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Friday, October 28, 2011

Celebrity Jewel: Freida Pinto in Chopard!

This doesn't even need words...check out the free-form diamond shapes in this stunning bracelet!

Actress Freida Pinto sparkled in Chopard at the London premiere of “Trishna” on October 22nd:

  • Platinum and diamond cuff bracelet (60 carats)

Photos courtesy of Chopard

Platinum is popular on the red carpet since it holds diamonds and colored gemstones most securely, and makes them sparkle. 

To view the latest platinum jewelry designs, visit 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ganoksin Under Water!!! Your Support Needed!

The Ganoksin Project
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This image shows a satellite view of the floods currently devastating the Thai kingdom. You can see two bodies of water marked in blue just north of Bangkok. 13,000 BILLION Cubic meters of polluted water are making their way to the Gulf of Thailand.
Ganoksin offices are unfortunate to be on the path the flood. At this moment, our offices are completely inundated. We are very much isolated, surrounded by a swamp wide as far as the eye can see. Our only links to the world are email and phone.
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Platinum Honors at the 2012 AGTA Spectrum Awards™

PGI-USA Awards Eight Jewelry Designers with ‘Platinum Honors’ for Outstanding Work in Platinum at the 2012 AGTA Spectrum Awards™

Platinum once again took center stage at the 28th annual AGTA Spectrum Awards, a competition hosted by the American Gem TradeAssociation that celebrates outstanding design using colored gemstones. An impressive array of platinum entries were submitted in this year’s competition, nine of which were recognized in the Platinum Honors™ category sponsored by Platinum Guild International USA (PGI-USA). The Platinum Honors™ winners were chosen from each of the five Spectrum Awards categories as well as Best Use of Color and Platinum, and new entry price-pointed categories Entry Platinum Honors in Bridal Wear and Platinum Innovation in Classical and Day Wear designs.

PGI-USA Senior Vice President, Jenny Luker notes, We were thrilled to see so many stunning platinum submissions at this year’s awards, especially because platinum’s natural white color makes it an ideal setting for showcasing gemstones. Designers truly outdid themselves by creating breath-taking platinum designs that ranged from dainty and elegant to bold and innovative.”

PGI-USA’s participation in the AGTA Spectrum Awards is an integral part of their continued effort to support up and coming, as well as established designers and manufacturers and inspire them to work in platinum.

Winners of the Platinum Honors™ category are awarded with a generous prize package valued at more than $15,000 including several high profile publicity opportunities, professional photography of the winning piece featured on PGI-USA’s consumer website and a customized poster of the winning piece featured in a trade advertisement – all of which aims to generate national brand awareness and desire for the winning designer.

The 2012 AGTA Spectrum Awards™ competition was held in New York City on October 22-23.  

Platinum Honors™ 2012 Winners:

Best Use of Platinum and Color
Michael Endlich, Pave Fine Jewelry: Platinum ring featuring a 19.05 ct. cushion-cut Aquamarine with pave-set Diamonds (.41 ctw.).

Bridal Wear
James W. Currens, J.W. Currens Inc.: Platinum ring featuring a 16.80 ct. sugarloaf Ruby accented with Diamaonds (4.54 ctw.).

Bridal Wear – Entry Platinum Innovation
Mark Schneider, Mark Schneider Design: Platinum ring featuring a 1.81 ct. round blue Sapphire accented with white Diamonds (.14 ctw.).
Day Wear
Leon Mege, Leon Mege, Inc.: Platinum Ring featuring a 16.76 ct. Paraiba Tourmaline cabachon accented with antique cushion-cut Diamonds and Diamond melee (3.10 ctw.). 

Day Wear – Entry Platinum Innovation
Susan Drake, Spectrum Art & Jewelry: Platinum and yellow gold ring featuring a 1.08 ct. emerald-cut red Spinel accented with Diamonds (.18 ctw.).

