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Saturday, May 24, 2014

#DesignerSpotlight - Cocktail Hour with Robert Procop

During his teenage years, Robert began to buy and sell diamonds, swiftly establishing himself as a key player in the industry and demonstrating such remarkable acumen as a gemstone trader that he was able to fully support himself while attending university. During the final year of his undergraduate studies, he used the profits he had earned from his trading to open a store, Diamonds on Rodeo, spectacularly positioned on Rodeo Drive at the heart of Beverly Hills. Creating unique jewels for the Hollywood elite, and securing his first presidential commission with President Ronald Reagan, further confirmed his reputation as both a trusted and innovative jeweler. Since then, he has been commissioned by every serving President of the United States.

Over the years, Robert expanded his presence, opening other stores and at the same time developing a substantial wholesale business in fine jewels. His talents and reputation swiftly positioned him as not only a gemstone expert and celebrated jeweler, but also as a sought-after business leader whose Midas touch could transform company performance. He spearheaded significant reversals during times of trouble for the most historic and exclusive jewelry companies in London where as CEO of the Crown jeweler of the United Kingdom, Asprey & Garrard, he restructured the organization to form two separate entities – both of which he subsequently led in succession as CEO. He is widely credited with having transformed the fortunes of both Garrard & Co. and Asprey during turbulent financial periods and significantly turning-around the fortunes of each organization.

Meanwhile, Robert’s successful wholesale business, Jewels of Beverly Hills, has continued to thrive, buying and selling fine jewels to the international trade. The company has also housed the private showroom for Robert’s exclusive clientele, providing a confidential and secure environment in which they could buy and sell their most valuable treasures. His discretion, expertise and artistry led Robert to acquire a client list which includes the most illustrious and celebrated personalities in the world, including Heads of State, international royalty and Hollywood’s A-list.

Bringing his unparalleled wealth of knowledge and experience to bear, Robert has now launched his latest venture - Robert Procop Exceptional Jewels - which will see him lead an élite team of the world’s best designers, cutters and craftsmen to showcase his extraordinary collection of rare gemstones as jewellery masterpieces of breathtaking beauty.

Eurostone introduces Fancy Shape Diamond Price Calculator

Eurostone, the Israel-based, leading expert manufacturer of custom-cut and calibrated polished diamonds for the luxury watch and high-end jewelry markets, has launched a Fancy Shapes Price Calculator. This is a first tool of its kind in the diamond industry, aimed specifically at fancy shapes, in calculating the price points of custom-cut, straight-edged fancy shapes. -

"Online-based calculators for round diamonds pricing have been around for a while," said Eurostone CEO Pini Netzer, "but with the Fancy Shapes Calculator, we're really bringing a completely new tool into the diamond market!"

Free of charge, the calculator is easy to use. When entering data, it requires users to provide specifications of the size, shape and clarity, and within seconds, an accurate price estimate is delivered. "Of course, the client's final price quote is based on the integration of the latest industry pricing standards, cost calculation and current pricing data acquired via Eurostone's wide network of diamond professionals," Netzer added. "But with the calculator, for our clients we're taking most of the guesswork out of the equation."

Netzer, who enjoys a global reputation as one of the best custom-cut diamond cutters of straight-edged fancy shapes, spearheaded the calculator's planning and implementation as part of what he hopes will be a modernization of the fancy cut diamond industry.

"With the calculator's introduction, we've taken another, but big step to lower the threshold for our clientele," Netzer says. "There will much less need for cumbersome fax messages and long telephone conversations to offer customers estimates. The greatest innovation about the Fancy Shapes Price Calculator is that it gives watchmakers, jewelers and designers the ability to calculate their own costs and thus provide a highly accurate pricing to their customers - an option unheard of, until now. This, of course, promises a much smoother production process, on both Eurostone's and the customers' end," he concluded.

JCK Las Vegas Announces New Show Perks for 2014

Philippe Mellier, CEO, De Beers Group
JCK Las Vegas announced today that the show will offer some exciting new features and perks. Among the new and notable items attendees can expect to see: An address from Philippe Mellier, CEO, De Beers Group, to ALL retailers; Grammy Award-winning recording artist and songwriter, Rob Thomas (of Matchbox 20), headlining JCK Rocks the Beach; the introduction of “Food Truck” Alley; the inaugural Diamond Empowerment Fund ‘Diamonds in the Sky Event’; an improved floor plan; and the morning Jewelers For Children’s Rings of Strength ‘Run, Walk, Ride’ event.

