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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Press Release via Centurion

Fine jewelry designers have a chance to show their work to the most desired luxury retail jewelry stores in the U.S. market

Merrick, NY—Entries are now being accepted for the Seventh Annual Centurion Emerging Design Competition. Two lucky winners will receive a showcase and exhibit space at the Centurion Scottsdale show in Arizona, slated for February 3-7, 2015.

The competition, sponsored again by Stuller, is open to any jewelry designer who has never before exhibited in a U.S. fine jewelry trade show. The competition is open to all designers, regardless of experience, formal training, or background in jewelry design, but entrants must show lines or one-of-a-kind designs that are suitable for a luxury jewelry store environment and be capable of both exhibiting at a trade show and fulfilling any wholesale orders received at the show.

“The Centurion Emerging Design Competition is an excellent opportunity for up-and-coming and international designers to break into the U.S. luxury fine jewelry market, by getting their line in front of the most premiere audience of carefully selected prestige jewelers,” said Howard Hauben, president of Centurion. “For jewelers, the Centurion Emerging Design winners offer an opportunity to discover new talent to set your store apart,” he added.

“We are pleased to continue our sponsorship of the Emerging Designer Competition,” says Stuller executive director of marketing and public relations, Ashley Brown. "Through their beautiful, innovative designs, past winners have formed valuable partnerships with top retail jewelers and suppliers. Ultimately, these designers' successes become all of our successes."

Deadline for entry is September 30, 2014. Entrants are required to submit up to three images of finished jewelry; no renderings or CAD drawings will be accepted. Entries will be judged by a vote from Centurion’s retail attendees.

#LabGrownDiamonds Are We (As An Industry) Really THAT Afraid Of Them?

Have you seen the gorgeous new line of jewelry by award winning designer Reena Ahluwalia featuring Lab Grown Diamonds?

Let me set the stage a the world of bespoke jewelry Reena is the major diamond company's choice for a designer when they are looking for elegant this lady is the diamond whisperer!

Lets look at the CANOE Canadian Diamond Necklace by Reena Ahluwalia. 28.96 carats Canadian diamonds. 18K white gold. International winner - Canadian Diamonds Master Craftsman, Rio Tinto Diamonds Global Design Competition 2011-2012.

"Necklace is inspired by the poetic image of a magical Canadian landscape and its pristine white winters. Snow covered Canoe in a frozen, crystalline lake. The necklace comes together with two diamond-studded links embracing the neck that represent the fluidity of a lake. Irregular intersecting lines, studded with ideal square-cut diamonds characterizes chunks of floating ice. The necklace culminates into a canoe-shaped element with an angled faceted interior."

However, today we have a generation growing up that isn't interested in the "mystique" of a diamond - mostly for ethical and environmental reasons.  

Nurture by Reena is an "I could wear this for the rest of my life!" collection that was designed to fill a need.  It has everything that a fine Engagement line has plus something else, something that the "Social" generation responds ties in to their "social" lives...she "gets" them.

Yet when the term Lab Grown Diamonds is whispered, some Diamond Brokers become hostile and challenging...a lot like each time Mark Zuckerberg decides to make a change on Facebook and everyone starts bitching.

In the same way that Mark Zuckerberg doesn't need your permission to change his product...the Millennials aren't asking your permission to think for themselves.  This isn't an issue of cost - it is a matter of personal belief, and in much the same way that you aren't going tempt a Vegan with a juicy steak - you aren't going to talk this customer into a diamond engagement ring.

Rather than tearing down people and worrying about loosing a customer you don't have and probably won't get, why not embrace this new opportunity, this isn't lab diamonds getting mixed into packets of melee - this is fully disclosed, beautifully produced heirloom pieces for a new generation.

So - please stop trying to bait me on Twitter - I never said I don't like diamonds, in fact I am a sucker for the caramely cognac color and copper light in a top grade Brown Diamond and at the same time, I love the scintillating beauty of Lab Grown Diamonds.  

Think about this - when you denigrate these sparkling lovelies, you are sending a really rude message to the young woman who is choosing them...and loosing any chance of making her a client later.

"Nature is what we are born to. Nurture is what molds what nature gave us and makes us who we are. Nurture is what shapes us through experience and time, very much like my own design journey. Hence, “Nurture By Reena.” I thought the name of the brand should reflect our core values and aspirations – to nurture love, dreams, earth and humanity. Something that keeps us focused on creating meaningful and romantic jewelry."                                                     Reena on why Nurture

As always - please take a minute to Educate your staff and customers Nurture by Reena offers a fabulous little booklet that can be downloaded here:


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