Evening Wear
Evelyn Clothier, Evelyn Clothier Jewelry: Platinum butterfly brooch featuring brown diamond slices (104.42 ctw.) accented with a 5.06 ct. brown Diamond and white Diamonds )3.04 ctw.).
Erica Courtney, Erica Courtney: Platinum ring featuring an 11.19 ct. Imperial pink Topaz accentedwith Diamonds. 

Men's Wear
Mark Schneider, Mark Schneider Deisgn: Platinum ring featuring a 15.0 ct. shield-cut rubellite Tourmaline accented with white Diamonds (.90 ctw.) and yellow Diamonds (.22ctw.).

In addition to the Platinum Honors™ winners, The American Gem Trade Association recognized the following platinum designs:

Best Use of Color
Deirdre Featherstone, Featherstone Design: Platinum earrings featuring removable Opal enhancers (15.64 ctw.) accented with blue Zircons (3.27 ctw.), Tanzanites (3.53 ctw.), Paraiba Tourmalines (.40 ctw.) and Diamonds (5.79 ctw.).

Bridal Wear - 1st Place
Maria Canale, Richard Krementz Gemstones - Platinum "Lace" ring featuring a 4.10 ct. blue Sapphire accented with Diamonds (.77 ctw.).

Bridal Wear - 3rd Place
Craig Slavens, AuRTWORK Jewelry - Platinum and 18K yellow gold pendant featuring a 3.92 ct. rose-cut black Diamond accented with black and white Diamond melee (.52 ctw.) on an 18K white gold chain set with black and white Diamonds (.71 ctw.).

Bridal Wear - Manufacturing Honors
Mark Schneider, Mark Schneider Design - Platinum earrings featuring 12mm black Tahitian Pearls and 8mm cultured freshwater Pearls accented with white Diamonds (.99 ctw.) and black Diamonds (.53 ctw.).

Bridal Wear - Honorable Mention
Leonard McCue, L.A.M. Goldsmiths - Platinum "Hearts and Arrows" ring featuring a 19.0 ct. pear-shaped Moonstone accented with Diamonds (2.37 ctw.).
Classical - 1st Place 
James Currens, J.W. Currens, Inc. - Platinum ring featuring a 14.25 ct. unheated Ruby cabochon accented with Diamonds (7.97 ctw.).

Classical - 2nd Place 
Ashok Sancheti, Pioneer Gems - Platinum earrings featuring Emerald cabochon drops (18.45 ctw.) accented with Emeralds (18.21 ctw.) and Diamonds (4.81 ctw.).

Classical - 3rd Place
Jeffrey Bilgore, Jeffrey Bilgore, LLC - Platinum pendant featuring an 11.80 ct. pear-shaped Morganite accented with fancy-colored and white Diamonds (7.09 ctw.).

Classical - Honorable Mention
Christo Kiffer, Sissy's Log Cabin - Platinum art-deco ring featuring a 4.84 ct. oval black Opal cabochon accented with Emeralds (1.0 ctw.), blue Sapphire melee (.88 ctw.) and Diamonds (.93 ctw.).
Men's Wear - 1st Place  
Mark Schneider, Mark Schneider Design - Platinum engraved ring featuring channel-set Ruby melee (.59 ctw.) and yellow Diamonds (.115 ctw.).

Japanese Researchers Create First Spherical Diamond!

I don't know about you but can you imagine these in a necklace with South Sea Pearls?

Japanese researchers say they created first perfectly spherical diamond

A team of researchers at Ehime University in Japan say they have created the world's first perfectly spherical diamond, according to a media report.

The state-run university's Geodynamics Research Center said it has processed an artificially produced diamond, of a variety the center has named Hime, into a perfect four-carat sphere with a diameter of 7.5 millimeters.

The potential applications of the technology used to shape an artificial diamond into a perfect sphere are expected to be widespread, the researchers said in a report in The Daily Yomiuri.

In 2003, the research center synthesized a tiny grain of Hime diamond measuring less than 1 millimeter wide. The centre combined carbon atoms by subjecting them to 150,000 times the standard atmospheric pressure and temperatures of 2,300 C.