“...the excitement is definitely starting to build,” said Yancy Weinrich, Group Vice President, JCK Portfolio. “With new events, headliners, and entertainment at JCK and LUXURY, we’re always striving to infuse a healthy dose of fun to complement the week’s business agenda. We’re also thrilled to welcome The Diamond Empowerment Fund’s ‘Diamonds in the Sky’ event to the week’s agenda.”

The anticipated keynote address to be given by De Beers Group CEO, Philippe Mellier, is an important highlight because it will mark the powerhouse brand’s inaugural address to an all-inclusive retailer audience in Las Vegas (to date, Mellier has only addressed Forevermark retailers). Taking the stage on Friday afternoon of the show, Mellier will undoubtedly have everyone captive as he shares his company’s perspectives on the outlook for the diamond industry.

Indeed, the roster of added value opportunities to take part in is something to enthuse about. “Food Truck” Alley in particular will bring a casual outdoor (not to mention trendy) dining option. The trucks will station next to the Bayside entrance alongside a cooling and tented eating area. Four trucks per day will serve up quality, cost-effective meals that are sure to impress the hipsters among us.

Ambling throughout the show, attendees will notice a BIG change from years past—wider aisles will ensure less traffic jams and an overall easier show experience. Additionally, in the realm of improved navigation, the new Exhibitor Recommendation program, JCK Match, (retailers are surveyed during registration and matched with exhibitors based on product category and price-point interest), will benefit from a Geo-locator function; where they will receive notification of what’s around them on the show floor, no matter where they re, when using the official JCK Mobile app.

Come Sunday evening, the annual JCK Rocks the Beach party with title sponsor Effy, will invigorate show attendees with an evening of networking on the sand at the Beach at Mandalay Bay. The industry’s famous Beach Party will have everyone feeling “Smooth” thanks to the sounds of Matchbox 20’s Rob Thomas. A new ticket format is in place this year, with attendees having to pick-up their ticket (one per badge) at JCK’s Ticket Distribution Centers throughout the show.

With all of this and more, the JCK Events team looks forward to opening its doors on May 30th.

About JCK EventsJCK is a trusted partner connecting jewelry retailers and manufacturers/suppliers with trends, news, products, education, and partners to build business. Whether attending face-to-face events, building inventory with online and onsite sourcing, or obtaining authoritative news and insights from JCK magazine - the leading industry publication in print & online - JCK offers a suite of tools and events to deliver sound solutions, innovative opportunities, and essential information. Mark your calendars as JCK Events presents its portfolio of upcoming buying opportunities:

LUXURY and Elite Enclave: May 27 - 29, 2014, by invitation only; 
May 30 - June 2, 2014, open to all JCK Buyers | Four Seasons, THEhotel, Mandalay Bay | Las Vegas, NV
JCK Las Vegas: May 30 - June 2, 2014 | Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino | Las Vegas, NV
Swiss Watch: May 30 - June 2, 2014 | THEhotel, Four Seasons, Mandalay Bay, Mandarin Oriental | Las Vegas, NV

LUXURY Privé New York: New Dates: July 27 - 29, 2014 | New Location: Waldorf Astoria | New York, NY
JCK Tucson: February 2 - 5, 2015 | JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort | Tucson, AZ

JCK’s 2014 Rising Stars Ready to Shine

JCK Events released the names of its annual Rising Star group in March - here is a quick reminder. 
The 2014 Rising Stars are BLACKBIRD AND THE SNOW, Irthly Jewelled Adornments, KAURA JEWELS, Natalie Dissel, and Shrisha Jewels. Their impressive debut collections will be on display for the first time at a U.S. tradeshow, in the Design Center at JCK Las Vegas, held at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, May 30-June 2.
The JCK Rising Star program, established in 1995, seeks out up and coming designers whose work exhibits true artisan quality, innovation, and a unique yet marketable style. The juried process includes a select panel of retailers, editors, and stylists who review each designer and provide ratings on the quality of materials used, craftsmanship, originality, and salability. Only those applicants with the highest score are invited to exhibit in the Design Center—the destination for fresh, emerging talent. Previous Rising Stars, including Heather Moore, Sarah Graham, and Alex Woo, are now widely recognized brands in the jewelry industry—a testament to the program's viability.
This year, the Rising Stars are as extraordinary as ever. 

