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Saturday, December 11, 2010


I just checked the Precious Metals prices at Kitco today...and was blown away!!!

With Gold hovering around the $1400 per oz price and Platinum at $1650 per oz, why wouldn't you opt for Platinum? it is downright affordable!!!

This is the time of year when couples everywhere are "sealing the deal" - marriage proposals are a popular Holiday gift and Engagement Rings are a top selling item.

Would you ever have thought that you would hear the words Platinum and Affordable in the same sentence? No? either! But right now Platinum is the ideal choice...why? for the same reason that diamond is a preferred want your ring, like your love, to be "FOREVER".

Have you ever wondered why all the great Estate and Antique Jewelry in Platinum is in such great shape and the details are still crisp? Just look at the fine milgraining, engraved shoulder and band detail on the Edwardian Engagement Ring and Art Deco Diamond Ring from the Fay Cullen website!

Platinum doesn't erode - when you look at your 18k Wedding Band is the braided detail rubbing down in areas? Due to the density, Platinum doesn't change shape or wear away so it is often used for prongs or the setting/head on gold rings.

Platinum is pure so you won't have allergy issues with Platinum and the natural white metal won't cast color onto a diamond or yellow with age.

Platinum is:
  • Pure
  • Natural
  • Durable
  • Never Fades
...think about it, isn't that everything you want your love to be for someone you care deeply about?

Whether you go with an Estate piece or you start a family tradition with a Modern ring (like this stunning Danhov ring from Samuel Gordon's)...if it is Platinum, it (like your love) will endure.

...and just in time for your Holiday Proposal, Platinum Guild International just launched a new budget calculator:

Send your partner to the site, where they can enter their annual salary, and browse platinum engagement ring styles that FIT within their budget.

Celebrities including Megan Fox, Carrie Underwood, Emily Blunt, and Nicole Richie wear platinum engagement rings.

Special Thanks to Nikki over at PRLab for the great PGI info - Fay Cullen for the Estate Rings and Dan Gordon at Samuel Gordon for the Danhov Band Ring!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Celebrity Jewel: Angelina in Procop Collaboration

Angelina Jolie never ceases to amaze and delight...found some great shots from "The Tourist" premiere in NYC on the JustJared site!
These earrings are FABULOUS!

Sizzling, sexy in white from Atelier Versace - The 35-year-old actress showed off some leg in an ivory white long sleeved angora gown and hit the carpet with partner Brad Pitt. Angie finished off her look with Ferragamo shoes and earrings from her personal jeweler, Robert Procop.

...speaking of Procop!!! According to JustJared and WWD:

Angelina Jolie is teaming up with Robert Procop, former CEO of Asprey, for a jewelry collaboration!

Pieces include a 353-carat beryl pendant in a rose gold setting and a 12-carat emerald ring set in rose gold, based on a design Angelina and Robert created for Brad Pitt!

“Pieces from the collection will not be sold in stores, but will be sold privately through Procop’s network of clients, with all of the proceeds from the collaborative designs going toward Jolie’s charity, the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict. Each piece will be priced individually,” WWD explains.

Read more:

Monday, December 6, 2010

Claudia Endler Named WJA's 2010 "Shining Star"

The Women’s Jewelry Association, Los Angeles Chapter has chosen to honor jewelry designer Claudia Endler as the 2010 winner of the Shining Star Award.

Claudia has been an active member of WJA for over 14 years first serving on the board as Secretary, then as President of the Los Angeles Chapter 1999-2000. Claudia also serves on the DIVA Design Competition committee and the Southern California Women-In-The-Know conference committee.

Co-presidents Becka Johnson Kibby and Lisa Schoening state, “She not only gave a lot of her time in 2010, but has also helped this Chapter continue to grow throughout the years. The chapter appreciates all that Claudia does to support members, as well as the chapter.”

The WJA Shining Star Award was created to give recognition to a chapter member who has been of extraordinary service to their chapter throughout the year. In appreciation, each yearly recipient receives a ticket to the Women-In-The-Know conference, as well as national recognition.

Claudia Endler is passionate about modern jewelry, art, architecture, design, and self-expression. “Ever since I was little you could not drag me away from jewelry store windows.” After a successful career as a designer representative in the fashion industry, Claudia’s passions and talents collided, culminating in the formation of Claudia Endler Designs in 2000: one of Los Angeles’ leading contemporary jewelry design enterprises. By combining elements from graphic design, art, and architecture, the essence of Claudia’s jewelry designs is to illuminate the unique qualities that define each person, individually. Claudia’s designs offer distinctive alternatives to the traditional matrimonial fare. Claudia was awarded the 2009 Phyllis Morris Award in Design and her designs have received critical acclaim, including other prestigious design awards and nominations. Additionally, she has been featured on My Fox L.A.’s Jewelry Designer Hot List and Colored Stone magazine’s Favorite Designer. Her designs occupy the private collections of some of L.A.’s top cultural leaders, including museum curators, architects, gallery directors, artists, and other jewelry designers. For more information on Claudia Endler Designs, please visit or call (323)-225-5925.

The Women’s Jewelry Association, founded in the United States in 1983, is the preeminent association of professional women in the jewelry, watch and related businesses. WJA, which operates through the national office in New York City, comprises a network of 12 regional chapters in the United States and international affiliate chapters in India and Italy. Members benefit from educational and networking opportunities, scholarships, grants, design competitions, annual business conferences, and recognition programs, such as its annual Awards for Excellence gala. For more information about WJA and sponsorship opportunities, visit or call the national office at (212) 687-2722.


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