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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Daily Jewel Sponsors Crowd Jewel Competition

Happy Valentine's Day!!!  to some of us it is a day that symbolizes Love and really beautiful others it can be a really difficult time....that is what I want this competition to bring to the table.

So this is your professionals you know that you want your style and emotion to come through in everything you do.  But, you also want to make something that is lovely that a customer would wear with pride.

BRING IT!  Your theme is "Valentine's Day"!   Contest Opens TODAY!  Deadline for entries is Sunday, Feb. 5th.  See the Crowd Jewel Facebook page for more...

Enter on the Crowd Jewel page on Facebook!  You've heard of "Crowd Sourcing"?  Well at Crowd Jewel one winner is chosen by the "crowd" and one by the Sponsor (this time that is ME!).

...and at the end of the contest I will be featuring the winners right here on my WILDLY ;-)  popular Daily Jewel blog which can bring you both public and Industry interest and we all know it is about getting more eyes on the goods!

I am sitting here in sunny Tucson Arizona at the largest Gem & Jewelry Show in the country and I can't wait to see the submissions and the opportunity to get to know two amazing new Design winners!

About Crowd Jewel
"Our style curators hunted high and low to find the best jewelry designers in the world, and invited them to submit their exclusive designs on Crowd Jewel to compete for your votes.

View the entries, vote for your favorite, and at the end of the competition at 12 PM PST on Sunday, February 5, 2012, a Crowd and Sponsor favorite will be announced. You will then be invited to the limited edition sale of the winning pieces.

Don't forget!! After you vote, be sure to fill out the Crowd Jewel survey to enter yourself for a chance to win your choice of the Crowd or Sponsor favorite. "


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