Harvinder Keila and Anjli Patel, KAURA JEWELS

In 2012, my sister(-in-law) Anjli Patel and I founded KAURA JEWELS on our shared passion for ancient Indian weaponry. We chose to enter the JCK Rising Star competition based on JCK's track record for promoting emerging jewelry designers, and because JCK provides a viable platform for establishing a jewelry business. We are honoured to have been deemed a Rising Star by JCK, and are looking forward to meeting and learning from the best in Las Vegas.
Kaura Jewels
The large open cuff with rose quartz cabochon and the shield cuff links are part of the new Protection Collection and the double-headed horse pendant is part of the Balance Collection.

Natalie Dissel, Natalie Dissel Jewelry

I am truly honored and very excited to be considered a "Rising Star"— this is a tremendous new adventure and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my passion for rare gemstones and textured minerals. Each new jewelry design is a journey of discovery with the creation of a new fresh story. I am fascinated how gemstones and raw materials are so similar to the world's entire flora and fauna, which was once underground. A simple stone connects me to the beginning of time and the universe.
From a business perspective, JCK provides me with an amazing opportunity to access new markets, meet new people and develop my style. I love it that my work will be debuted in America.
Natalie Dissel Jewelry
Natalie Dissel's sculptured jewelry designs are cleverly fused to highlight the natural beauty and quality of each gemstone, complimented with the richness of 18-carat gold.

David Alvarado, Irthly Jewelled Adornments

Being a Rising Star has been a goal of mine since the inception of my business.  It is the goal to have as a new designer.  Every time I would go to JCK Las Vegas, I would look at the Rising Star booth because of its great location, the proximity to many events, and all the other talented groups such as AJDC (American Jewelry Design Council) interacting.  Since my collection deals not only with a unique message: introducing other elements of our world that are just as precious as jewelry; but also unique organic materials seldom seen in fine jewelry, the Rising Star location and competition is the ideal means to introduce to the industry my mission and concept.
Irthly Jewelled Adornments
From Irthly Jewelled Adornments' latest collection


I am thrilled to be unveiling my first complete collection for BLACKBIRD AND THE SNOW fine jewelry at the JCK ‘Rising Star' platform. To be recognized by the JCK community as a Rising Star is an honor for which I am deeply appreciative.
Blackbird and the Snow
BLACKBIRD AND THE SNOW fine jewelry is an ode to the natural world; the pieces express a connection to the wilderness and a desire to immortalize elements – birds, insects, wings, stars, moons – that serve as the living, elemental poetry of our world. The use of recycled metal and ethically sourced stones puts this environmentally focused philosophy into action.

Neha Dani, Shrisha Jewels

I am truly delighted on being chosen one of the Rising Stars at the JCK Show. I hope my presence at this prestigious show will bring further laurels to my work and be a source of encouragement to aspiring designers.
Shrisha Jewels
Clare Bella, Shrisha's latest collection, features dramatic, pieces of sculpted jewelry set in different hues of diamonds with a mystic element creating sensations that captivate the beholder.
The 2014 Rising Stars full collections will be on display in the Design Center at JCK Las Vegas, May 30-June 2 at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino.

About JCK Events

JCK is a trusted partner connecting jewelry retailers and manufacturers/suppliers with trends, news, products, education, and partners to build business. Whether attending face-to-face events, building inventory with online and onsite sourcing, or obtaining authoritative news and insights from JCK magazine - the leading industry publication in print & online - JCK offers a suite of tools and events to deliver sound solutions, innovative opportunities, and essential information. Mark your calendars as JCK Events presents its portfolio of upcoming buying opportunities: 
  • LUXURY and Elite Enclave: May 27 - 29, 2014, by invitation only; May 30 - June 2, 2014, open to all JCK Buyers | Four Seasons, THEhotel, Mandalay Bay | Las Vegas, NV
  • JCK Las Vegas: May 30 - June 2, 2014 | Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino | Las Vegas, NV
  • Swiss Watch: May 30 - June 2, 2014 | THEhotel, Four Seasons, Mandalay Bay, Mandarin Oriental | Las Vegas, NV
  • LUXURY Privé New York: New Dates: July 27 - 29, 2014 | New Location: Waldorf Astoria | New York, NY
  • JCK Tucson: February 2 - 5, 2015 | JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort | Tucson, AZ

