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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Apply For NAJA's ACE© It Appraisal Conference Scholarship For Gemology Student

The National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (NAJA) is pleased to announce that it will award an ACE© It Appraisal Conference Scholarship to a deserving gemology student.  NAJA invites GIA, FGA, FGAA, FGG, FCGmA, RGA  students to apply for this scholarship for the 39th Annual ACE© It Winter Educational Conference scheduled on February 3 and 4, 2013 in Tucson Arizona.
This opportunity gives the gemology student a first hand experience of networking with appraisal professionals by attending the highly regarded NAJA educational experience during a time when Tucson devotes itself to gems, jewelry, and minerals.  The scholarship, which covers the conference fee only, requires a resume, photo and an essay explaining the reason why the gemology student would choose to become a gems and jewelry appraiser.   NAJA believes that becoming a gems and jewelry professional appraiser is a viable career option for gemological students.
Applications can be obtained through the NAJA website,    Deadline for submission is November 1, 2012 and the final selection by the NAJA Scholarship Advisory Board will be announced December 1.
The National Association of Jewelry Appraisers is the largest membership association specializing exclusively in gem and jewelry appraising and related appraisal issues.  It offers education and networking opportunities with knowledgeable appraisal professionals.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Pantone Reveals the COLORS of Spring 2013

Pantone, the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries, today unveiled thePANTONE® Fashion Color Report Spring 2013, a comprehensive overview of designers' use of color in their upcoming collections. 

"The expression 'balancing act' is something we all relate to as we strive to find harmony in the frantic pace of our everyday lives," said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®. "The same can be said for fashion as we look for balance between light and bright, classic and new. This season's color palette emphasizes this need for balance, while at the same time allowing for individuality, self-expression and excitement."

The Report is traditionally released on the first day of New York Fashion Week and features the top 10 colors for women's and men's fashion for spring 2013, along with designer sketches, quotes and headshots.  

See the Peter Som page below and download the full report at from Pantone's website.



“Only such an event could make an excavation team leader or a culture minister as happy as I am now,” Culture and Tourism minister, Ertugrul Gunay, did not hide his excitement at the return of the ancient jewellery, including earrings, pins and pendants, which he said Turkey had been working to get back since 2009.
        Museum Agrees to Indefinite Term Loan of “Troy Gold” Jewelry

