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Friday, October 21, 2011

Designer Jordan Askill Collaborates with Gemfields for Spring/Summer 2012

Jordan Askill presents his third chapter in the evolving tale of Jewellery and Sculpture in collaboration with ethical coloured gemstone producer, GEMFIELDS.

For Spring Summer 2012, Askill has created a collection which reflects the strength and purity of the Amethyst stone. Exploring the process of raw crystal carving, each piece is a marriage of hand carved craftsmanship and digital technological advances. Askill explains “I designed these pieces to reflect the strength and purity of the stone, working with GEMFIELDS allows my process and final product to protect the environment and stay true to nature”

Drawing inspiration from the serene idealism of the Emerald Buddha, Askill has designed a collection to be worn as natural armour, a physical interpretation of calm and well being. The collection begins with a swallow taxidermy interpreted as a sculpture and worn as jewellery of silver and crystal. Each piece of the collection contrasts the organic nature of the swallow with the strength of the elements of Amethyst.

For this collection Askill has humanised the characters of his very first sculpture: the ‘Horse Wave Home’ which has, up until now, featured inhabitants from the animal kingdom only. Upon arrival into the ‘Horse Wave Home’ world, we meet the physical presence of a female. She is represented as part of ‘The Swallow Bird Bust’, a sculpture created to house the jewellery. This sculpture combines the bust of a female figure with the taxidermy swallow; an exploration of a once live swallow and its relationship with the human form. It has also been interpreted as a corsage box, worn on the wrist to mimic a swarm of swallows a place to house smaller pieces of the collection. Askill has also re-interpreted the ‘Horse Wave’ jewellery box in amethyst coloured resin.

Joining the spiritual presence of the woman inside, the ‘Horse Wave World’ are characters from past chapters. This paradise allows nature and fantasy to collide, with the introduction of a flying Unicorn which hangs from double threaded amethyst beads. Amethyst stones adorn the Unicorn’s horn inspired by the element of fire to imitate the rising Phoenix, a swarm of swallows translate into a cuff, Panthers and horses are worn as rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. All pieces are created with intricate detailing.

The ‘Jordy’ range, a separate element of Askill’s collection allows the wearer an opportunity to bear an ‘imprint or tattoo’ of this world. These are instantly recognizable symbols of your imagination, poetic motifs from the ‘Horse Wave World’ world which can be taken with you.

Adding to the original motifs of hearts and stars, are flames, intertwined hearts and broken hearts, the silhouette of the moon and letter rings spelling ‘FLAME’ All representations of passion and evolution: the need to exist and survive, translated into jewellery and worn as a ring in variations of gold.

For a full gallery see Vogue UK: 


Gemfields is the world’s foremost coloured gemstone producer, positioned at the intersection of exploration, mining and marketing.

Natural gems are at the heart of the operation. Gemfields provides the market with ethically produced and fair trade coloured gemstones with a strong focus on Amethysts. The company’s unprecedented mine to market strategy through transparent partnerships with the world’s leading coloured gemstone dealers and manufacturers allows Gemfields to ensure the provenance of every gem.

Supported by a world-class management team of seasoned industry experts, Gemfields prides itself on excellence and transparency. Dedicated to preserving the environment, nurturing relationships with local communities and upholding human rights is paramount to their success.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

MJSA Redesigns Buyers' Guide Online Search Engine

MJSA Redesigns Buyers' Guide 
Online Search Engine

New features include more detailed member information and buyer's tips

As part of its continuing digital advancements, MJSA-the U.S. trade association dedicated to professional excellence in jewelry making and design-has redesigned its Buyer's Guide Online search engine. The Guide's new features enable not only easier access to MJSA members' supplies and services, but also more detailed information to help buyers choose wisely. Among the improvements:
* More details about MJSA member companies, including minimum order requirements, special discounts and offers, and featured products and services.

* A "Buyer's Tips" section that offers trend forecasts and peer-reviewed technical articles to help buyers make the best purchasing decisions.

* A New Products section to showcase members' latest offerings.

* The expanded and strictly enforced MJSA Code of Ethics, which sellers agree to uphold upon joining the association.

The MJSA Buyer's Guide Online continues to provide a complete range of jewelry-related products and services, enabling searches for specific types of tools and equipment, metals, findings and chain, gemstones and beads, contract and business services, and packaging, displays, and finished jewelry.

"One of our primary goals as an association is to help our members better connect with buyers, and that includes through new digital opportunities," says David W. Cochran, president/CEO of MJSA. "The expanded Buyer's Guide Online represents our latest step in this area. Members now have more opportunities to differentiate themselves from their competitors, and buyers have easier searches and more information to make the best purchasing decisions. They also have the confidence in knowing they're dealing with companies that have agreed to abide by the highest ethical standards, and that any issues will be resolved promptly and fairly through our enforcement policy."

