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Monday, September 13, 2010

GL Gem SpectrometerTM - now available

GL Gem SpectrometerTM - now available

September 13, 2010, Vancouver, B.C., Canada


Gemlab Research & Technology has released its GL Gem SpectrometerTM system.

This advanced gem testing tool allows for fast real-time spectral analysis and bulk testing of both rough and faceted gemstones and will be of great interest to gemmologists, jewellers, gem dealers and others.

The portable spectrometer (UV-VIS-NIR, 300 - 1,000 nm) comes with the GL Halogen 10W Gem HolderTM and can be operated from the USB port of a laptop/netbook computer. No additional drivers are necessary; the easy to learn GLGemSpec software displays both absorbance and transmission spectra.

GLGemSpec GemSpec

For more technical data and description go to the GLGemSpec webpage.. Price for immediate delivery US$ 1,695.00. Order now on-line at Gemlab Books & Instruments.

Note: The GLGemSpec (version 2.0) software works only with the GL Gem SpectrometerTM; the GL Halogen 10W Gem HolderTM is an exclusive design of Gemlab Research & Technology and is protected by copyright laws.

Contact: Wolf Kuehn, Gemlab Research & Technology, (604) 530-8569 or send e-mail.

Mailing address: P.O. Box 57010, Vancouver, B.C., V5K 5G6 CANADA


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