural colored Diamonds (3.15 ctw.).

Pendants in all sizes and colors - the use of less expensive stones is balanced by the carving, cuts and rarity of some of the Gems chosen...

Entry 285 Alishan Halebian
Irvine, CA
18K yellow gold pendant featuring a 40x36x30mm dendritic Quartz, a 2.33 ct. pear-shaped spessartite Garnet and Diamonds (0.06 ctw.).

Entry 191 Mark Winters
Mark Winters
Klamath Falls, OR
18K white and rose gold "As the World Turns" reversible pendant featuring a 15.0 ct. carved Sunstone and a 12.0 ct. Moonstone accented with Lapis Lazuli (2.0 ctw.).

I am going to end Part 1 of Business Day Wear with my favorite ring...this is something I would wear...

Entry 206 Gabriel Ofiesh
Charlottesvile, VA
18K yellow and 14K white gold "Cognac Garland Orbit" ring featuring brown and white Diamonds (1.25 ctw.)


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