That buying experience is also enhanced through the new MJSA Buyer's Tips sections, which include both public and members-only articles. Among the offerings:

* Regularly updated fashion, gem, and metal trend overviews, contributed by Helena Krodel of the Jewelry Information Center, gem columnist Deborah Yonick, and MJSA Journal staff.

* A quality checklist for purchasing finished jewelry.

* Guidelines for calculating the return on investment in capital purchases, as well as a checklist for evaluating tools and equipment.

* Best practices for ordering metals and component parts.

* Glossaries of chain and findings terminology, to ensure buyers know all of their options.

* Guidelines to gem treatments.

Future improvements will include a section devoted to contract services, including detailed information about member companies' capabilities.

To visit the MJSA Buyer's Guide Online, go to For more information, contact MJSA Membership Coordinator Travis Searle at, or call 1-800-444-MJSA(6572).

About MJSA 
MJSA is the U.S. trade association for jewelry makers, designers, and related suppliers. It provides the resources to achieve professional excellence and maintain a competitive edge. For more information, call MJSA at 1-800-444-6572 or visit

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

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Hinges and Hinge-Based Catches for Jewelers and Goldsmiths by Charles Lewton-Brain - Complete Edition
This book analyzes hinges and hinge-like mechanisms in a manner never done before in a single volume. We feel it will be a classic. Along with history, generics, classes of hinges, guiding principles, sections include: design, tube making, hinge pins (force-fit, riveted, upset, tapered, cotter type, tubing, square, threaded, stud), hinge types (basic, thick-walled, locket, bracelet, box, block, cold-rolled, tab, cast and milled), lubrication, catch systems, hidden, alternative, cast hinges and solving design problems. Good index and table of contents. 112 pages, over 200 line drawings.

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Lost Wax Jewelry Making: The Build-up Technique by Minoru Azama - Complete Edition
One of the few books available on wax modelmaking; "Lost Wax Jewelry Making: The Build-up Technique" by Minoru Azama, printed in Japanese by Kashiwa Hobby Books. 1999.

Azama process emphasizes building up wax as opposed to starting with a wax blank and carving away material. He uses this approach for organic as well as geometric subjects. The potential of this technique is unlimited!

Azama's work is outstanding, some of it so very precise and geometric that one would think it had been carved of hard wax. The book was written for students at the Japan Jewelry Academy, and Mr. Azama has been generous enough to write a complete English translation.

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Small Scale Photography by Charles Lewton-Brain - Complete Edition 
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Taking your own quality images saves money and time. The system (not counting the cost of camera and tripod) costs less than 60.00$ to set up. How to build a drop shadow photo booth, film types, lighting, miniature spotlighting, composition, backgrounds, surface understanding and image creation are covered. PR techniques are taught and sources are listed. The ideas shared in this set can save you hundreds of dollars in professional photographic fees and time.

Free Bonous: Digital photo notes

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Cheap Thrills in The Tools Shop by Charles Lewton-Brain - Complete Edition 
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Monday, October 17, 2011

Gemfields Opens Office to Supply the UK, US and European Markets

Gemfields Plc has opened a trading office in London, which will source and supply cut and polished Zambian emeralds to the UK, US and European markets. Each emerald will be sourced directly from our distribution partners, each of who have successfully bid and acquired lots at our rough auctions, therefore guaranteeing a transparent route from mine to market for these fine gems.  

In March 2011 Gemfields conducted comprehensive market research in the UK, US and European markets and the results showed that there is a need for additional suppliers of cut and polished Zambian emerald servicing these respective markets.  Due to this historic lack of supply, retailers and designers have been reluctant to use Zambian emeralds in their designs and collections, as there is only limited access to fine goods and little knowledge or education on the difference between the different origins of supply.  

Gemfields London trading office will thus help to ensure a consistent supply of bespoke, fine and commercial Zambian emeralds to these key markets. The trading office will be operated out of our head office in Jermyn Street and the London Diamond bourse, located at 100 Hatton Garden; London’s jewellery and gemstones quarter.

Gemfields, one of the world’s leading coloured gemstone producers, is positioned at the intersection of exploration, mining and marketing. The Kagem mine lies in the heart of the breathtaking Zambian landscape, a constant reminder of the miracles of our planet and a perfect fit with the beauty of its emeralds. Unsurprisingly, natural gems are at the heart of Gemfields’ business, whose focus is on the consistent supply of ethically-produced emeralds and which sets new standards for fair-trade, environmental, social and safety practices in this industry. Gemfields’ unique mine-to-market capabilities support the guaranteed provenance of every gem through full disclosure: the keystone of its promise to both the gemstone trade and the consumer.


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