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Saturday, October 20, 2012

GemBasics Gemology Course From JTV With Gem-A

Jewelry Television Debuts 

GemBasics Gemology Course

Retailer collaborates with 
Gemmological Association of Great Britain.

Jewelry Television® and the Gemmological Association of Great Britain announced a collaboration on an introductory online gemology course called GemBasics. More than a year and half in development, the online course was designed to address the educational needs of JTV’s viewers and fill an existing void in gemological education.
Quote startWe understood that our viewers are passionate about gems and jewelry, so the commitment to develop a GemBasics course with the Gemmological Association of Great Britain was a logical extension of our vision.Quote end
Jewelry Television selected Gem-A since the organization is the world’s longest established provider of gem and jewelry education. In addition to the GemBasics course developed for JTV, Gem-A offers multiple courses that provide advanced training and education in the fields of gems and jewelry. Gem-A courses are used in 25 countries around the world.
“As part of our vision to bring the world of gems and jewelry to all our viewers, JTV quickly realized the need and desire for continuing education. To that end, we developed an online Learning Library that provides articles by trade experts, a glossary of gem and jewelry terms, an E-publication called In the Loupe, and an extensive treatment and disclosure chart that is the most comprehensive available,” said Gerald D. Sisk Jr., graduate gemologist and co-founder of JTV. “We also offer seminars and conferences as part of our ongoing commitment to education. We understood that our viewers are passionate about gems and jewelry, so the commitment to develop a GemBasics course with the Gemmological Association of Great Britain was a logical extension of our vision.”
Developed in cooperation with Dr. Jack Ogden and the educational staff at Gem-A, GemBasics includes all the necessary components for completion; tools, gemstones and written course material, consisting of 12 lessons, are augmented by online video and technical support. Students are allotted a 12-month study period. After successful completion of the final exam, students are awarded a statement of achievement and acknowledged as a Gem-A Colored Stone Associate.
“Understanding gems is about recognizing the beauty of nature. For a hundred years, Gem-A has had the privilege of introducing people to the world of gemology and we are greatly looking forward to working with JTV to share our passion with an even wider audience,” Sisk said.

About JTV
Jewelry Television® is the only broadcast shopping network that focuses exclusively on the sale of jewelry and gemstones. The privately-held company was founded in 1993 and broadcasts high definition programming 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to more than 80 million unique households in the U.S. Jewelry Television® was recently ranked the 13th largest retailer of jewelry in the U.S. by National Jeweler. is the fifth largest jewelry destination on the internet according to Internet Retailer’s Top 500 Guide for 2010. For more information, visit

About Gemmological Association of Great Britain
The Gemmological Association of Great Britain, or Gem-A, is the world’s longest established provider of gem and jewellery education. Their Diploma in Gemmology is the direct descendant of the gem course that was proposed for the UK jewellery trade in 1908. Their prestigious Diplomas in Gemmology and Diamonds, taught around the world, are now globally recognized as qualifications of the highest status. Diploma graduates may apply for election to Fellowship (FGA) or Diamond Membership (DGA) of the Association.

Friday, October 19, 2012

MJSA conFab Teaches Business Skills to Jewelry Makers and Designers

MJSA conFab Teaches Business Skills to Jewelry Makers and Designers
Nearly 100 jewelry makers, designers, and students spent the day at FIT learning about pricing, inventory control, digital marketing, and more

 ATTLEBORO FALLS, MA—MJSA, the association dedicated to professional excellence in jewelry making and design, welcomed the newest generation of jewelry makers and designers to its first conFab educational event on Oct. 14. Held at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City, the full-day program featured sessions on strategy and planning, pricing, inventory control, custom design, and digital marketing. Jewelry making students from FIT were also invited to attend, and they joined the mostly professional audience of almost 90 attendees in learning business skills to help them achieve success.

“MJSA knows that guidance on running a business is one of the key areas where jewelry makers and designers want extra help. Our first conFab was designed to meet that need,” said MJSA President/CEO David W. Cochran. “We were committed to taking some intense topics, such as pricing and inventory, and making them fun—and our speakers really came through. From a game show on pricing, to a giant, interactive Monopoly board that taught inventory skills, the audience was entertained as well as enlightened.”