LUXURY 2014 To Honor, Inspire, And Entertain Attendees

Opening day is almost upon us and LUXURY 2014 is poised to impress this year. The show will feature the first annual LUXURY Retailer of the Year award, a re-imagined format for events that will include more networking, outdoor gatherings at the pool at the Four Seasons, Cirque Du Soleil’s Michael Jackson show, and our ever popular Dine-Out, including six restaurants at Mandalay Bay, never before offered. 
You’ll see more brand environments with Tacori joining Scott Kay in a ballroom which provides each brand the opportunity to entertain, sell, and network within their own intimate, exclusive environments.
“We are very excited about the LUXURY program this year,” said John Tierney, Industry Vice President for LUXURY and Swiss Watch. “Between the fresh new exhibitors at LUXURY and the Italian designers in Elite Enclave, to the always popular breakfast speaker program and plenty of networking opportunities (during show hours and after), there is so much to take advantage of.”
“We are also thrilled to initiate the longtime-coming Retailer of the Year Award for the LUXURY group,” John continued.
The LUXURY Retailer of the Year Award, in its inaugural year, will honor the luxury retailers who best innovate and sell both fashion and fine jewelry. The five finalists will be featured throughout the LUXURY show, encouraging retailers and exhibitors to cast their votes. The winner will be announced in a special presentation on Thursday, May 29.
What’s new by way of product? Retailers will enjoy a fresh crop of new talent within the walls of LUXURY and Elite Enclave this year. Joining the prestigious group for 2014 are Getana, Stroili Oro Group, Italian Design Srl, Krizanti, Andreoli, and Unrounds, to name a few. Below, some of the newcomers have shared previews of their collections, as well as thoughts on exhibiting for the first time.
Both retailers and exhibitors alike will delight in LUXURY’s speaker program. A highlight year after year, the speaker roster will be kicked off by veteran jewelry professional, Diane Warga-Arias. With her influential blog, The Jewelry Activist, Warga-Arias advocates for quality standards across fine jewelry categories and serves as an in-the-know jewelry champion.
Finally, the annual LUXURY Gala event will take its revelry up another notch this year, morphing from a sit down dinner to a cocktail party followed by an evening with the immortalized King of Pop. After libations and plentiful hors d’oeuvres, LUXURY All-Access badge holders will be given a ticket to Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil—moonwalking and networking are sure to ensue.
LUXURY will take place May 27 through June 2 at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

First-time LUXURY exhibitors share their thoughts and collection previews:

Suzanne Mauduit, Italian-Design SrlItalian-Design creates new lines every six months. Normally, we present them in early spring at Basel World and late summer at the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show, ensuring our international clientele a platform to meet in Europe and the far East. This year we decided to come closer to the U.S. and South American markets, and exhibit at LUXURY Las Vegas too. Our goal for 2014/15 is to reach top retailers in order to create a wider network of POS in these geographic areas.
Italian Design is created by young Italians, Alberto and Silvia Prandoni, with the goal of making the essence of Italian products known around the world. They want to bring the excellence of Italian creativity together with the quest for unique jewels and the tradition of skilled jewelry manufacturing worldwide. Collections follow three main inspirational paths from which their name derives: Naturalia, Historica and Cosmo.
A collection of rings from Italian-Design srl
Caroline Hadjibay, Andreoli USA
LUXURY offers an unparalleled opportunity for us to present our jewelry collections to a wide audience of jewelry aficionados. We look forward to displaying our newest pieces, crafted in Italian Coral, beautiful Colombian emeralds, multicolor sapphires, and much more!
Peices from Andreoili's newest collection
Stroili Oro Group
In the Stroili world, design, research, trends and different styles are all key elements. The result is versatile collections whose original, exquisite, and glamorous features are due to the in-house team of fashion designers who study and analyse the leading trends, and come up with a large number of collections every year of the highest quality and breathtaking beauty.
Stroili Italian Jewels' aim is to grow and strengthen its position as a benchmark in the jewelry world: in the past few years the company has concentrated on making its jewelry accessible across the board, while offering consistently luxurious, beautiful, and exquisitely crafted products. Stroili Italian Jewels epitomizes a modern lifestyle with its fashion jewelry and watches whose quality is certified, perfect for sophisticated customers who want only the best.
Peices from the Stroili Oro's Kalahari collection
Unrounds is a contemporary diamond jewelry brand showcasing the magic and brilliance of unround diamonds such as Princess cuts, Emerald cuts, Radiant Cuts, Ovals, Pears, Marquise, Hearts, Cushions and so on. It offers a range of premium, aesthetically crafted jewelry made with fancy-shaped diamonds. It has been designed with the young luxury customer in mind.
A selection of Unround rings

