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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Announcing: Mort Abelson Scholarship - Apply Today!

Mort Abelson Scholarship Application 2011
Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts
760 Market Street, Suite 900
San Francisco CA 94102

Entry Fee (Revere Academy: Mort Abelson Scholarship Application 2010): $25.00

A contest open to anyone in the United States and Canada.

Scholarship Background
The contest honors Mort Abelson, who was instrumental in raising the awareness of jewelry design and promoting jewelry designers in the U.S. As President of Jewelers of America from 1975-1977, and then as director until 1995, Mort was responsible for overseeing the massive JA International Trade Show in New York. In order to spice up what was devolving into an ocean of look alike commercial jewelry, Mort had the brilliant idea to bring in a new group of exciting young designers each year. Under the banner, New Designer Gallery, Mort introduced hundreds of talented newcomers over the next three decades. Many launched their careers in the New Designer Gallery and have continued to make their marks as leaders in the field; David Yurman, Esther Gallant, Whitney Boin, Diana Vincent, Steven Kretchmer, Eddie Sakamoto, Tom Kruskal, Penny Preville, Alex Sepkus, Susan Sadler and many more. Among the list is Alan Revere, who is also one of the country’s preeminent jewelry educators, teaching at the school he founded in 1979. As a designer and also a leader in jewelry training, with a long affiliation with Jewelers of America, Revere’s Academy was selected as the scholarship site.

Contest Prize
The contest winner will receive an all-expenses-paid scholarship from anywhere in the US to San Francisco (air, lodging, tuition and fees) for a master class of their choice during the Academy’s annual International Masters Symposium in April 2011. For three weeks during the Masters Symposium, prominent jewelry artists, designers, craftsman and experts converge on San Francisco to teach professional skills and techniques in the area of their greatest expertise. The masters lined up are: James Carter, John Cogswell, Naohiro Yamada, Michael Good, Kent Raible, Kate Wolf, Jack da Silva, Suzanne Pugh, and Alan Revere.

To see more about the Masters Symposium classes available, go to Revere Academy's website.

A jury composed of Alan Revere and Cindy Edelstein will select the winner.

November 1, 2010 11:59pm (MST)

The contest is open to anyone in the United States and Canada. Jurors will be looking for an individual whose work exemplifies original, innovative, high quality jewelry design. Submit 5 images of jewelry and 2 short essays of 100 words or less.

Applicants will be notified via email by November 16, 2010.

Special Thanks
This unique scholarship was funded by designers, for designers. At a gathering in 2007 to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the New Designer Gallery, an auction was held to raise funds to honor Mort. Over 50 past participants of the New Designer Gallery and other jewelry artists donated a piece of their work to be auctioned, with the proceeds used for the scholarship. The artists/donors all wanted to acknowledge and thank Mort for his support in a way that perpetuates his energy and insight and helps up-and-coming jewelry designers. By paying back with their own creations, these generous artists are completing the circle and are paving the way for the next generation of jewelry designers. Click here to see a list of donors.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Etienne Perret Does It Again!

From humble beginnings in his small shop in Camden, Maine, Etienne Perret rocketed to the top of his field with his innovative use of colored diamonds. His designs were soon available is stores across the country.

With two "Diamonds of Distinction" awards and acknowledgement from Diamonds International and the Platinum Guild, most would be satisfied to sit back and soak in all the acclaim - but not Etienne Perret.

While colored diamonds are still VERY much a trademark of the Etienne Perret brand his latest work with a new medium has garnered him a new fan base for his innovative designs.

Gem Ceramic is a versatile new zirconia ceramic material that is as hard as sapphire and nearly impossible to crack or scratch!

His pearl designs have everyone talking with designs that range from the playful and fashion forward look of a Mauve Pearl sitting atop a Gem Ceramic band to the drop dead gorgeous Golden South Pearl nestled in a concave Gem Ceramic band! of Red Carpet events may have noticed that the lovely Toni Collette, star of the United States of Tara, wore one of Etienne's new bangle designs for the 2010 Emmys!!!

Her bracelet was a new version of the classic black bangle with two rows of diamonds - Collette's version featured two rows of stunning natural color yellow diamonds! Reaction to this style (even a mention from the well known celebrity stylist Michael O'Connor ) was so good that Perret decided to enter the look in the prestigious industry design contest the AGTA Spectrum Awards.

The creativity continues with Etienne's latest design...the Gem Ceramic High Halo Band! The stunning simplicity of a black gem ceramic band that features a single fancy colored orange diamond in a golden halo that seems to hover above the band...magical!

As most of my blog fans know I love to end most stories with my favorite looks from the collection I am featuring - and here you have them!

An amazing bracelet and ring suite in classic black studded with yummy multi-colored diamonds clad in gold

...and a fabulous white wedding-style band bordered in ribs of yellow gold shows off the real versatility of this material that can be made to match or contrast any color story!

For all the latest from Etienne Perret:
Visit their website

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Harmony Jewelry Design Competition

Hoover & Strong and the Society of North American Goldsmiths together created the Harmony Jewelry Design Competition. This event is named after Harmony Metals, the environmentally sustainable metals group at Hoover & Strong.

Professional jewelry makers and jewelry students will be able to compete in separate categories for first, second, and third place awards. Student award winners will each receive scholarships.

The top winning piece will be manufactured and distributed nationally by Hoover & Strong with profits from sales going to benefit the Nature Conservancy.

Designs will be judged for the use of Harmony metals, innovative design that honors the environment, and for producing a well-designed piece within specific pricing, production and profitability criteria.

Magnificent Jewels & Jadeite at Sotheby's - Hong Kong

I am so excited - I just flipped through the Sotheby's catalog for this event - WOW! I am seriously speechless - and you know how rarely that happens.

Yes - like every Magnificent Jewels auction there are some diamond stunners - but for me, the addition of Jadeite is what made me dig through all 300+ lots to see these translucent glowing beauties!

So...I chose a few beauties just for you! know the the photo for a larger image...or click through and thumb through the catalog.

Starting with my fav - bangles to stack in colors ranging from deep grass green to pale apple green and lavender to red!

...there are earrings, pendants and rings to coordinate - some with precious stone embellishment.

Oh...and the PEARLS!!!! Of course there are the usual cultured South Seas and Tahitians but check out this amazing natural Clam Pearl necklace...

...and this glorious Conch Pearl version of the station necklace (or Tin-Cup) style!

Were you looking for a carved Tourmaline?

OK, for the diamond girls out there...
Row after row of diamonds and emeralds with a diamond encrusted clasp.

Take a few minutes out of your day to sit back and enjoy the beauty of this gorgeous story of important colored gemstone pieces!


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