Mediterranean, Bronze Age Bracelet in Electrum Gold
SEPTEMBER 4, 2012— Penn Museum (the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology) announces a landmark agreement with the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism for an indefinite term loan to the Republic of Turkey of a collection of 24 gold jewelry pieces, dating to circa 2400 BCE.
The agreement reached between Penn and Turkey includes identification of the “Troy Gold” as being on indefinite loan from the Penn Museum; a commitment by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism of strong support for the University’s excavations at Gordion, in central Turkey; the loan of a group of remarkable artifacts excavated in a series of royal tombs at Gordion and in Lydia for a future major exhibition at the Penn Museum; and a pledge for increased cultural collaboration between Penn and Turkey. 
State-of-the-art metallurgical analysis conducted at the Penn Museum corroborated the hypothesis that the rare jewelry had been found in the northeast Aegean, likely at or near the site of Troy, prompting a re-evaluation of its purchase history and provenance.  “We have a strong, long-standing partnership with Turkey, in which cultural exchange and cultural understanding are of paramount importance,” said Dr. Julian Siggers, the Williams Director of the Penn Museum.  “In light of this history and our recent scientific testing, this agreement is right and appropriate. What’s more, it will lead to great opportunities — for Penn, for Philadelphia, and for the wider archaeological community — to experience more of Turkey’s rich cultural history and heritage in the future.”
Bronze Age "Basket"  Earrings
The gold artifacts are delicate and distinctive: two precise techniques, filigree and granulation, were used in the production of the jewelry, which would have been worn by aristocratic women living 4,400 years ago.  Some of the decorative motifs and technical features of the pieces are echoed in the jewelry from the Greek island of Lemnos and from the Mesopotamian Royal Tombs of Ur, both of which date to the same general time of the Penn Museum gold, circa 2400 BCE. The latter site, located in modern-day Iraq, was excavated in the 1920s and early 1930s by a joint Penn Museum/British Museum team and is the subject of a current exhibition on display at the Penn Museum. The same workshops may have supplied both Troy and Ur—more than 1,200 miles apart—with their precious metalwork, evidence of an extraordinary early trade network scholars are just beginning to understand.
Bronze Age Single Earring
History of the Purchase
In 1966, the Penn Museum purchased 24 pieces of gold jewelry of Early Bronze Age date (second half of the third millennium BCE) from a Philadelphia art dealership that has since ceased to exist.  Rodney Young, then Curator-in-Charge of the Penn Museum’s Mediterranean Section, asked Assistant Curator George Bass to study the assemblage. Bass, who later founded the Institute of Nautical Archaeology, published the jewelry immediately—first in a popular magazine (the Penn Museum’s Expedition), then in a scientific journal (theAmerican Journal of Archaeology or AJA).
In these articles, Bass highlighted the difficulty of pinpointing the original find spot or provenance of the jewelry. Greek and Near Eastern jewelry of the mid-to-late third millennium BCE exhibits an “international style” tied to the long-distance trade networks that crossed Asia and the Aegean, thereby making it difficult to link jewelry without a known find spot to a specific site. Bass noted the objects’ strong similarities to the Early Bronze Age jewelry of Troy in northwest Turkey, Poliochni on Lemnos (Greece), and Ur (southern Iraq).
The purchase of the “Troy Gold” (as it soon came to be called) prompted a series of discussions at the Penn Museum that ultimately led to the formulation of “The Pennsylvania Declaration,” which was intended to prohibit future acquisitions of antiquities that had no find spot and were believed to have been looted.  This Declaration was highly influential in the global museum community and was followed later that year by the UNESCO Convention on the Means of Prohibiting the Illicit Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property, which was implemented by the U.S. in 1983.  As George Bass noted at the end of his 1970 article, “more and more hoards [of this kind] will lose their historical value unless illegal excavation and antiquities smuggling can be stopped. The curators, board of managers, and director of the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology have just voted unanimously to purchase no antiquities in the future unless their place of origin and legality of export is certain” (AJA 1970, p. 341).
Bronze Age Mediterranean Necklace in Electrum Gold, composed of  350 hand made beads (11 different types) 

New Research Brought to the Collection
When the “Troy Gold” assemblage was carefully examined again in 2009 by Ernst Pernicka, a professor at the University of Tübingen in southern Germany and director of the Troy Excavations, and Hermann Born, archaeologist at the Museum für Vor und Frühgeschichte in Berlin, a particle of soil was found lodged inside one of the gold pendants. The use of a technique called neutron activation analysis revealed that the particle’s composition was consistent with the soil in the Trojan plain.  
Bronze Age Hook & Basket Style Earrings
Toward the end of 2011, the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism contacted the Penn Museum regarding the potential transfer of the gold to Turkey, and a series of discussions subsequently took place between the University of Pennsylvania and the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism. A joint decision was reached wherein the gold would travel to Turkey on indefinite loan. The expectation is that the gold will eventually be displayed in a new museum that is planned for the archaeological site of Troy. 
Brian Rose, the James B. Pritchard Professor of Archaeology at the University of Pennsylvania and the Curator-in-Charge of the Penn Museum’s Mediterranean Section, co-directs the excavations at the famous site of Troy in northwest Turkey and has been charged with oversight of the “Troy Gold” for many years. 
“Determining the fate of cultural property whose only certain provenance is the art market is never an easy task, and we continue to adhere to the principles of the ‘Pennsylvania Declaration’ that the Penn Museum formulated 42 years ago.
Ensuring a future for the past is a responsibility shared by every museum in the world, and the Penn Museum will continue to be proactive in charting a course toward that goal.”