About JCK Events:

JCK is a trusted partner connecting jewelry retailers and manufacturers/suppliers with trends, news, products, education and partners to build business. Whether attending face-to-face events, building inventory with online and onsite sourcing or obtaining authoritative news and insights from JCK, the leading industry magazine in print & online, JCK offers a suite of tools, events and information to deliver sound solutions, innovative opportunities and essential information. Mark your calendars as JCK Events presents its portfolio of upcoming buying opportunities:
  • LUXURY and Elite Enclave: May 27 - 29, 2014, by invitation only. May 30 - June 2, 2014, open to all JCK Buyers | Four Seasons, THEhotel, Mandalay Bay | Las Vegas, NV
  • JCK Las Vegas: May 30 - June 2, 2014 | Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino | Las Vegas, NV
  • Swiss Watch: May 30 - June 2, 2014 | THEhotel, Four Seasons, Mandalay Bay, Mandarin Oriental | Las Vegas, NV
  • LUXURY Privé New York: New Dates: July 27 - 29, 2014 | New Location: Waldorf Astoria | New York, NY
  • JCK Tucson: February 2 - 5, 2015 | JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort | Tucson, AZ

Friday, May 23, 2014

2014 JCK Jewelers’ Choice Award Grand Prize Winner "The Baroness" by Yael Designs

Yael Designs Recognized With Grand Prize 
in the 2014 JCK Jewelers’ Choice Award Contest
Yael Designs’ custom cocktail ring garners top recognition in the jewelry industry

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Award-winning fine jewelry house Yael Designs is proud to announce that it is the Grand Prize winner of the prestigious 2014 JCK Jewelers’ Choice Awards.

The top award in the jewelry industry was bestowed upon the Baroness, a custom designed cocktail ring featuring a 14.09-carat morganite accented with diamonds and set in 18k rose gold. The Baroness Ring retails for $19,279.

The Baroness ring was inspired by the luxurious intricacy of Parisian architecture, where Yael Designs’ CEO and chief designer Yehouda Saketkhou draws much of his inspiration.

“We’re very excited to have our custom fine jewelry work recognized by top jewelry influencers through the JCK Jewelers’ Choice Awards contest,” said Mr. Saketkhou. “This ring was inspired by Paris, which holds a special place in my heart as the city that first sparked my love affair with the art of jewelry design when I was a young boy.”

The Baroness ring is a good example of custom design work that Yael Designs specializes in. Using only the finest quality diamonds, gemstones and metals, Yael Designs produces some of the most cutting-edge custom fine jewelry pieces that have been recognized through awards for their excellent craftsmanship and unique vision.

“We sculpt wearable works of art that have substance and can be worn as easily today as they can 50 years from now,” said Mr. Saketkhou. “The Baroness Ring is a great example of our custom work.”

Award-winning Baroness Ring featured on the March 2014 cover of JCK Magazine. 

About Yael Designs
Founded in 2001 and headquartered in San Francisco, Yael Designs is an award-winning design center for cutting edge, elegant and expressive jewelry. Yael Designs has produced 12 diverse collections in fashion and bridal categories.

As an innovative jewelry company, Yael Designs stands not only for unique designs and excellent craftsmanship, but also for sustainability. Yael uses conflict-free diamonds and recycled gold in all its fine jewelry and supports social and environmental organizations like Oceana, Junior League of San Francisco, FACE and Schools for Salone.

