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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Financier, Boucher Seeks Guiness Certification for Largest Paraiba Tourmaline

Montreal financier Vincent Boucher wants his Billionaire Business Inc. to become as known for coloured gemstones as De Beers Diamond Jewellers Ltd. is for clear precious stones.

Boucher is off to a good start as owner of the largest cut Paraiba tourmaline, which, at nearly 192 carats, shatters the Guinness World Records holder with its mass of just under 52 carats.

He expects his tourmaline to soon be certified by Guinness and included in the 2011 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records (the 2010 version is already out).

Although valued at between $25 million and $125 million, what the 36-year-old company CEO called a "perfect and flawless stone" isn't for sale - yet.

In presenting what he has named the Ethereal Carolina Divine Paraiba to The Gazette at the Kaufmann de Suisse exclusive jewellery boutique on Crescent St. yesterday, Boucher said he will tour the globe with the oval-shaped clear turquoise gem once it's officially recognized as the biggest.

It was already certified in June by the Gemological Institute of America, the foremost authority in gemology.

The Ethereal Carolina is part of the Planetary Collection held by Billionaire Business, the firm the former Canadian Space Agency employee founded in 2000 with his own money.

The holder of degrees in physics, political science and aerospace engineering spent the first seven years researching the $200-billion international precious stones market and began acquiring gems two years ago.

He has had the Ethereal Carolina for six months and declined to say how much he paid for it.

On the Web: www.vincent

Story via the Montreal Gazette

Friday, October 16, 2009

Alan Revere Inducted into Nat'l Metalsmith's Hall of Fame

Alan Revere Inducted into
National Metalsmiths Hall of Fame
Metalsmiths Hall of Fame
The Florida Society of Goldsmiths is very pleased to announce that Alan Revere of San Francisco has been selected as the 2009 recipient of the National Metalsmiths Hall of Fame Award in the category of Artist/Arts Educator. The award recognizes outstanding contributions and consistent support of the metalsmithing arts. Jean Marie DeSpiegler, FSG's Executive Director stated, "We are very excited to add Mr. Revere to the list of distinguished recipients."

The National Metalsmiths Hall of Fame began in 1999. Here is a list of individuals who have been inducted to date: Kurt Matzdorf in 1999, Phil London in 2000, Ramona Solberg in 2001, Mary Ann Scherr and Jack Prip in 2002, John Paul Miller in 2003, Bob Ebendorf and Helen Drutt English in 2004, John Cogswell in 2006, Jean Stark in 2007 and Mary Lee Hu in 2008.

The Hall of Fame is housed at the Morean Arts Center in St. Petersburg, Florida. One wall of the metals studio/classroom is dedicated to this and includes photos of each recipient and an example of his or her work. The award itself was a group effort. It was designed by Phil London along with Julia Woodman, who constructed the silver tessellated piece. Ken Wynsma, a woodworker and metalsmith, constructed the base.

The Florida Society of Goldsmiths has over 400 members in several chapters around the state. Mr. Revere is widely known and respected as a leader in the jewelry industry, as an award-winning designer and as an educator and author. He has taught over 10,000 students in all aspects of jewelry making, mostly at his school, the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts, in San Francisco, California. Upon receiving the award, Alan acknowledged all of the goldsmiths who went before him throughout history, and who through their efforts paved the way for today's craftsmen and women. The members of FSG are excited to give this award to one of the most important individuals in our field today.

Above: Alan Revere holding the 2009 National Metalsmith's Hall of Fame Award in the category of Artist/Arts Educator
Photo by Christine Dhein

Article via the October 2009 Revere News

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lapidary Journal or Jewelry Artist? BOTH!

In the latest "Flashcard" newsletter, Helen Driggs, Managing Editor of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine reports:

You may have noticed we bumped up the Lapidary Journal part of our logo
on the cover of the October issue. I say it’s about time. To me, the publication I work for is, was, and always will be Lapidary Journal, regardless of the Jewelry Artist part of the equation. We’ve taken a good look at ourselves since the 2007 name change and have decided to kick things up a notch, mostly because we get the sense that’s what you want, too.

First, I have to say that up to and even after the Jewelry Artist name change, our content has been steadfast -- the best information about metal and stone jewelry making -- since the 1940s, when we began publication. It’s really just the package we put Jewelry Artist in that was a little too tight, constricted, and dry, kind of like a dress that didn’t fit.

So, we’ve been gently making backstage alterations, and will begin to roll out a fresher look with your December issue. We’ll still have jewelry and gem projects, our usual departments, features, and all the great stuff we’ve always had. It will just get easier and easier for you to find it. We hope you’ll experience a publication that’s a pleasure to read, browse, use, and love. You’ll definitely find more on stone, more on design, clearer sources for tools and materials, and more useful tips, tricks, and information on the latest jewelry techniques than anywhere else -- same as always, only better.

Do me a favor -- e-mail me when you get your copy, and let me know what you think. And, if, like me, you've been a long-time reader and have been calling the magazine Lapidary Journal all along, feel free to leave it at that. (You can even "forget" the second half of our name. You know you want to.)


As one of the subscribers that was very sad to see the Lapidary Journal become Jewelry Artist - I have to say that the content has always been top notch and I am now a huge fan of the latest incarnation of the magazine. I will however be very pleased to see more lapidary and gem info - you produce an incredible product! Keep up the good work!


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