By last year, the research team had become able to create Hime diamonds up to 1 centimeter wide, they said.

Hime diamonds are far harder than naturally formed diamonds. They have a uniform degree of hardness throughout their structure, whereas this changes in different parts of a natural diamond, according to the centre.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Celebrating the Cutting Edge...the Winning Gem Faceters!

As in previous years I would love to show the same credit to the Cutting Edge Awards that every Industry Magazine is showing to the Jewelry Awards - if you have a photo of your winning entry forward it to robynahawk at gmail and I would be happy to include you here and on my AFlyOnTheWall Posterous page...lets get the Rocks some press time  ;-p

This year's AGTA Spectrum Awards™ will be presented during the 2012 AGTA GemFair™ Tucson to be held January 31 – February 5 at the Tucson Convention Center in Tucson, Arizona. Winning entries will be displayed during the show and AGTA Spectrum Awards™ recipients will be recognized during the AGTA Dinner Dance and Awards Gala. The event starts at 7:00 pm Saturday, February 4. Tickets for the gala are $100 and cocktail attire is encouraged.

AGTA Cutting Edge Awards honor excellence and creativity in lapidary arts, including natural colored gemstones and cultured pearls, carvings, and other gem materials.


Classic Cut Gemstones: 
Classic Gemstones- 1st Place
Allen Kleiman, A. Kleiman & Co. - 30.04 ct. unheated oval yellow Sapphire.

Classic Gemstones - 2nd Place
Phillip Youngman, Richard Krementz Gemstones - 7.66 ct. cushion-cut blue Sapphire.

Classic Gemstones - 3rd Place,
Joseph Ambalu - Amba Gem Corp. - 6.07 ct. unheated Ruby.

Classic Gemstone - Honorable Mention
Richard Krementz Gemstones, Richard Krementz Gemstones - 19.18 ct. antique-cut yellow Sapphire.

Classic Gemstone - Honorable Mention
Joseph Ambalu, Amba Gem Corp. - 8.06 ct. oval Padparadscha Sapphire.

All Other Faceted Gemstones - 1st Place
Allen Kleiman, A. Kleiman & Co. - 10.07 ct. oval purple Spinel.

Roger Dery 12.7 x 12.7 x 8.4mm  8.77ct  
Merelani Mint Garnet; untreated; purchased in Arusha January 2011
All Other Faceted Gemstones - 2nd Place
Roger L. Dery, Spectral Gems, Inc. - 8.77 ct. trillion, step-cut Merelani mint Garnet.

All Other Faceted Gemstones - 3rd Place
Phillip Youngman, Richard Krementz Gemstones - 15.20 ct. cushion-cut Sphene.

All Other Faceted Gemstones  - Honorable Mention
Ben Kho, Kho International, Inc. - 18.80 ct. round Portuguese-cut Rhodochrosite.

Phenomenal Gemstones:
Phenomenal - 1st Place
Robyn Dufty, DuftyWeis Opals, Inc. - 27.30 ct. black Opal cat's eye.

Phenomenal - 2nd Place
Sailesh Lakhi, Sparkles and Colors, Inc. - 17.0 ct. oval Moonstone cabochon.

Phenomenal - 3rd Place
Joseph Ambalu - Amba Gem Corp. - 8.51 ct. oval Alexandrite

Pairs & Suites: 
Pairs & Suites - 1st Place
Allen Kleiman, A. Kleiman & Co. - Pair of oval red Spinels (22.28 ctw.).

Pairs & Suites - 2nd Place
Allen Kleiman, A. Kleiman & Co. - Cushion-cut mint Tourmaline suite (158.74 ctw.).

Pairs & Suites - 3rd Place
Aivan Pham, Commercial Mineral - Somewhere in the Rainbow - "My Fair Lady" pair of fan-cut rubellite
Tourmalines (26.75 ctw.).

Pairs & Suites - Honorable Mention
Aivan Pham, Commercial Mineral - Somewhere in the Rainbow - "Razzle Dazzle" graduated suite of
Asscher-cut rubellite Tourmalines (26.74 ctw.).