Yael Designs’ impeccable jewelry has won numerous AGTA Spectrum Awards and JCK Jewelers Choice Awards. Yael has been featured in numerous fashion and industry publications and on the red carpet.

More information can be found on

India: Jewels that Enchanted the World - Exhibition of Indian Jewellery at State Museums of Moscow Kremlin

"India: Jewels that Enchanted the World"
exhibition in Moscow 

India: Jewels that Enchanted the World, the most comprehensive exhibition of Indian jewellery ever staged, opened in April to great fanfares in the State Museums of Moscow Kremlin.
Necklace (Makarakanthi), Tamil Nadu, 20thCentury.
Collection Musée Barbier-Mueller, Geneva.
The exhibition examines the legacy of 500 years of Indian jewellery, from the 17thcentury to the present day. More than 300 pieces of jewellery and jewelled objects -- generously loaned from over 30 museums, institutions and private collections from around the world -- were brought together for the first time to showcase the beauty of Indian craftsmanship, the magnificence of diamond and gemstone setting and the aesthetic refinement of Indian taste. Many of the items have never been exhibited before.

Indian-inspired necklace, van Cleef & Arpels, 
Paris , France.
The exhibition is the result of successful collaboration between the diamond and jewellery industry and the major cultural institution. It is the brainchild of Alex Popov, President of the Moscow Diamond Bourse and the chairman of the World Diamond Mark Foundation, who in 2011 suggested the idea to Dr. Elena Gagarina, Director of Kremlin Museum. Together, they brought together scholars and enthusiasts from India, UK, Switzerland and the USA to realise the ambitious project.

To manage and market the multi-year project, Mr. Popov formed Indo-Russian Jewellery Foundation (IRJF). The foundation took a leading role in locatyion of the exhibition, hired world-renowned curators, photographers, writers and experts and fully coordinated and oversaw the organization of the event. IRJF received generous support from Alrosa and the Gem & Jewellery  Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) of India, as well as from various other benefactors.

"The list institutions, museums and collectors who made their jewellery available, and the unique list of experts, curators and advisors that we engaged for this project, is solid proof of the exclusivity and unmatched quality of the pieces that are on display at this exhibition, " Popov stated. "A - partial - list of friends who helped make this happen includes: Dr. Elena Gagarina and her dedicated team; Prof. David Khalili of Khalili Foundation; Monique Barbier-Mueller of Musée Barbier-Mueller in Geneva; Lee Siegelson; Dr. Amin Jaffer from Christie's; Serge Fradkoff; Ronny Totah; Beatrice de Plinval of Chaumet; Catherine Cariou of Van Cleef; Pascale Lepeu of Cartier; Patrick Mauboussin; the Kasliwal and Arora families from Jaipur; Viren and Madhura Bhagat and their wonderful sons; Dr. Neil McGregor, Director of the British Museum, Dr. Usha Balakrishnan and Ekaterina Scherbina, exhibition curators; Michael Anikst, the exhibition's catalogue designer."

Nicolas Bos, President and CEO, Van Cleef & Arpels
and Alex 
Popov examining the showcase with famous 
Maharani of Baroda jewels made by Van Cleef & Arpels 
The exhibition's opening night was attended by a who-is-who of the top jewellery houses and specialists in the world: Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier, Chaumet, Siegelson, Totah, Faerber and others; auction houses Christie's and Sotheby's; representatives of major museums, scholars and collectors. "I was especially honored with the video greeting by Dr. Irina Bokova, Director General of UNESCO, whose kind words make us all proud of this achievement and underline the importance of cultural exchanges and the preservation of heritage".
"As the Chairman of the World Diamond Mark Foundation, an initiative of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB), I see this exhibition as the first major event on the long road to generic diamond promotion. Others will follow very soon," Popov concluded.
Gala Dinner Venue



The Strategic Alliance with the Emirate has been defined.  As of 2015, Fiera di Vicenza and Dubai World Trade Centre will organize in Dubai a mega jewellery international exhibition dedicated to the region.

