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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder...Online Jewelry Exhibition

Mussorgsky Ring - synthetic rubber electrical insulation
tubing, aluminum grounding wire
Ian Henderson, USA
The online exhibition titled "Beauty Is In the Eye of the Beholder" is an exhibition that is accessible to everyone with a computer...Showcasing some of the finest Jewelers and new stars on the horizon...247 images from over 55 artists representing North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Central America, Africa and Eurasia. 

But this one is a little different - you won't find elaborate designs in Gold & Platinum...with precious metals pricing designers out of their own market...this exhibit demands that we think outside our comfort zones...

Edison Moment Ring - Antique Headlamp bulb, 
copper, textured and patinated

"Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder" is a visual trip through contemporary jewelry design from around the world, focused on some surprising material choices. This exhibition features work by jewelry artists who are exploring the concept of jewelry as wearable art using a wide range of materials, many not commonly thought of as "jewelry" materials. One of the driving goals of the exhibition is to show the quality and range of work that can be created using materials other than the "big three" - platinum, gold and silver. While these may be used as accents in the work, they do not compose the primary material.

Design choices drive material choices, and the entries in this exhibition show the tremendous range of possible materials which can be used to create cutting edge jewelry. Materials used range from metals used for thousands of years, such as copper and bronze, to "new" metals such as titanium, to natural materials such as vertebrae and wood, to surprising man-made materials such as plastic drinking straws and colored pencils."

Damascus Steel Ring - 316L stainless steel, 304L stainless steel
David Parums, Australia

...are you using alternative materials in your designs?  

Stay in out of this sweltering Summer Heat click thru and enjoy...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mikimoto's Exclusives One-of-a-Kind Luxury!

If you are lucky enough to live in the New York or Beverly Hills areas - Mikimoto will have "never before seen in the US" pieces from their Exclusives Collection on display!

The Exclusives Collection is "...a collection of one-of-a-kind and limited jewelry pieces. This couture merchandise represents the pinnacle of Mikimoto quality and jewelry design."

from the Mikimoto Website

"I would like to adorn the necks of all women around the world with pearls."Kokichi Mikimoto

In 1893 Kokichi Mikimoto developed the process to "culture" a semi-spherical  pearl, followed by his achieving a spherical pearl in 1905, a process which brought stunning pearls to the masses.  Prior to the culturing process it could take years to complete a single strand of pearls.  Hence the saying "the Queen of Gems and the Gem of Queens", as it was only Royalty that could afford a strand.

For more on the history of Mikimoto see:

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Latest From MJSA! Handbook on Effective Pricing...

WOW - the timing couldn't be better - with all the Trade Shows - Art and Holiday Fairs just around the corner...MJSA - the leader in information for the Trade has announced the latest addition to the Members Bookshelf!

From the MJSA Press Release:
MJSA, the U.S. trade association dedicated to professional excellence in jewelry making and design, has published The MJSA Handbook on Effective Pricing: Determining Expenses, Selling Value, and Maximizing Profits. The PDF publication contains the best of pastMJSA Journal and MJSA Custom Jeweler articles on this perennially popular subject, offering strategies for pricing both finished jewelry and repair work.

The Handbook includes best practices for cost accounting (including a step-by-step guide to factoring in overhead costs, one of the most-overlooked areas in pricing); pricing uniqueness in a design, including custom work; and turning a repair operation into a profit center. It also provides successful strategies developed by working designers and jewelers, such as Susan Helmich, Mark Morrell, and David Geller.

The MJSA Handbook on Effective Pricing is free to MJSA members, can be downloaded from the MJSA website, . Non-members can order the Handbook through the online MJSA Bookstore for $9.95.

About MJSA 
MJSA is the U.S. trade association for jewelry makers, designers, and related suppliers. It provides the resources to achieve professional excellence and maintain a competitive edge. For more information, call MJSA at 1-800-444-6572 or visit

Monday, July 18, 2011

Royal Asscher - Banking On Japan!

Bravo to Royal Asscher - as companies are looking to get out of Japan and a failing economy - Royal Asscher is banking on the Japanese culture and the country's historic ability to come back in a big way, with it's first flagship store in Asia!!!!
From Royal Asscher's Press Release:

The Asscher family is proud  to announce that in cooperation with its Japanese partner Nagahori Corporation, Royal Asscher opened its first flagship store in Japan on Friday, July 15, 2011. The store is located on the famous Ginza Street in the center of  Tokyo and represents the company’s first flagship store in Asia.
Royal Asscher’s unique heritage and history along with its passion for ethical and socially responsible behavior dates back to 1854. This enduring legacy, facilitated by the company’s devotion to bring beautiful, coveted jewelry to markets across the globe has led them to this momentous occasion. It will be followed by the opening of flagship stores in the People’s Republic of China.
Edward Asscher, President of the company said when opening the store, “The Asscher family is proud to open its first flagship store in Tokyo. It shows our total commitment to Japan in these difficult times. We have great respect for the solidarity and vigor the Japanese people have shown to rebuild and overcome their predicament. We are thrilled to continue building our relationship and being part of the most memorable moments of people lives”.
"We have great respect for the solidarity and vigor the Japanese people have shown to rebuild and overcome their predicament. "   Edward Asscher of Royal Asscher
Situated in a prime location, in the heart of the luxury shopping area, and in the company of other reputable stores such as LVMH, Bulgari and Chanel, the opening of the Ginza store is a remarkable achievement not only for Royal Asscher as a company but also because it is the first Dutch store on the Ginza.
The interior of the modern store is decorated in white contrasting with Royal Asscher’s signature blue and showcases a wide variety of Royal Asscher diamond engagement rings and jewelry. In commemoration of the opening of the store, a Royal Asscher diamond tiara has been created containing a total of 10 carats of diamonds set in platinum and worth US$385,000. The tiara will be loaned as a special treat to brides who purchase a Royal Asscher engagement ring in the Ginza store, thus giving them the opportunity to enjoy the true brilliance of a Royal Asscher diamond on their head as well as on their finger.
Founded in 1854, Royal Asscher Diamond Company is run by The Asscher Family. The Asscher Family dynasty to this day continues to have an influence on the diamond industry. Joseph Asscher, at the request of King Edward VII, cut the largest diamond ever found, the famous 3,105-carat Cullinan diamond. 

Royal Asscher has also made its mark by refusing to work with conflict diamonds that originate from war torn countries that are unethically sourced and sold to fund warfare and civil destruction. Royal Asscher only sources diamonds from nations that are fully compliant with the Kimberly Process, an international diamond industry initiative to stop the flow of conflict diamonds. One of the company’s founding fathers, Edward Asscher was one of the forefathers of this initiative, Royal Asscher requires that all of its diamonds are labeled by the government at the origination point and securely sealed during transportation.

Royal Asscher created their own signature patented cut in 2001, which has 74 facets, that’s 16 more than the traditional cut diamond.  It is based on their original Asscher cut dated 1902. The innovation and skill level of Royal Asscher has been passed down from generation to generation. Now on its 4th generation owners the companies still upholds their reputation for excellence. 


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