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Friday, August 31, 2012

Smart Jewelry Show - Dallas!

Who is heading for Dallas?   Next weekend is the ticket!  

InStore Magazine presents The Smart Jewelry Show - Dallas Edition!

Features ABOUND - from the PreShow Education and Holiday Idea Center to "What Are We Thinking" (how income and social status affect buying patterns)  presented by Women's Jewelery Association Southwest Chapter

My favorite feature?  ...the Bench Pressure CHALLENGE!

Color Splash 2012 Solitaire Award Winners

RBS Solitaire Awards 2012 

Brings To Fore Rare Talent

The RBS solitaire awards were presented at the Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council’s (GJEPC) India International Jewellery Show (IIJS), world’s 2nd largest trade show where a plethora of retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and traders from the Gem and Jewellery Industry nationally and internationally congregate to transact business. 

The Solitaire Awards which were given away this evening at the Grand Hyatt, Santa Cruz is a significant event for the participants as they competed in two categories: Competition A for IIJS Domestic & International Exhibitors and Competition B for Non-IIJS exhibitors such as students, artisans, designers, etc. 

The theme for this year’s awards was ‘Color Splash’ and the entries were judged by a five-member jury that included jewellery historian Dr. Usha Balakrishnan, jewellery designer Farah Khan Ali, renowned painter Bose Krishnamachari, Sunil Datwani, Proprietor, Gehna Jewellers and Vishesh Verma, renowned fashion photographer. While Competition A drew in 93 entries in the Formal Wear category, there were 23 entries in the Daily Wear category. Competition B saw an astounding total of 223 entries. 

The competition saw coming to fore varied skills and creative expressions. The participants dipped into nature’s amazing colour palette and used diverse shades, hues, and pigments to imaginatively blend colourful elements into jewellery. The entries in Competition A used colourful gemstones, enameling, electroplating, precious and non-precious materials, and so on to craft some fabulous pieces, whereas the entries in Competition B saw a display of fine skills that showcased some unique concepts through the language of jewellery.

Commenting on these prestigious awards, said Rajiv Jain, Chairman, GJEPC, “The RBS Solitaire Awards are an attempt by the GJEPC to give an impetus to the creative streak in participants across various categories and reward all those blessed with exceptional creative talents in keeping with their theme of providing upcoming talent a platform to showcase their skill sets. On behalf of the Council, I would like to congratulate all the participants for their exemplary work and look forward to seeing such work every year”.

Notes on winning entries:
In Competition A, the winners of the category for Daily wear were Shankesh Jewellers who won the first position with his creation - a gold pendant that encapsulates a pretty landscape straight out of nature, symbolising peaceful co-existence between the creatures and the environment. The second prize went to Sangam Diamonds which showcased a lovely gem-studded peacock pendant showing- off its rich feathers which were hand woven with gold threads. The third prize went to Sangam Chains for their artistic creation of a ring in the shape of a coffee mug made in 18-karat yellow gold featuring white enamel with gold lifting. 

The Critics’ award for the formal wear category went to Sangam Chains creation – a cuff for the hand titled the New Neon, a piece that is an intricately cut from acrylic manchette highlighted with cabochon sapphires and gold.

The second category of Competition A saw prizes being given away in the Formal Wear category. The first prize in the formal wear category went to Ansaa’s creation titled ‘Tango with Turquoise’ showcasing a one off gold anklet showcasing the performance of dancing peacocks. The second prize went to B R Designs for their 18-karat white and pink gold pendant titled Eleganza; a piece studded with diamonds representing a floral burst where in the flowers were articulated in rubies that are detachable and the third prize winner in the formal wear category was Jewels Emporium whose 18-karat gold pendant with champlev√© enameling showcased a blooming lotus rising through the muddy waters. The lotus as a symbol of enlightenment represented the power of staying calm and contented in a chaotic world. The pendant necklace is set with tsavorites, pink sapphires, pearls, turquoise, diamonds, and amazonite beads. 

The Critics’ award in this category was given to Binny’s for their creation titled ‘Power of positivity‘. Their masterpiece was a multicolored cocktail ring which they believe emits positive energy with larger coloured stones and the smaller shining stones.

Competition B, which was for non-IIJS exhibitors such as students, artisans, designers, etc. declared the first prize winner as Meghna Bag for her creation – a bracelet titled ‘the evolution’. The bracelet captures harmony in the cosmic chaos brilliantly. This armlet in 18-karat white gold with beautiful cutwork is decorated with aquamarine, peridot, emeralds, topaz, rubies, and citrine in prong settings. The second prize went to Bimal Koley for his creation titled ‘Swirl of colours’ is an 18-karat white gold and diamond studded bangle which stand for the different emotions we experience in life. Amethyst, pink sapphire, citrine, blue topaz, roholite, yellow sapphire and peridot add colour to the swirls in this curvaceous bangle. The third prize was lifted by Hariharan T.S’s work called ‘Amazing Creature’ which are danglers inspired by the fins of a fish. These 18-karat white gold danglers are super luscious. Set with semi-precious coloured stones and diamonds, the dazzling fin-shaped earrings showcase the vivid display of colours that show up just as when the sun rays fall on the shimmering, gentle creatures of the sea. The Critics’ choice award in this category went to Bhavin Rupani for his piece on the theme of global warming. The 18-karat white gold broad cuff decorated with diamonds, citrine and yellow sapphires points to the global warming that is causing ecological and environmental havoc in the world. 