"DV Global Link" has been founded: the new company formed by Fiera di Vicenza SpA and the Dubai World Trade Centre DWTC. The announcement was made this morning during a press conference in Vicenza, Italy of the Joint Venture between the two companies. An historic moment and one that represents a great international vocation, during VICENZAORO Spring Event, in the attendance of the President of Fiera di Vicenza, Mr. Matteo Marzotto, the Managing Director, Mr. Corrado Facco, the Director General of Dubai's Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing and CEO of The Dubai World Trade Centre, His Excellency Helal Saeed Al Marri and the Senior Vice President of Exhibition & Event Management of the Dubai World Trade Centre, Mrs. Trixie LohMirmand.

Mrs. Trixie LohMirmand, the Senior Vice President of Exhibition & Event Management of the Dubai World Trade Centre, His Excellency Mr. Helal Saeed Al Marri, the Director General of Dubai's Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing and CEO of The Dubai World Trade Centre, Matteo Marzotto, Mr. President of Fiera di Vicenza, Mr. Stefano Stenta, Vice President of Fiera di Vicenza, and Mr. Corrado Facco, Managing Director of Fiera di Vicenza.

The joint venture will become operative with the organization of the new international
VICENZAORO Dubai exhibition managed by Fiera di Vicenza, which will consolidate Dubai as the undisputed jewellery capital in the Arabian Gulf and that will take place April 23-26, 2015. The agreement with Dubai World Trade Centre, the largest exhibition organiser and management company in MENA, aims to establish a new company called "DV Global Link", based in Dubai. 
The goal of the two companies is to jointly organize VICENZAORO Dubai, a super global show dedicated to jewellery, filling a void in this sector in a region accessible by two thirds of the world's inhabitants in 6 hours by plane. Thanks to the expertise of Fiera di Vicenza and VICENZAORO and prestigious collaboration with DWTC, the Event will become an important international meeting in the Spring, that will become the point of reference for the whole basin of the Arabic-speaking countries, Middle East, Africa, Russia, Central South East Asia.

This agreement represents a success strongly backed by President Matteo Marzotto, together with the entire Board of Directors, who has been the architect of a global expansion plan which increasingly projects Fiera di Vicenza as an authoritative and recognized leader in world top range product systems. After the major alliances and partnerships that have delivered the keys of global luxury strategic markets to the Fair - from U.S.A. to Brazil, from China to India - Fiera di Vicenza now becomes a candidate for becoming the main point of reference for the rich Macro Region which stretches between the Gulf Countries, India, Africa and the Russian speaking States. Fiera de Vicenza is the organiser of the VICENZAORO series of jewellery events, one of the world's largest jewellery and most respected portfolio in the global jewellery industry.

Mr. Matteo Marzotto, President of Fiera di Vicenza, and His Excellency Mr. Helal Saeed Al Marri, the Director General of Dubai's Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing and CEO of The Dubai World Trade Centre.

Matteo Marzotto, President of Fiera di Vicenza, commented as follows, "Today is a historical
moment for Fiera di Vicenza and for the entire Venetian and Italian trade fair system. The
agreement reached with DWTC to launch VICENZAORO Dubai is a decisive turning point in our Company's internationalisation strategy and defines a systemic union that is not just economically highly valuable, but also for its cultural interconnection with a very prestigious partner. An alliance laying a bridge between Vicenza, pearl of the gold and jewellery industry and Dubai, important world luxury showcase, adding value to Italian lifestyle as never before in one of the Countries and areas with the highest potential. Presence in the United Arab Emirates significantly strengthens our role as a global “Event Show Producer”, in accordance with the new Fiera di Vicenza identity; no longer just container of spaces, but a company that promotes and generates top quality content, exporting its innovative format and know-how of excellence all over the world. Pursuing this mission, the agreement with the DWTC puts us in an absolute main player role on the global competition chessboard, generating value and promoting what's well done in Italy and Europe all over the world."