Among the day’s highlights:

• Management expert Andrea Hill of Campbellsport, Wisconsin–based StrategyWerx, led a discussion on strategic planning with design advocate and consultant Cindy Edelstein of the Jeweler’s Resource Bureau, as well as designers/jewelry makers Bree Richey of Bree Richey Designs, and Malak Atut of Zaiken Jewelry. The experts covered the key factors that go into successful planning, including customer targeting, budgeting, creating a business plan, and marketing.

• Arthur Skuratowicz of the Jewelry Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and custom jeweler Gary Dawson of Gary Dawson Designs in Eugene, Oregon, competed in “The Price Is Right,” a lively game show that brought out key factors when pricing jewelry. MJSA Journal Editor in Chief Tina Snyder served as MC.

• Cincinnati-based jeweler Lee Krombholz presented his unique “Style Discovery” method, which helps him to identify the tastes and style preferences of customers who ask for a customized design.

• Andrea Hill conducted the “Inventory Game,” a board game (with Play-Doh “inventory”) that brought out key lessons in how to manage in-stock items and increase turns.

• Rio Grande Marketing Manager Eugene Brill, along with Gary Dawson, presented the key factors to online marketing success, and demonstrated how to apply them by offering critiques of conFab attendees’ websites.

The day ended with conFab conNect, a final chance to network and share refreshments.

"The MJSA conFab was a crucial turning point in the examination of my business and one of the best seminars I have ever attended,” said Daniela Lo Presti, marketing director for Officina Bernardi USA, a maker of gold and silver jewelry.  “I am a better businesswoman and professional for having attended and I was proud to be among such esteemed professionals.”

“I appreciate that designers Bree Richey and Malak Atut generously shared not clich├ęd advice, but real tips and insights based on their experience,” said Elina Bromberg, a partner in B.G. Art Jewelry Atelier, a full-service jewelry boutique based in New York City. “The inventory session with Andrea Hill was also extremely helpful and revealed a lot of hidden aspects of inventory management of which many of us are simply not aware. Gary Dawson was extremely charming and his advice on pricing and websites was very enlightening. I was especially interested in his views on how to account for the ‘uniqueness factor’ when pricing a piece of designer jewelry. Finally, conFab’s networking was just priceless. I met a representative of a casting company that I needed badly, and I even found an intern for our company among the FIT students who attended the conference.”

“As a student, conFab helped to bridge the gap between my technical knowledge and the application of that information to the small business market,” said John Sciortino, an FIT student who has Graduate Jeweler (G.J.) and Applied Jewelry Arts (A.J.P.) diplomas from the Gemological Institute of America. “The dynamic range of energetic and experienced business owners who I heard speak, and who I met personally, helped me to better understand the steps I will need to take to prepare for my future in the jewelry industry.”

MJSA conFab attendees also can access “Online Extras”—related articles, videos, and other resources on special password-protected pages on the MJSA website ( These resources will continue to be posted to the pages for several months after the event, creating a digital extension of conFab.

Sponsors for MJSA conFab were the MJSA Foundation (Prime Sponsor); the Richline Group and the Leach Garner Group (Benefactors); Cindy Edelstein, the Jewelry Biz Guru; Jewelers Mutual Insurance Co.; Johnson Matthey NY; Novell Group; Platmex; Rio Grande; Riva Precision Manufacturing; Stuller/Gemvision; TracTech Systems; and United Precious Metal Refining Inc.

MJSA plans to present additional conFab events in the future. For more information, click here:

About MJSA 
MJSA is the U.S. trade association for jewelry makers, designers, and related suppliers. It provides the resources to achieve professional excellence and maintain a competitive edge. For more information, call MJSA at 1-800-444-6572 or visit

Gemewizard announces launch of GemePrice 3.0 with IDEX!

Gemewizard announces launch of GemePrice 3.0, 
a one-stop pricing station for diamonds 
and colored diamonds, gemstones and jewelry

 Following signing of strategic agreement between Gemewizard and IDEX Online, IDEX's real-time diamond pricing data is now part of the GemePrice 3.0 package

RAMAT GAN, ISRAEL: OCTOBER 11, 2012 - With the launch of GemePrice3.0™, the most comprehensive online pricing system for the diamond, gemstone and jewelry sectors, Gemewizard® and IDEX Online have announced the signing of a strategic agreement that will enable Gemewizard to use IDEX Online's diamond pricing data.