Penn Museum (the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology), celebrating its 125th anniversary in 2012, is dedicated to the study and understanding of human history and diversity. Founded in 1887, the Museum has sent more than 400 archaeological and anthropological expeditions to all the inhabited continents of the world. With an active exhibition schedule and educational programming for children and adults, the Museum offers the public an opportunity to share in the ongoing discovery of humankind's collective heritage.
Penn Museum is located on the University of Pennsylvania’s campus at 3260 South Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104.  Penn Museum can be found on the web at For general information call 215.898.4000.
Source: Penn Museum Press Release

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Heather B. Moore Jewelry to Exhibit at Prestigious Centurion Show

Heather B. Moore, Inc., has been selected to attend Centurion, an invitation-only jewelry tradeshow held each year in Scottsdale, Arizona. What sets Centurion apart from other industry trade shows is that attendees are voted in by other top-end designers. Only the best of the best are invited; this year just nine new designers made the cut.
“The designers that exhibit at Centurion are the finest in the world; it’s an honor to be included,” said Heather Moore, company founder. “We’ve worked long and hard over the years to build sales tools for our personalized collection that equal the quality of our designs. We look forward to showcasing our work alongside such respected designers.”
Heather Moore jewelry is created using a freehand technique, where each character is individually hand stamped. The tooling is all made in-house in Moore’s studio in Cleveland, Ohio. This method makes each piece unique, and allows the customer to tell their own story using handwriting from a letter, their children’s drawings, and other images that are significant to the person’s life.
“We make an impression in the metal just like the story that you document has made an impression in your life,” says Moore.
About Heather B. Moore, Inc.
In 1994, Heather Moore introduced personalized jewelry to the luxury market, and has since won numerous awards for her work, including the JCK Rising Star Award, 2008 JA New York Iconic Coffee Cup Award, First Place in the Gold category at the 2010 Couture Design Award, the 2012 JCK Award for Personalized Jewelry Over $1,000, and the 2012 AGTA Award for Business/Day Wear. She combines her talent for storytelling with her passion for the arts to create a line that allows you to Cherish Who You Are(TM). Heather Moore Jewelry is located in Cleveland, Ohio, and all pieces are created there by hand using custom-milled stamps created in the company’s own steel shop. Heather Moore jewelry is available at fine jewelers across the US, Canada, UK, and Germany.
SOURCE Heather B. Moore, Inc.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012



The public has spoken and the results are in for the Martha Stewart Weddings Fan Favorites contest.  Fans of the newly re-launched Platinum Jewelry Facebook page  were invited to vote for their favorite platinum pieces by “liking” their preferences from a gallery of over 80 designs.  

40 designs were chosen and are currently housed in a stunning slideshow on the Martha Stewart Weddings website with an icon designating them “Platinum Fan Favorites.”  Some of the winning brands in the MSW jewelry gallery include: Danhov, Tacori, Erica Courtney (picture left), Novell, James Allen, Claude Thibaudeau, Mark Schneider, Chad Allison (picture right) and Designs by Vatché
This contest is just one of PGI’s latest marketing initiatives to bring millennial consumers a fun and interactive jewelry experience via the media platforms they spend the most time on. The hands-on nature of such a contest allows consumers to forge a stronger connection to platinum jewelry designs while learning more about the special characteristics of platinum.
“Our research shows that the platinum customer is more digitally savvy providing the industry many opportunities to engage with them even before they arrive in store.  This kind of promotion serves to expose them to the latest designs in platinum and gives them a better understanding of what sets platinum apart from all other metals” Huw Daniel, President PGI USA says.

About PGI-USA:
Platinum Guild International is dedicated to promoting platinum and its pure, rare and eternal qualities to the consumer and the jewelry trade.  PGI has offices in each of the world's major jewelry markets, providing information, assistance and education on all aspects of platinum jewelry. For more information please visit

Tuesday, September 4, 2012



Honors for Innovation in Fine Craft Design, for Professionals and Students

BALTIMORE -- Entries are being accepted now for the2013 NICHE Awards, a prestigious juried competition recognizing excellence in fine craft design. Professional and student artists may apply online at The deadline for entries is Sept. 30, 2012.

Contest categories include ceramic, fiber, glass, metal, wood, and jewelry arts. New categories added this year seek original artist-made holiday ornaments and decorations; objects for the kitchen and for dining; and jewelry made from alternative materials.

