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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

TRON: Legacy....The Accessories?

Have you heard about the latest from Disney? TRON is back...TRON: Legacy hits theaters Dec. 17th in both Disney3D and IMAX3D!

Well - in the last few decades Disney has learned a bit about promoting a movie and the number of posters, trailers and merchandise available surrounding the release of this film is astounding and goes WAY beyond "action figures" and kids toys...

Looks range from the fine jewelry looks by Rotenier...gorgeous sleek earrings starting at $345...

...ranging to this stunning futuristic collar at $2600

From the Disney Consumer Products press release:

Disney Consumer Products is collaborating with high-end designers Rousseau, Hayden-Harnett, Rotenier and TomTom to launch a luxury accessory and shoe collection for women inspired by the high-tech 3D adventure, TRON: Legacy, releasing in U.S. theaters Dec. 17, 2010 in Disney Digital 3D(TM) and IMAX(R) 3D.

Designed for the young female urbanite, the new TRON: Legacy couture line features dramatic sterling silver and leather statement pieces including an iconic limited edition 5-inch high-heeled platform sandal inspired by the fearless female warrior--Quorra.

Ranging in retail prices from $90 - $2,600, the new couture line complements the film's sleek aesthetic and any chic woman's wardrobe

With looks that speak to trendy futuristic Lucite and Gunmetal pieces - TomTom offers TheGrid - mimicking the angel wings and colors from the film.

Architectural earrings in gunmetal with a blue topaz look like they were plucked right from Quorra ears....

....the angel wing inspiration for this gunmetal and Lucite ring is immediately

Hayden-Harnett accessories feature clutches and handbags and smart leather cuff!

Click here for a complete Gallery of TRON: Legacy products for the CHIC Warrior in you!

OK - I know that this is a Jewelry blog but I just had to leave you with this FABULOUS Jerome Rousseau 5 inch heel Platform Sandal!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Targets Latest Love Affair: Temple St.Clair

Target has been having great success wooing some of the most exclusive designers for a quick collection allowing their style to be accessible to the masses.

If you look at the list of Designers doing a Target Collection it is astounding! Zac Posen, Tucker and my current favorite...Temple St. Clair...I dare you not to love these designs!

For me what makes this collection successful is that even at Target prices...these designs are definitely Temple St. Clair...its not a cheaper version of... these ARE Temple St.Clair - down to the colored stones and beaded details!

Congrats to Temple St. Clair and Target!


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