His Excellency Helal Saeed Al Marri, Director General of Dubai's Department of Tourism and
Commerce Marketing, and CEO of Dubai World Trade Centre noted: "Today marks a significant milestone achievement for both the cities of Dubai and Vicenza, and between Dubai World Trade Centre and Fiera di Vicenza. The inter-region strategic intermix of visions, strengths and ambitions shall create Vicenzaoro Dubai, a joint venture mega jewellery event in Dubai which embodies friendship, creativity, knowledge and globalisation - the precise values that Dubai and Dubai World Trade Centre have built its successes on. As Dubai fast forward its strategic efforts in achieving its Tourism Vision 2020 under the guidance of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai, we are excited by the partnership with Fiera de Vicenza in constructing a truly global jewellery sourcing hub in Dubai, where business tourism is a vital contributor to the Vision. The new event initiative will now offer the Italian and international luxury jewellery community the most sought after entry channel into one of the world's most vibrant emerging business districts."

Following the agreement with the DWTC, Fiera di Vicenza will strengthen its position among the leading players in the world including through the development and promotion of its brand. 

The agreement between Fiera di Vicenza and DWTC is placed in a macroeconomic environment that on one side sees Italy as one of the most important manufacturing districts of luxury in the world, home for the internationally renowned "Beautiful and well done", and on the other, the United Arab Emirates UAE as a country with high potential, which over the years has increased its demand for made in Italy luxury. A significant fact: in 2013 the UAE have become the first destination for Italian jewellery exports with a market share of 20.7% and an increase of 30% compared with 2012, in a scenario that has seen total Italian sector exports grow globally both in value and amount compared with the previous year.

The two Countries find in Vicenza and Dubai the respective protagonists of the intersection
between supply and demand in luxury manufacturing. The Italian gold-working output is at
the top of gold production, with exports amounting to approximately 6 billion euro per year.
Dubai is a strategic location, the key centre of world luxury in a system that, thanks to recent
infrastructure development, is accommodating 11 million tourists a year, with a Tourism Vision 2020 of welcoming 20 million visitors by the turn of the next decade.

In this context, Fiera di Vicenza and Dubai World Trade Centre represent two catalysts and a worldwide business hub, whose joint venture opens a new chapter in the global jewellery sector. The establishment of a new company "DV Global Link" creates a real bridge between East and West, between Europe and the United Arab Emirates, between brand awareness of the Company from Vicenza - in terms of design, innovation, manufacturing and B2B - and the strategic position of DWTC, reference leader in the UAE for the organization and management of fair Events in many key sectors of the global economy.

Martha Seely's Sequence collection debuts at JCK May 30th - Design Center on Level 2

Martha Seely Modern Jewelry Introduces Sequence Collection at JCK Show Design Center
The former costume designer creates new kinetic collection in gold and silver
Martha at her benchWhen metalsmith and designer Martha Seely looks at the whorls in a seashell, the tendrils of a flower, or the Milky Way galaxy in the sky, she not only marvels at one of nature's most magical patterns--the spiral--she gets inspired to create modern, abstract jewelry.

Spirals are examples of a mathematical concept called "the Fibonacci Sequence"--a pattern of numbers that underlies art, architecture, and nature's most beautiful designs. The famous sequence, which honors a 13th century Italian mathematician who introduced the idea to the West, is the source of the name of her new collection, Sequence.

"While the Sequence collection is influenced by the patterns and textures I see around me in buildings and the natural world, my work is not traditionally nature-inspired or architectural," says Seely. "Instead, my designs have a modern abstract sensibility, reflecting my Scandinavian heritage--with a subtle touch of fun that's uniquely American."

From her background as a costume designer for theater, films, and television, Seely's metalworking techniques are also influenced by fiber, fashion, and the dramatic art of movement. As a result, the collection is infused with textures and a kinetic energy that flatters women and the clothes they wear.

Seely holds an MFA in costume design, and has also studied with master jewelers Cynthia Eid, Jayne Redman, and Ann Cahoon, exploring and refining the techniques of fold forming, hammering, stone setting, wire weaving, and cold connections. Her studio is based in Concord, Massachusetts.

The Sequence collection, by Martha Seely Modern Jewelry, debuts at JCK Show Vegas, from May 30-June 2, 2014, in the Design Center on Level 2, Booth Number: S10900C. It is crafted in 14 karat gold and palladium silver, with 18 karat gold and other palladium options coming soon. The suggested retail price range is from $250 to $6,000. Seely's work is currently available at fine jewelers and galleries.

For more information, to make appointments to see the new collection at the show, or to contact Seely, go to

Martha Seely Sequence Bracelet  Martha Seely Sequence Earrings


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