Judging of entries is based on three main criteria:
  • technical excellence, both in surface design and form
  • a distinct quality of unique, original and creative thought
  • market viability (professional entries only)
The entry fees are $40 for professional craft artists and $18 for students; up to three artworks may be entered per person.

The judging will take place in October. Finalists will be invited to display their work in a NICHE Awards exhibit at the Buyers Market of American Craft, a national wholesale tradeshow of American-made products, February 16-18, 2013, in Philadelphia. Winners will be announced at a ceremony during the Buyers Market on February 17, 2013.

The NICHE Awards are sponsored by NICHE magazine,the quarterly trade publication for U.S. and Canadian retailers of fine craft and artist-made products. NICHE is published by The Rosen Group, a Baltimore-based arts marketing, publishing and advocacy firm.
Contact: Jean Thompson, at or call 800-432-7238, ext. 218.

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Jewelry Business: Launching Your Jewelry Brand In the United States

Here is a rare opportunity to get information that was originally presented at one of the top Exhibitions of Jewelry Design in the WORLD!   ...from the experts in the Industry!

The Jewelry Business:
Launching Your Jewelry Brand 
In the United States

Panel Presentation for
the Jewelry Artists of Quebec Exhibition 
2 May 2012

Randi Molofsky
Author of A Girl’s Guide to Buying Diamonds

Cindy Edelstein
Owner of Jewelers Resources Bureau

Theresa Poirier
National Sales Director of Fragments Showroom

Victoria Gomelsky
Editor in Chief for JCK Magazine

Karen Lee
Americas Area Manager for S.T. Dupont

Meeling Wong
Founder of Meeling Wong Associates

"Before David Yurman became the jewelry designer of choice by some of the most well accessorized women in the U.S., he had the support of Meeling Wong, his well-connected National Sales Director who played a strong role in the jewelry brand’s growth. She would go on to mirror her brand development expertise as President of John Hardy before striking out on her own as an in-demand fine jewelry consultant. Cindy Edelstein established Jewelers Resource Bureau with the singular goal of supporting the growth of designer fine jewelry as a retail category, an artform and a community. She has since received multiple accolades from the Women’s Jewelry Association and other important jewelry organizations for her enduring commitment to seeing the accomplishments of emerging jewelry designer.

Cindy and Meeling are just two of the six fine jewelry experts participating in “The Jewelry Business: Launching Your Jewelry Brand in The U.S.”, a panel discussion held on May 2, 2012 at the New York office of the Quebec Government Delegation. Also participating were Theresa Poirier, National Sales Director of Fragments Showroom, one of the leading fine jewelry showrooms in the U.S.; Victoria Gomelsky, editor-in-chief for JCK Magazine and jewelry writer for the New York Times; Randi Molofsky, author of “A Girl’s Guide to Buying Diamonds” and respected fine jewelry journalist for multiple jewelry magazines including National Jeweler and W Magazine; and Karen Lee, Americas Area Manager for global accessories company S.T. Dupont and formerly National Sales Director for Chopard, a main competitor to Cartier.

Over the course of a comprehensive and highly informative hour, these authoritative voices of the U.S. fine jewelry industry shared their expertise to an audience of Quebec’s celebrated jewelry artists who were just beginning their journey into accessing the billion dollar U.S. jewelry industry. "


Learn About the Jewelry Artists of Quebec Exhibition
See Interviews with the Jewelry Artists of Quebec
Questions Answered During Panel Discussion (PDF)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Chan Luu Supports BreastCancer.Org's "Think Pink, Live Green"!

What a great time to pick up one of the hottest trends in jewelry today!

Chan Luu once again has partnered with in the battle against breast cancer.

Featuring all new designs for Think Pink, Live Green -’s Global Breast Cancer Prevention Initiative.

Chan will donate 50% of all sales proceeds from these bracelets to is the world’s leading online source for breast health and breast cancer information and support.

Think Pink, Live Green helps women and girls learn how to reduce their lifestyle and environmental risk factors for breast cancer.

Follow us @ilovechanluu 


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