Tailor-made for industry professionals, this one stop pricing station allows for up-to-date pricing of diamonds, fancy-colored diamonds and colored gemstones. Furthermore, a new module enables jewelers and retailers to estimate the market prices of all of a jewelry item's separate components, including precious metals.

GemePrice 3.0 is the next generation of Gemewizard's groundbreaking GemePrice™ system, which uses the Gemewizard color analysis method. The prices listed by GemePrice are generated using algorithms developed by Gemewizard and IDEX Online, that analyze the prices of half a million diamonds with a total value of more than $4 billion, fancy colored diamonds worth more than $200 million, and more than $100 million of colored gemstones, being offered for sale at any particular time online.

Gemewizard further authenticates fancy-colored diamonds and colored gemstones through consultation with a panel of industry-renowned experts and by analysis of real-time commercial data obtained from transactions taking place on the Gemewizard trading platforms.

GemePrice 3.0 is simple to use and accessible from any computer or smartphone. "This is a tool that is being designed not only for the gem expert," said Menahem Sevdermish, Gemewizard's founder and president. "It is geared also for retail jewelers, who will be able to obtain an accurate and current price evaluation of a jewel anytime and anywhere around the globe in multiple languages and in local currencies."

"GemePrice 3.0 represents the collective credibility of two of the industry's most transparent pricing systems," said Abraham Stern, CEO of IDEX Online. "Both Gemewizard and IDEX Online systems are transparent, based on real asking prices from professional dealers from all over the world  in real time."

The price lists for diamonds are updated weekly while the colored diamonds and gemstones are updated monthly.

The annual subscription fee for GemePrice 3.0 has not increased with the introduction of the diamonds module and the Pricing Station feature. Current colored diamonds and gemstones subscribers of GemePrice will be able to upgrade to the comprehensive GemePrice 3.0 system at no additional charge. Subscribers currently using the gemstone-only package will be able to upgrade to the full package for an additional $60.

To read more about GemePrice 3.0, please visit 

About Gemewizard:
Gemewizard® is a pioneer in the development of digital color based systems, which provide solutions for professionals involved in the fancy color diamond, colored gemstones and jewelry industries, enabling the analysis, description, communication, pricing and trading of color in gems. The suite of products developed by Gemewizard® is based on the company's groundbreaking color communication technology called GemeSquare™, which has been endorsed by GIA® Education, and since 2006 has been incorporated into the GIA® curriculum.

About IDEX Online:
IDEX Online SA is a leading provider of trading services and content for the diamond industry. Anchored by the world's largest online diamond inventory, valued at over $4 billion with more than 3,000 buyer requests at any given time, IDEX Online SA includes objective wholesale pricing information, market trends, and up-to-date industry news and analysis. Founded in 2000 by experienced industry professionals, IDEX Online SA maintains offices in all major diamond centers worldwide, ensuring a secure, unbiased and user-friendly environment to meet the needs of thousands of traders anytime, anywhere.

SOURCE:  Gem-E-Wizard

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jane Basch at JCK and Beyond...

Talked to the great folks at Jane Basch and they shared these shots from the JCK Show earlier this year in Las Vegas!   ...I tried to get shots but the day I was at the Designer Pavilion, this booth was jammed!

Jane Basch is so much more than just personalized pendants but as we can attest it is definitely what she is known for...

Jane Basch Designs is the branded division of Basch & Co, a company that has been making personalized jewelry in America for over 60 years. All of the manufacturing is done in their factory in Florida. Each design is drawn by hand, cut by hand, hand engraved, and then finished with the same quality and craftsmanship it was 60 years ago.

This was so cool!   the folks at the booth took photos of all the attendees in their personalized Jane Basch 

“Have confidence in yourself and your style,” says Jane, “Put on your red lipstick and a little mascara you only live once”

Jane’s insight into the fashion world has helped her give a modern twist to more traditional jewelry pieces. 

Jane keeps her designs personal, because she believes that every women should have the luxury of receiving personalized custom jewelry. 

Each collection is designed with purpose and meaning with the intent that jewelry should be fun, whimsical, and a celebration of life.

Jane Basch Designs she makes it Personal…


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