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Thursday, February 12, 2009

9 'gotta have it' fashion trends for spring

There's no better way to celebrate the arrival of spring than with a new wardrobe.

It's safe to say that all women love fashion and there are some trends that are coming for next season you are going to love!

Ken Downing, Fashion Director at Neiman Marcus says its easy to welcome the new season into your wardrobe if you bring the following nine fashion trends for spring into your closet.

1. Downing says PINK is hot in shade for spring. Its the most powerful color in fashion. Wear it with coral for a combination that says "Spring 2009."

2. ONE SHOULDER-DRESSING. According to Downing, shoulders bared themselves on every catwalk, from Paris to New York City.

3. SNAKESKIN ACCESSORIES will also be hot says Downing. Be it a shoe or a handbag, the real deal or a print - reptilian motifs are a must.

4. Downing also says STATEMENT SHOES will create a buzz. You can create excitement from head to toe in sky-high stilettos and sandals with subtle aggression.

5. RUFFLES. According to Downing, these feminine flourishes bring romanticism to skirts, tops and dresses.

6. A Place for everything, and everything in its place. CARRYALLS are big next season. Downing says unstructured handbags are the right pairing for a free-spirited look,

7. COLORFUL CARDIGANS. Downing says consider it the new jacket. This wardrobe essential adds polish to dresses and separates.

8. GRAPHICS. According to Downing graphics are fashion geometry you can understand. Vivid, optic prints are everywhere.

9. Whether turquoise stones are pink and color gems - BOLD JEWELRY is a hot new trend. These statement makers complement bright colors and patterns.

Now start at one and dress yourself to the nines! reported by on 2/11/09 10:52 am [www_abc15_com]

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A good friend of mine recently received a strand of hand cut damale turquoise beads for her birthday. They impressed me to the point that I wanted to know more about this specific turquoise deposit.

From the Turqouise Mines of Nevada website:

The Damale mine is located 30 miles east of Austin, Nevada on the east side of Damele Mountain at the south east end of the Simpson Park Range. The site is about a mile southwest of the Dry Creek (Godber) mine. Damale turquoise is distinctive because of the unusual colors the gems in a yellow-green to bright mint green with excellent hardness. The Damele deposit produces very little material of the standard blue colors most people commonly associate with turquoise. Mineralogically, most of the material produced here is likely Variscite, Chalcosiderite or possibly Faustite. The mine consists of a single medium sized open pit excavation. The adjoining Paiute turquoise deposit shares the same hill with the Godber mine, produces material of a standard good blue color. The Damale material is mostly in nugget form, with a webbing consisting of a dark brown to black matrix. Its availability is limited because the mine is fairly small and considerable laying back of the steep pit walls will be required for further production. The mine is worked only sporadically by the owner on a small scale. Due to its rare, bright and attractive colors, Damale is considered a collectible gemstone.

These particular beads were hand cut by Artisan Jeweler William Murdoch...a rock hound and a professional bead and cabochon maker. He put together a pictorial documentary on his process for the "Ask Szarka" blog. He walks through the process of making a natural Ithaca Peak rondelle necklace. Check this article out and all the fun stuff on the Ask Szarka blog

Of course now you've seen the original stones that started this journey so now I need to show you what the lovely Szarka did with them...
You can find more of Szarka's handiwork at
...she is also one of the most trusted gem and bead slingers online: Magpie Gemstones


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