India’s apex body for Gems & Jewellery, The Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council’s (GJEPC) 29th Edition of India International Jewellery Show – Asia’s paramount trade show; is being hosted at the Bombay Exhibition centre, Goregaon, Mumbai from 23rd-27th August and has participation of over 800 companies from India and Overseas. The show is a B2B platform for Indian traders, suppliers, wholesalers and retailers as well as their International counterparts.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

#WordlessWednesday - Vendor Spotlight On Elise Bergeron Jewellery

#WordlessWednesday - Vendor Spotlight On Elise Bergeron Jewellery

#WordlessWednesday is reserved for the few elite DesignLines that have that distinct look - when you see a piece you know immediately who designed it.  When Jewelry is this beautiful - words get in the way! 

This week we are looking at Elise Bergeron Jewellery  ...Elise worked as a curator and as a cultural officer for the government in Montreal, Quebec, before becoming one of the curated. An Artist, Jeweller and Gemmologist Elise has a style that is her own...while always paying homage to the Gems.



Tuesday, August 28, 2012

KumKum - Swedish Jewelry With An Exotic Island Flair!

Free-spirited and imaginative, Swedish jewelry label KumKum dreams of lush, enchanted escapes with its latest collection, 'The Islands'. Reflecting the marriage between sun and surf, the magically sparkling quartz stones of the collection bring to life the fairytale whimsy of faraway lands.

From the orange sunsets of Maui to the turquoise waters of Capri, KumKum offers bright baubles to fit every Bohemian dreamer with its Rainbow quartz stones. 

Zircons and pearls offset shimmering quartz in an array of iridescent colors, inspiring the deep, oceanic blue of the 'Fiji' drop earrings and the sandy, champagne hue of the 'Hawaii' link necklace. With playful, chunky cocktail rings and delicate, breezy bracelets, say bon voyage and set sail to the Tropics with fashion fit for an extended seaside getaway to 'The Islands' of paradise.

Unique and versatile to outfit any occasion, KumKum has made a splash on the red carpet with celebrity A-listers like Anne Hathaway, Selena Gomez,Emma Watson, Julianne Hough, Emma Roberts and Sofia Vergara.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Beth Bernstein's "My Charmed Life"!

Why am I reviewing Contemporary Literature on a Jewelry Blog?   this book offers a really fun tie in for a Holiday Gift Giving Event in your Retail Jewelry Store!  this is a hot genre right now and Beth's jewelry connection WORKS!  Several stores have already hosted events with Beth doing readings...if you are trying to think of a NEW in-store event - this is it!

Beth Bernstein at a reception held by Manika Jewelry in San Francisco, CA
My Charmed Life: Rocky Romances, Precious Family Connections and Searching For a Band of Gold

I don't know about you, but when I first heard about Beth Bernstein's book My Charmed Life, I found the premise BRILLIANT!

Beth has written about dating, relationships and family for women’s and lifestyle magazines, and has worked in the jewelry industry for twenty years. She runs her own consulting company, where she works with leading jewelry designers and retailers.

...and the idea of telling the story of her life and the times she grew up in as these events related to a specific piece of jewelry intrigued me.

I have to say that I rank Beth among the relatively few fabulous women authors who through shared experiences, biting humor and sometimes brutal honesty have created a new genre in Women's Literature.  

Beth along with Jen Lancaster (Bitter Is The New Black) and Jenny Lawson (Let's Pretend This Never Happened) have carved a new Realism niche in Contemporary Literature.  With commentary that will have you howling, tittering and bawling, all the while nodding your head in agreement because you have been there!

With roots firmly entrenched in the Jewelry Industry it is no surprise that a Jewelry Box should hold the most important memories of Beth's life.  From the amazingly poignant tale of her Mother's Watch to her on-again-off-again relationship with a smoldering truly is a Charmed Life!

Book Description from Publisher:

When Beth Bernstein’s mother unexpectedly passed away, Beth’s life was forever changed, as she knew that she’d lost not only her best friend, but also a big part of herself. In this heartwarming and moving memoir, Beth learns how to link together the platinum memories of the jewelry handed down to her by the woman who taught her how to love, overcome obstacles, and (most important) accessorize.

As a young girl, Beth learned that not all engagements came with a ring. The unconventional engagement watch Beth’s father gave her mother, her mom’s postdivorce transformation from wearing Jackie O pearls to donning love beads--each piece of jewelry represents an intimate memory, a reminder to rise above life’s challenges and enjoy its triumphs. And there are also Beth’s own experiences with rocky romances, of the too many engagement rings she fell in love with and the too few men who could commit. She tells the story of these relationships with sparkles of hilarity and glimmers of hope, conjuring up lost keepsakes and fiery moments--until she realizes that the brightest gems are the ones you give yourself, and finds freedom she never thought possible.


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