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Saturday, February 20, 2016

BREAKING!!! #SomewhereInTheRainbow Announces 2016 Debut of Their Latest Event - Lapidary Artist Extravaganza!

Somewhere In The Rainbow is very excited to debut their industry first!!
Lapidary Artist Extravaganza 2016!
Dalan Hargrave's latest "Celestial Series" in Rock Crystal from the McEarl Quartz Mine in Arkansas. 
Ten lapidary artists, who have dedicated their passion and lives to cutting of the finest quality, style, precision of their uniquely different looks, have been invited and accepted our invitation to showcase their gems alongside each other!!
Buddha Blue Ceylon Sapphire, faceted in the early 1500 AD
Inspired by our Buddha Blue Ceylon Sapphire, faceted in the early 1500 AD, we want to showcase the lapidary skills and how this art has evolved, changed and become very personal to the cutters. Each artist is asked to use their unique style with a piece of synthetic blue corundum and "tell their story" through the gem. 
An extremely rare 2.65-carat Benitoite cut by Jeff Hapeman
If 600 yrs. from now, their gem is discovered and documented, what would researchers would the world view the cutting styles, as we have done with the Buddha Blue.

Lapidary art is so critical to the truest beauty shining thru..cutters create gems from rocks...where would our industry be without the cutters?!?!
A collection of gems cut by Jordan Wilkins
We are honored to have these incredibly talented artists create a gem for this event!! This was offered as a voluntary project as an educational tool that we all will enjoy and visually be fascinated by...finished exhibit to be unveiled in June!! Cannot wait to see the results!!
This would be a perfect addition to my "Stuff I Quartz" collection....Moonlit Night by Darryl Alexander
Congrats and thanks to: 
One of Victor Tuzlukov's stunning On-Of-A-Kind over 500+ carats of Kunzite
And representing the ladies of lapidary, 

Stunning bi-color tourmaline acorn was cut by Meg Berry for PalaGems
The Renaissance Egg reflects Lisa's Western take on the Buddha Blue and was designed to
reflect 15-16th century gem cutting.

Sapphire boules were generously donated to SITR by Douglas Mays!! Thanks DM!
Kunzite beauties from John Bradshaw

Aivan (Morgan Pham) - I love the way the cutter oriented the color zoning in this Amethyst Suite


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