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Friday, April 22, 2011

Studio Loor Has Designs On Saving Endangered Hummingbird!

Earth Day is here and, as always, it reminds us to look at our space on the planet and our role as caretakers of the few natural spaces around us.   

Studio Loor is a jewelry design firm with studios in the United States and Ecuador.  Using Earth Day 2011: A Billion Acts of Green, as a stepping off point - this small company is sending out a challenge to companies large and small to pick just one project this year - do it  - make a change! 

“ Customers are holding companies, large and small, to a higher standard today." says Sonya Loor, US Managing Partner, Studio Loor,  "When we saw the Earth Day 2011: A Billion Acts of Green project we knew we wanted to be a part of it.  Jewelry companies can make simple changes in their work environment - or choose to give back to your local community efforts, but we would challenge everyone to do something!  What we have done at Studio Loor is to donate a portion of every purchase of any piece from our Hummingbird or Colibri Collection to 3MAlliance's efforts toward re-forestation, perma-culture and carbon off-set in Ecuador"

Rainforest De-Forestation Endangers Rare Hummingbird

With roots in Ecuador, the loss of Rainforest lands and the endangerment of the ecosystem which relies on it's heavy canopy are causes that are near and dear to the sisters Loor, as one of the materials that are important to their designs is the native Tagua Nut.  One cause in particular tugged at the heart of these talented women and they are asking you to help them support the efforts of Third Millennium Alliance in their field headquarters, The Bamboo House, in the middle of the Jama- Coaque Ecological Reserve - home to the Colibri Abejorro or Little Woodstar Hummingbird, just one of the rare and endangered species that makes its home in this rainforest reserve.  The reserve protects 586 acres of one of the last major remnants of tropical rainforest and cloud forest in the Tumbes-Choc√≥-Magdalena biodiversity hotspot as designated by Conservation International in 1999.

Buy Jewelry - Support the habitat of this Endangered Hummingbird

There are currently three designs featuring the Hummingbird or Colibri - with more coming soon from the hands of native carvers.  With each purchase from this collection you will have the knowledge that your voice is being heard on the issue of preserving our rainforests and the rare and wonderful life it supports.  You can find the entire hummingbird collection at: 

Third Millennium Alliance was founded in 2007 with the broad objective to redirect tropical land management practices onto a sustainable course, and the specific objective to conserve the last Pacific Forests of Ecuador. Our method is a pragmatic approach that directly engages local communities with a combination of economic incentives and practical ecological solutions on the ground. We consider ourselves but one arm of a larger movement that is short of practitioners on the ground and therefore lacks concrete successes to build upon. Our role is to be one of the vanguard organizations that first establishes a stronghold in an otherwise neglected region and from there catalyzes a shift in the management of natural resources along a more sustainable trajectory. We live and work side-by-side with local communities in one of the last major remnants of rainforest and cloud forest in coastal Ecuador, in the Jama-Coaque Ecological Reserve.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

John Hardy Reprises Earth Day Initiative with Bedarida & Lindvall Collaboration

This Earth Day, John Hardy, the sustainable luxury jewelry brand, will show its continued commitment to the environment with the introduction of several exciting Green initiatives. Guy Bedarida, Creative Director and Head Designer of the brand and supermodel and fervent environmentalist, Angela Lindvall, will present the newest styles of their jewelry collaboration, an exclusive behind-the-scenes video of Lindvall's recent trip to Bali, and the new environmentally friendly jewelry packaging.

John Hardy started its celebration of Earth Day weeks in advance with the introduction of their new recycled silver and cotton cord charity bracelet. Two hundred of the bracelets were donated to Christie's Bid to Save the Earth Event on March 29, and the bracelet was just launched on the John Hardy Online Boutique, where it is sold for $65. All proceeds will benefit the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Lindvall and Bedarida will also unveil their Hijau (meaning "Green" in Balinese) Dua collection. The duo's sophomore collection is handcrafted out of recycled sterling silver or 18k gold and features a chic sliced bamboo motif. The collection is a part of the brand's "Wear Bamboo, Plant Bamboo" program. For each piece of Hijau jewelry purchased, John Hardy will plant a certain number of bamboo seedlings to offset the carbon emissions used for its travel and advertising.

In addition, John Hardy will debut a video diary of Lindvall's recent trip to Bali on the official John Hardy Facebook page a few days before Earth Day, April 19, 2011. Fans will learn why Lindvall is so involved in the brand's green initiatives as she kicks off the first day of planting for the "Wear Bamboo, Plant Bamboo" program; alongside Bedarida and CEO DAMIEN DERNONCOURT.

Finally, John Hardy is introducing a 100% recycled and recyclable anti-tarnish envelope to ship its goods. The packaging is expected to eliminate tons of unnecessary plastic waste and will further the company's sustainable efforts.

The launch of all three initiatives highlights John Hardy's mission to be "Greener Every Day" and continues the effort by the company to donate and plant a total of 600,000 bamboo seedlings for the Bali Province Government's "Bali Clean and Green" program.


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