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Monday, July 21, 2014

#JewelryBizChat - First #WeeklyTopic - Bring Your Top 5 Productivity Tools!

TONIGHT - TUESDAY (8/5) TOPIC:  to keep it simple and easy - we want you to...bring your top 5 "Social" Resources....

Topic: Top Social Resources - bring your top 5!

These are the 5 tools you use Daily!  Twitter tools - Facebook Scheduling - Posting Tools - anything that makes your Social routine run smoother!

RE: the Twitter Hub at - the photos will change as you post them and our second Topic will give you that opportunity:

Tuesday (8/12) Topic - Your 5 Favorite Trends/Looks from #JWLV (JewelryWeekLasVegas)!  so bring the photos!

If you have never done a Twitter Chat - you can follow along and contribute in a few ways...
   1. if you use Hoot Suite or one of the web based apps just search #JewelryBizChat and save the search.

   2. you can use the site TweetChat

   3. ...or you can go over and use the Twitter Hub on   

The nice thing about the two outside sites is that they insert the hashtag for you!  Once the #WeeklyTopic is announced you can either chime in OR if we are talking to a JewelryBiz Icon tweet out gems as they utter them or ask your own questions....a lot like LIVE Tweeting a Seminar (PJ at MJSA is the Queen at this)!  

...and we will end each chat by asking everyone to post "what's NEW with YOU!" like   @JewelryBizGuru's upcoming Seminars, the latest posts from @Adornmentality and @BabetteJewelry's new website!

Future Chats:
We will be looking at ALL of the important blogs and bloggers to help Jewelers and Designers find the blog/blogs that are the perfect fit for your jewels!  

We will meet some of the important writers of Industry Trade Magazines as well as your favorite Fashion Rags!  ...again helping with your list of important press folks.

We will look at the branding opportunities on the Social Platforms you are using and offer templates for the different header sizes!

...and if this catches on we will be talking with Industry insiders!

NOW - lets say you aren't a joiner but a twitter stalker - if you check the Twitter Hub on Twubs between chats you will get the conversations and any videos or photos shared!


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