Innovative Faceting: 

Innovative Faceting - 1st Place
Dalan Hargrave, Geogem-USA - 30.0 ct. "Hugs and Kisses" Morganite.

Innovative Faceting - 2nd Place
John Dyer, John Dyer & Co. - 63.57 ct. "Super Citrine" featuring flat facets and micro-grooving for brilliance.

Innovative Faceting - 3rd Place
Darrell Jang, Darrell Jang - 9-10 ct. elongated octagon and concave-cut Tourmaline.

Innovative Faceting - Honorable Mention
Richard P. Homer, Gems by Design, Inc. - 30.95 ct. rutilated Quartz with a single natural needle in the

Part of a Collection called "Somewhere in the Rainbow"
Material from Tammy & Dave Wheatley's Sunstone Butte Mine
Innovative Faceting - Honorable Mention
Darryl Alexander, Sunstone Butte Mining Co. - "Sea Foam and Sunset" 70.0 ct. bubble-cut Sunstone.

Carving - 1st Place
Naomi Sarna, Naomi Sarna Designs - 368.50 ct. carved Amethyst.

Photo Credit:   AZAD Photography
Carving - 2nd Place
Darryl Alexander - Alexander's Jewelers - "Immortal Flight" carved Agate feather.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

2012 AGTA Spectrum Awards - Best of Winners

Winners Announced for AGTA's 2012 Spectrum Awards™ Competition 

Winners have been named in the 2012 AGTA Spectrum Awards™ competition hosted by the American Gem Trade Association.  This year marks the 28th  anniversary of the competition.

The competition was judged October 22-23 in New York, NY. Judges for the 2011 competition were Master Goldsmith Klaus Burgel, Sylvain Chervin of Carvin French, Cindy Edelstein of the Jewelers Resource Bureau, Patricia Faber of Aaron Faber Gallery, and Clay Zava of Zava Master Cuts.

The annual AGTA Spectrum Awards™ Media Day was held October 24 and featured all of the jewelry and gemstone submissions.   Attendees included top fashion/accessory editors from the trade and consumer press, stylists, and bloggers.  Publications represented included Vogue, W, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle, Women’s Wear Daily, Marie Claire, Essence, Smart Money, and many more.


Best of Show:
Todd Reed, Todd Reed, Inc.
Palladium and 22K yellow gold locket featuring blue Moonstones, grey Diamonds (24.51 ctw.), blue
Sapphires (17.34 ctw.) and white Diamonds (5.10 ctw.) opening to reveal a 76.03 ct. Moldavite Buddha.

Fashion Forward:  
Belle Brooke Barer, Belle Brooke Designs, Inc.
Oxidized sterling necklace featuring an approximately 30 ct. blue Chalcedony cabochon accented with
Diamonds (.55 ctw.).

Best Use of Pearls:  
Anil Maloo, Baggins, Inc.
18K white gold and black rhodium plated earrings encrusted with light cognac Diamonds (8.16 ctw.) and
13.3mm cultured South Sea Pearls.

Best Use of Color:
Deirdre Featherstone, Featherstone Design
Platinum earrings featuring removable Opal enhancers (15.64 ctw.) accented with blue Zircons (3.27 ctw.),
Tanzanites (3.53 ctw.), Paraiba Tourmalines (.40 ctw.) and Diamonds (5.79 ctw.).

Best Use of Platinum and Color: 
Michael Endlich, Pave Fine Jewelry
Platinum ring featuring a 19.05 ct. cushion-cut Aquamarine with pave-set Diamonds (.41 ctw.).

Best Use of Palladium and Color  
Dennis de Jonghe - Dennis de Jonghe
Palladium pendant featuring a 16.39 ct. Aquamarine accented with a 2.09 ct. Moonstone, Diamonds (.26
ctw.) and Pearls.

Photos from AGTA Spectrum Awards Facebook Page and JCK Magazine


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